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My Substitute Husband Is A Billionaire

My Substitute Husband Is A Billionaire

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Lies, betrayal, sweet sweet revenge... Laura was betrayed by her best friend after she was being set up with an anonymous bar attendant. A day to her wedding, her fiance broke all ties with her after knowing the truth. She looked for the anonymous bar attendant within twenty four hours and forced him to get married to her since it was a court marriage. They got married even if she didn't know anything about him and he also didn't know anything about her. Her mother treated him badly, making him work in the house like a slave. He obediently did everything his mother in law asked of her but after three months, he disappeared from the house and left a divorce paper for her. That was when Laura found out that her substitute husband was the successor of Danvers Companies. Find out what happened after that....

Chapter 1 It's Over

"Jeez! Laura, hurry!Today we are going to have a great time, the last bachelor party, and I have prepared the best and most interesting surprise for you." Aly yelled at Laura, her best friend who was paying the cab driver. They had just reached their final destination------ The city's most famous and most expensive bar "SEVEN SECOND". The first choice for celebrities and young masters.


It was 30th of August, just a day left to the new month and the day Laura has been waiting for. Her wedding day!


Aly danced her way into the club since it was her favorite song.

"I love this song so much!" She cheered and kept on shaking her hair. Laura admired the club and the multi colored light.

"Come! Dance with me!" Aly yelled at the top of her voice due to the loudness of the music.

"No, I'll go grab a drink. You carry on" she replied and walked away, finding herself a sit which she finally did.

She threw herself to the couch and brought out her phone. She got a text message from Frank. Her face brightened with a smile. Of course, she had been expecting his message.

She texted back but suddenly got interrupted when a hot bar attendant walked towards her.

"What can I get you ma'am?" He asked. His voice alone made her jerk her head to face him. She swallowed hard and blinked repeatedly.

"Um... J..juice. I'll take strawberry juice" Laura stammered because there was a god standing before him. He was blest with sky blue eyes, his smile could melt her away, even his cute dimples. She was sure his lashes were longer than hers.

She wasn't done day dreaming when he snapped her back to reality.

"Do you want cubes in it?" He asked.


"You've got to be kidding me. This is like the most expensive club and you are taking juice. What the f*ck!"

"Hey!" Aly snapped at the waiter.

"Yes ma'am" he replied, still wearing that gorgeous smile. Laura sucked in her lower lips and scratched the back of her head.

"I want your finest alcohol" she said.

"No! I can't take alcohol Aly. My wedding is in two days time"

"Go!" She ordered the bar attendant. He hurriedly left to get the best alcohol which Aly had ordered.

"I can't take alcohol. What if something happens?" Laura asked. She remembered the last time she drunk alcohol. It was her opening night for her new business. She did the unimaginable. Frank was able to forgive her the last time but warned her that he won't forgive her the next time.

"I insist. I'm right here with you, nothing is going to happen。 On a day like today, it would be boring not to drink." Aly promised her with a crossed finger.

"Fine, I'll just take one percent" she said and smiled.

"Sure, one percent is just fine。You know I want the best for you." Aly replied.



The next morning, the rays of the sun splashed into the room through the light curtain, shining it's bright light on Laura's face. She blocked the sunlight and turned to the other side, groaning. Slowly, she opened her eyes and blinked repeatedly. She saw that she wasn't in her room.

Her hunch was not very good, and the hand under the quilt touched her chest and went down a little. . .

"Ah..." she screamed, naked and trying to remember how she came to this room.

"Oh no! What just happened?" She asked herself.

"But there's no one here" she said again as her heart started beating fast.

Quickly, she looked for her phone to call Aly. That was when she sighted something on the mirror.


Looking down at the words, Laura gasped.

The person in the photo is officially her and the lovely barman from last night.

He kissed his neck.

He stroked his back.

They hugged tightly. . . .

And she looked satisfied. . .

No matter how she tried, she couldn't remember anything that happened last night. She grabbed her phone and called Aly.

"Come on, pick up, pick up..."

"Hey Aly! Where are you?"

"I should be asking you that question Laura. I was at your house but you weren't there. Where the f*ck are you? You just puffed out of the club like some fairy"

"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry but... I don't know where I am. I think I'm in a hotel or inhouse. Come get me please, I'm in big trouble." she pleaded.

