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The Wife Diaries

The Wife Diaries

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Elisa Johnson and Martin Jimenes married two years ago. Martin has always thought Elisa married him by design, so he always gives Elisa the cold shoulder. They live apart during these two years. It can be said some kind of stagnant but peaceful. It is Sharon Johnson’s return that broke this peace, but it also vitalizes their marriage ...

Chapter 1 My Sister Has Agreed to Divorce

In a VIP ward of South City Central Hospital, an 80-kilogram woman lay unconscious on the sickbed.

Three hours later, the woman's fingers moved, her eyelids trembled, and her eyes gradually opened.

"Elisa, you're awake." A man guarding at the sickbed shouted excitedly, "This is great."

Cordy Hoffman was Elisa Johnson's high school classmate and a doctor in the emergency department of this hospital. Three days ago, when he was receiving patients, he encountered Elisa who had a car accident. Then he spared no effort to treat her and stayed with her out of his working hours.

Upon hearing the voice, Elisa slowly turned her head and saw a man in the near distance. She thought for quite a while before muttering, "C... Cordy... Hoffman?"

"Mm, it's me." Cordy replied happily and continued, "Don't move, I'll do a checkup for you."

Following his words, he fulfilled his duty as a doctor by examining Elisa's body.

In the beginning, she didn't quite get him. On second thought, she faintly remembered that Cordy graduated from a medical school. Was he a doctor now?

Wait, how did she remember this? Did she regain her memories?

Shocked by the idea, Elisa was anxious to test it. Closing her eyes, she started recalling the past.

As many people and events crossed her mind, she was sure that all of her memories had returned.

Just then, Cordy finished the checkup and explained to Elisa, "Your condition is fine. I'll do a brain scan for you later. Now your problem lies mainly in your head."

"And your left arm is injured, move with caution," Cordy added.

"Mm." Responded Elisa who looked much better now. Then she added, "Thank you, Cordy."

"No problem." Cordy replied simply. It was the work of destiny that the two classmates met again. In fact, he had been asking around the classmate circle about Elisa but got no news, and the encounter was unexpected.

He found it strange about her appearance because her beauty was no more. When he looked at her closely, however, she looked chubby and kind of cute. Her features were still delicate and not ugly at all.

"I'll arrange a brain scan right away, have a rest. If you need anything, press the alarm bell at the bedside. The nurse will come right away." Said Cordy after a brief chat with her.

"Mm." Elisa nodded her head.

After Cordy left, Elisa relaxed a little and planned to close her eyes for a rest when a familiar voice came over.

"Should that bitch stay in such a luxurious ward!"

Elisa recognized the voice. It was Sharon Johnson, her half-sister. Before she could think much about it, the door of the ward was kicked open with a bang, and then Sharon got in menacingly.

In a red sheath dress, she became even more furious to see Elisa. While walking toward the sickbed, she shouted, "Elisa, I'm telling you, you must sign the divorce paper with Martin today."

"You're just a big fat fool yet want to be Martin's wife forever? Dream on, if I didn't run away from the wedding for an incident, how could you take my place and marry Martin. Wake up, the person Martin loves has always been me."

After finishing her speech, Sharon was still not satisfied and worried that Elisa would continue to pester Martin. Taking out her cell phone, she produced a processed photo in bed and showed it to the woman lying on the sickbed.

"Take a look at the intimate photo of Martin and me." Sharon took back her phone after making sure that Elisa saw it and deliberately placed the other hand on her abdomen, "Moreover, I'm already pregnant with Martin's seed for six weeks."

"Elisa, in a word, Martin is mine, and you're not allowed to pester him anymore. Hurry up, sign the divorce..." Elisa suddenly cut her short.

"I'll sign it." Sick of her nonsense, Elisa said briskly.

Because of her memory loss, she used to regard Martin Jimenes as the meaning of her life and love him fanatically. When Martin asked for a divorce, she resolutely opposed and glued to him. In retrospect, she found herself foolish.

Martin didn't love her at all and had been treating her poorly. In the past two years of their married life, he had never given her a second look. Was such a man worthy of her obsession?

No, she decided to sever all ties with him.

... Sharon was stunned by her prompt consent.

She then came to her senses and knew this was what she wanted. Losing no time, she handed two copies of the divorce paper and a pen to Elisa for fear of her regret and urged, "Sign it, Martin has done his part."

Elisa stretched out her right arm and swiftly signed her name on the agreement.

Sharon took the agreement and reviewed it. After confirming the result, she slightly curled up her mouth.

Since her goal was attained, she got ready to leave but didn't forget to warn Elisa, "Stay away from Martin, or I'll teach you a lesson."

Elisa ignored her sister and closed her eyes for a moment of peace.

Sharon walked out of the ward, immediately called Martin, and claimed hurriedly when the phone was picked up, "Martin, my sister has agreed to divorce."

At that moment, the man on the other end was surprised, "She agreed?"

"Yes, Elisa has signed the divorce paper." Said Sharon happily.

Without another word, the man stood in front of a floor-to-ceiling window, looked out of the window, frowned slightly, and gripped the phone more tightly.

Wild with joy, Sharon continued, "Martin, I'm going to Jimenes Group for you. I miss you so much."

... The man still didn't say anything.


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