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My Always, My Forever

My Always, My Forever

Romance Little Angelic Devil
[WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURE CONTENTS!!!] “Princess, I love you. With all my heart. With all my life. More than life itself. I’m so glad that I found you. Remember princess, I love you.. till my last dying breath, till the day I die.” – Rai. “That’s right, baby girl. You. Are. Mine! Ever since the day you were born, you are mine! God created you for me and no one else! Remember that, baby girl.” – Damian. Meet Katarina, a cheerful, free-spirited woman with a dark past whose fate brought her to two best friends - Damian, the charming, easy-going one, and Rai, the calm, gentle one. Her prince charming and her knight in shining armor, each with secrets of their own. Different yet similar in their own way, best friends nonetheless. Both loving her, both wanting her. Would she be able to choose between the two of them? Who would be her greatest love, and her worst heartbreak? Would any of them be her always? Her forever? What would happen when their demons started to haunt them again? Could she be the strength of someone else despite all her traumas? Could their love survive those many obstacles and tragedies? Could love really conquer all? Would they finally be able to have their ‘happily ever after’? Find it out in this love-triangle story. Note: The story will start off as something like teenage-romance, but it will turn darker with traumatic events. Please be mindful of Kat's mental state and her Bipolar Disorder when you read her becoming indecisive and weak.. I hope you enjoy this story.. Please leave comments and reviews so I know how to improve! Cover by: @Rainygraphic Love ~ Little Angelic Devil
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