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img img Romance img Blinded By Love: Want You Only And Forever
Blinded By Love: Want You Only And Forever

Blinded By Love: Want You Only And Forever

img Romance
img 241 Chapters
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He came to her rescue when she was in trouble. In that strange city, she spent a wild night with him, a man she just met. After she came back and continued her daily life, she ran into him and found out how powerful he was. They came from two different worlds, but she couldn't help falling for him. However, all their sweet moments were nothing more than a part of his conspiracy. Overwhelmed by desperation, she broke down and left away. But he came to her again.

Chapter 1 Surprise

With her suitcase in her hand, Lucia walked into the front yard.

For two weeks, she had been on a business trip. She came back a day earlier than expected and did not tell her boyfriend Jonah about it, because she wanted to surprise him. On her way back, she already texted Jonah and asked what he was doing right now. He replied soon.

He said that he was going to sleep early tonight and would pick her up early tomorrow.

Jonah had been so considerate. Imagining the surprised look on his face, Lucia could not help but hasten her steps with a smile.

Using the key that Jonah had given her before, Lucia opened the door. She left her suitcase in the living room and went straight to his room, but there was no one.

'Wasn't he going to sleep? Why is he not here?' The thought perplexed her.

After searching, she heard a man's gasps and a woman's groans coming from the balcony.

The man's voice sounded a lot like Jonah's. Upon hearing that, Lucia thought that something must be wrong with her ears. However, that was not the case. They had been in a relationship for seven years now. How could he be with another woman?

The closer Lucia got to the balcony, the clearer their voices became.

"Honey, you're tighter than you were last time."

"Yes! Jonah! Faster!"

Hearing that, Lucia pushed the door open gently to see what was going on. She watched a revolting scene. Jonah was having sex with another woman on a deckchair.

He was pressing his naked body onto her and was spanking her butt hard. The woman raised her buttocks, moaning and groaning in pleasure as she tried to match her movements to his.

A fierce wave of wrath crashed into Lucia's heart and she was about to lose her mind. Looking at them, she felt as though the whole world was spinning in front of her.

She quickly took out her phone and clicked many photos of them. After putting her phone away, she kicked the door open with a loud bang.

"Who is it?" Jonah shouted. He seemed to be furious.

The moment he raised his head, Lucia saw how horrified he was. The excitement and lust in his eyes faded away in just a second and his face paled.

"Lucia..." Jonah stood up in panic. "Why did you..."

His penis had gone soft and was hanging like a wet maggot.

"Well, I came back early to surprise you, but I did not expect you to give me a surprise too," Lucia said coldly. A strong sense of despair filled her now broken heart. Her eyes felt sore, but she gritted her teeth and restrained her anger.

"Lucia, I..." Jonah tried to justify.

The woman who was on the deckchair got dressed and walked to Lucia.

"Since you've seen everything now, let's talk about it and get it over with," she said with an arrogant sneer.

Ignoring her, Lucia said to Jonah, "Let's break up."

Jonah lowered his head, feeling guilty as he tried to hold her hand.

"Lucia, I'm sorry..."

Lucia yanked her hand away from his wet, sticky hand.

"Don't touch me with your filthy hand!"

With that, she turned around and stormed out of there, furious.

After walking to the living room, she picked up her suitcase.

Tears filled up in her eyes, and she felt a sharp pain in her palm. She looked down and noticed that she had dug her nails into her palm. It was too painful.

After leaving the house, Lucia called a cab and asked the driver to take her to an old town near Strinas.

Then, she went to a bar in the town where she often went to. She often went here when she was in a bad mood. She needed alcohol to numb her pain at the moment.

She soon arrived at the bar, walked to the bar counter, sat down, and ordered many tequila shots.

The dance floor was crowded. Although Lucia had been there many times before, she had never danced. She was not a very skilled dancer, after all.

But for some reason, she staggered to the dance floor.

Lucia raised her hands, swaying her body to the beat. She danced clumsily, like always. But she seemed to enjoy it that day.

After dancing for a while, Lucia was exhausted. She tripped and was about to fall down. Thankfully, the man next to her helped her up.

Looking at him, Lucia said in a grateful voice, "Thank you."

The man was dressed in a pair of black casual trousers and a simple blue shirt. He had the first two buttons of his shirt undone, revealing his muscular chest.

"You're welcome." The man helped Lucia stand up and asked, "Did you come alone?"

"Alone and single."

With a smile, the man offered her his hand and asked, "Would you like to dance with me?"

Lucia obediently placed her hand in his. "I am the dancing queen."

She was really confident enough to call herself the dancing queen.

"It's my honor to dance with you, then."

Soon, they made their way to the dance floor and started dancing. In their drunken state of mind, their bodies subconsciously moved closer to each other.

However, just when the man was about to kiss Lucia, she dodged.

"Do you often treat lonely women as prey?" Lucia asked with a teasing smile.

"Tell me your name. Once we know each other's name, we won't be strangers." The man pulled Lucia closer to him.


"Looks like you have a very special name," the man chuckled.

"What is your name?" Lucia whispered in his ear, standing on tiptoes.

"Malcolm," he replied softly. His warm breath aroused her.

His full name was Malcolm Evans. Considering the situation they were in, very few people would even mention their names, let alone their full names.

Lucia was completely bewitched by his good looks. Although she was not a conservative woman, she was not in the mood to have a one-night stand with a stranger.

After her brief dance with Malcolm, Lucia pushed him away and walked back to the bar counter. And he also returned to his seat.

"Ma'am, that gentleman has treated you to a glass of wine." With that, the waiter placed a glass of wine before her and walked away.

Lucia looked in the direction the waiter had pointed to and met Malcolm's gaze. He raised his glass to her with a smile.

Lucia returned his smile. She picked up the glass and raised it before she took a sip.

"Hey, would you like to have a drink with us?" A slightly drunk middle-aged man's voice came. He touched Lucia's thighs.

"Get your dirty hands off me," Lucia said coldly.

However, the man was not in the mood to let her be. Lucia got off the bar stool and was about to walk away.

But the man grabbed her arm, stopping her. Lucia was able to sense that he was going to do something bad to her.

She tried to struggle, but it was in vain.

"How dare you touch my woman?" A lazy and magnetic voice came from behind them. It was a voice that was filled with indifference and disdain.

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