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img img Romance img Addicted To The Genius Lady With A Thousand Faces
Addicted To The Genius Lady With A Thousand Faces

Addicted To The Genius Lady With A Thousand Faces

img Romance
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She was a world-renowned divine doctor, the CEO of a publicly traded company, the most formidable female mercenary, and a top-tier tech genius. Marissa, a titan with a plethora of secret identities, had hidden her true stature to marry a seemingly impoverished young man. However, on the eve of their wedding, her fiance, who was actually the lost heir to a wealthy dynasty, called off the engagement and subjected her to degradation and mockery. Upon the revelation of her concealed identities, her ex-fiance was left stunned and desperately pleaded for her forgiveness. Standing protectively before Marissa, an incredibly influential and fearsome magnate declared, "This is my wife. Who would dare try to claim her?"

Chapter 1 Unexpected Marriage

"Ow, that hurts..."

As she felt something hard pierce her body, Marissa Nash momentarily felt dizzy from the agony.

Then, noticing blood seeping from between her legs, she gasped in shock and exclaimed, "Oh no!"

She had forgotten about the bunch of Dreamweed on the seat and had accidentally sat on it. Its long, sharp thorns had dug deep into her flesh.

Dreamweed was known for its strong anesthetic properties, meaning she would likely be numb for the next six hours. Realizing this, she decided to close the shop and rest.

Gritting her teeth against the pain, she removed the thorns and wanted to go put up the "Closed for Today" sign.

But before she could stand, a tall, well-dressed man in a sharp suit entered the flower shop through the glass door. His imposing presence quickly dominated the space.

His face was handsome and stern, his eyes a mix of disdain, hatred, and something fiercely destructive.

Marissa slightly frowned; she did not recognize him and knew nothing of his intentions.

But it was evident he wasn't here on a friendly visit!

She had many enemies. Though she often used aliases and disguises on her missions, there was always the risk of being unmasked. There was also the possibility that a traitor emerged within the organization she belonged to. It wasn't uncommon for enemies to seek her out for revenge or abduct her.

Feeling her strength fading away, she dared not act hastily. All she could do was try to remain calm on the surface.

"Are you here to buy flowers, sir?"

"Heh!" The man scoffed.

Without a word, he scooped her up and carried her outside.

Marissa instinctively tried to punch him, but her feeble punches felt more like gentle taps against his solid body.

What awaited her outside left her stunned.

Down the narrow, run-down Vintage Street, over a dozen luxurious black Rolls Royces were lined up impressively.

Over a hundred stern-faced bodyguards in black surrounded her modest flower shop, making it seem like a fortress.

Passersby had already scurried into nearby stores, driven by fear.

It was as if a scene from a mafia movie had come to life, with the mafia boss making a dramatic public appearance.

Despite Marissa's extensive experiences, she couldn't determine which powerful person in Blebert was targeting her.

To cause such a spectacle in broad daylight was incredibly bold and insane!

The man roughly shoved her into a car and then climbed in beside her, settling next to her.

Once the door was shut, the car's interior was engulfed by his intense, chilling presence, making it hard to breathe.

Marissa tried to remain composed and discreetly reached into her pocket for her phone to send out a distress signal.

But just as her fingers grazed the device, the man beside her snatched it away.

She glanced at his harsh, tense face. "Sir, could you at least tell me your name and why you're abducting me... Ugh!"

Her plea was abruptly cut short as his hand clamped tightly around her throat.

It was evident that any resistance might lead him to end her life.

"I'm not interested in your antics! Say another word, and I'll end you right here!"

To save her life, Marissa quickly shut her mouth.

Powerless to fight back, she could only sit and wonder what would come next.

However, what happened next left her completely astounded.

The man brought her to the City Hall.

Before she knew it, her name was listed next to his on the marriage certificate.

Thrown back into the car, Marissa was in shock.

She stared vacantly at the marriage certificate in her hand, finally seeing the man's name, Connor Daniels.

In Blebert, only one Connor Daniels fit the profile of possessing such immense wealth and influence—the current head of the top family, also known as the wealthiest man in Blebert!

The situation was both horrifying and bewildering.

She had never encountered such an extremely prestigious and fearsome person.

While she might have unwittingly offended him, an assassination attempt or revenge on her would make sense, but a forced marriage...?

"Um, Mr. Daniels..."

"Shut up!"

Marissa attempted to find out what was going on, but Connor cut her off before she could begin to ask questions.

Then, he grabbed her left hand and slid a priceless diamond ring onto her finger.

"Make my grandma happy as you did before. Don't provoke me again!" he ordered.

Marissa was left speechless.

She had never even met his grandmother, so how was she supposed to make her happy?

"Mr. Daniels, there's clearly been a misunderstanding... Hmm..."

She found herself once again gripped tightly by the throat.

His demeanor was tense and grim. Each word he said seemed to echo from a place of deep darkness.

"You went to great lengths to trick my grandma into forcing this marriage upon me. Yet, after I had agreed and our wedding invitations had been sent out, you vanished on the day we were to legalize our marriage? I'm not interested in why you chased me and then ran away, nor do I mind the embarrassment and complications it caused. But my grandma was rushed to the hospital because of this, and we need to resolve it! With her health in a critical condition, you will return and act the part of the dutiful granddaughter-in-law. If you try any tricks, I'll make sure the entire Nash family pays dearly!"

Marissa started to piece things together.

He had abducted the wrong person!

She resembled his actual runaway fiancee closely, leading to this mistake.

She had planned to go back to her hometown Adagend tomorrow to marry her fiance, Derek Tucker. What was she supposed to do now?

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