"Sure, I'll be right there" Aly disconnected the call and rushed to where her best friend was. She was so worried sick about her.


Minutes later...

Aly rushed into Laura's room. Laura saw Aly and hugged her.

"Thank goodness you're here. I can't think straight anymore. Look at those pictures on the table. How the heck did I end up with that bar attendant? He even wrote those words on the mirror with a red lipstick?"

"Relax, we just have to go back to the club and find him. Perhaps, he can explain what happened"

"I need to burn those pictures. If Frank finds out that I..."

Her phone rang, it was Frank. She shook in fear and sat down on the bed.

"Pick it up" Aly said to her. She wiped the tears off her cheek and answered the call.

"Hey baby" she said.

"Laura, where are you?" He asked.

"I'm at.. um..." She stammered. She didn't know what to say. She just didn't know what lie to give to him.

"Cat got a hold of your tongue. Be at the company in ten minutes!" He yelled and disconnected the call.

The phone slipped from her hand.

"He hasn't yell at me that way before. Did he know something? ?

"They are right here honey, just relax and let's go to him" Aly said and helped her pack up the pictures. She also helped her out of the hotel and drove her to Frank's company.


Laura wasn't still herself. She shook in fear, wishing for Frank not to find out about what happened between her and the mysterious attendant last night.

Aly stared at her through the front mirror and looked away from her. She was a little excited.


After some minutes, they got to Frank's company and pulled over. Laura was scared to go to his office. Aly had to assist her and gave her the courage. Still, she was scared. After so many minutes of talking, she carried herself into the company and head to her fiance's office. Aly was right by her side.

"Good morning baby" she greeted him with a big fake smile, walking towards him to give him a big hug. Frank shot her a hard glare which made her stop halfway towards him. He glanced at her from head to toe.

"Why are you wearing that dress from yesterday?" He asked.

"Um... I..I love it" she replied, smiling again.

They've been in a relationship for four years. Frank owned a company which his father handed to him after he died. He was left to take care of his sisters and mother but he was doing very great, even much better than his father.

Frank was every girl's dream. He had what every girl wanted in a man. Money, cars, house, that cute smile, trust, patient and six inches. Yes, six inches.

"How long have we been together Laura?" He asked.

Laura wondered why he was asking her all of a sudden.

"Four years" she replied.

"Good, I'm glad you remembered. Tomorrow is our wedding. I've given you everything you ever wanted but you decided to pay me back by sleeping with some godforsaken man" he said. Aly gasped and covered her mouth.

"What do you mean?" Laura was still trying to stay calm.

He grabbed a brown envelope from his table and brought out the pictures. He threw them at her face. Laura stood there and lowered her gaze. She wished she would not cry but she couldn't help it. The tears rolled down her cheek and landed on the pictures on the floor.

"Frank, I can explain. It was a mistake"

"A mistake for you to be on the bed with another man. I'm sure he made you moan more than I do or not? I wanted to tell this to your face so I won't be the coward" he paused and walked towards her. He shoved her hair to the back of her head.

"The wedding is cancelled. It's over between us" he said. Laura quickly raised her head and stared at him. She grabbed is suit and shook her head.

"Please, don't do this to us. Our relationship can't just go down the drain Frank. Listen to me, it's my fault. I took alcohol, just give me one more chance" she cried.

Frank harshly pulled himself from her and pushed her away.

"Leave my office and never show your ugly face in front of me, ever!" He yelled. Aly was also crying by the corner. She was going to find out the person that did this to her friend. She was going to make him pay.

Laura crawled after frank and hugged his feet.

"Please Frank, give me another chance. We can't just end this when we are getting married tomorrow" she cried.

He kicked her away. Laura fell and bumped her head to the corner of his desk. She started bleeding but she didn't care. She wanted Frank back. The pain of losing him wasn't compared to the one she's feeling now. Aly couldn't take it anymore. She walked towards her friend and pulled her out of Frank's office.

"Let's go. You are better off without him" she said, also crying.

"No! Tomorrow's wedding must go on schedule, Aly !" She cried as she was pulled out of the office by her best friend.

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