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img img Romance img Hidden Marriage: My CEO Husband Follows Me Everywhere
Hidden Marriage: My CEO Husband Follows Me Everywhere

Hidden Marriage: My CEO Husband Follows Me Everywhere

img Romance
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Going to the wrong room and sleeping in the wrong bed, Diana Miller "lost" her virginity and lost her money, and she was kidnapped halfway to get a marriage certificate! He was the most mysterious and noblest man in the C city. He had all the power, everything was in his control. He was decisive and ruthless, but he only spoiled her. "I want a divorce." Diana said it for the 108th time. "After we have a baby." Since then, the pregnant plan had been implemented every night. Until one day, she saw a woman with the same face as hers, standing next to him during the day, and occupying her wedding room at night. The pregnancy sheet in her hand fell suddenly. Five years later. Facing the man who was approaching aggressively, she said in horror, "Go away, I don't know you!" The man turned a deaf ear and approached slowly. “You will know me after it!” The little kid hiding behind the heavy curtains quickly covered his eyes: not suitable for children!

Chapter 1 A mistake

Diana Miller glanced at the time, and there was still half an hour to go. If the customer did not bargain, she could rush to the blind date in time.

She stood at the door of the hotel suite, took a deep breath, and rang the bell.

She lifted the Royal Salute in the bag, thinking in her mind: the commission per bottle was 800, I could earn 4,000 a night. I was so lucky tonight that I had a big order.

While Diana was waiting, a woman ran to her quickly, grabbed her hand and put a pink card into her hand, "Miss, I have something urgent. Please give it to the guest in this room!"

Diana did not get it at the moment. When she took her eyes off the card, the woman had already run into the elevator, leaving a red fluttering dress corner.

"Uh, this ..."

It was a black card with gold border. Painted on the black background was a charming red rose. In the bottom right corner, a cursive English word "beloved" was written. On the back of the card was a beautiful woman's silhouette.

It was a little strange. What was this card for? Diana thought in her mind.

Suddenly, the door in front of her opened. A man's body was hidden behind the door of the darkroom. And she could only see that he had a naked chest and a good figure.

Diana handed the card directly to him, "Hello, a lady asked me to pass the card to you."

A slender hand reached over and took the card from Diana.

Diana's eyes were immediately fixed on the hand. The knuckles were long, clear, and nifty, which could compare to the top hand model! It was a challenge for her to control herself from taking out her mobile phone and taking a photo to post in WeChat moment because she was addicted to beautiful hands.

However, she did not forget the business. She smiled sweetly and lifted the wine in her hand. "Sir, the royal salute you want. 8000 per bottle, and a total of 40,000. Do you want to pay by credit card or cash?"

However, the next second, she was slammed into the suite by a hand and was immediately pressed against the door. With the clear and intense smell of tobacco and alcohol, the man pressed down his lip to Diana's.

With the soft touch between lips happened, something exploded in Diana's brain with a buzz.

What happened now? This was her first kiss!

Diana's mind exploded with a buzz. With her hands released at the second, the wine fell to the ground.

She was shocked. Oh my god, what she fell to the ground valued forty thousand yuan!

She couldn't afford it, even by selling herself.

When the man's lips kissed on her collarbone, she distractedly pushed him away, "Did you ... sir did you ... did you get the wrong person ..."

However, to the man, her voice was just like the hum of the mosquito. It did not affect at all!

"Since you're already here, don't play the trick of the hesitant act."

"No ... It is ..."

Diana confirmed that the man had taken her for somebody else. But her strength was too weak to push him out, and the men above her did not move anymore.

The man in front of her didn't seem to notice the oddness of Diana. He held her waist and directly threw her on the soft king-size bed. Before Diana got up and crept away, the man pressed over her body and bullied her...

That was a night of lovemaking.

Early in the next morning, Diana woke up in the bed, with her curled eyelashes trembled. A classic European-style ceiling lamp first came into her view, with the tassel on it dazzling.

Three seconds later, she sat up suddenly from the bed. Her eyes widened suddenly and stunningly, and she looked at this luxuriously decorated presidential suite. The pain on her body made her want to scream.

She ... was raped!

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