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The Mistress

The Mistress

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"Using her youth, charm and beauty; twenty-one-year-old Yolanda's insatiable greed for a luxurious life knows no bounds as she will stop at nothing to lure rich men, young or old to pay for the lifestyle she desires. BOOK TWO Years have passed since Yolanda abandoned her daughter at the doorsteps of her former lover Gershom. In her own father's house, Luthanda has no voice of her own. She has to face her father's indifference, stepmothers hatred and siblings resentment. Across the Zambezi, uncaring for the daughter she left behind, Yolanda lives the best days of her life. Their paths meet again but it will be a cold day in hell before the greedy and cunning gold digger can ever acknowledge her as her child."

Chapter 1 : Rendezvous gone wrong

"What nonsense is this?' The question came from the restless twenty-one-year-old Yolanda Nyoni. With one hand on her hip, the other held a wade of money. She tapped her stiletto-clad foot on the floor as she furiously waved the wade of money to the face of the man who sat on the edge of the double bed while pulling on his tie.

'It's the money you asked for.' Thirty-four-year-old Gershom Chomba replied sheepishly cursing his luck.

He had hoped she would not bring up the topic of the money until they had done the deed and he had had his fill. It would have been easier to appease her with sweet nothings after a steamy session.

'Mxxxtchw. What do you take me for? I do not tolerate nonsense,' she said and threw the wade of money to his face. The force behind the throw caused the crisp hundred kwacha notes to break free from the paper clip that held them together. The notes fluttered in the air before floating down to the tiled motel room floor. 'This is two thousand short.'

Gershom heaved a frustrated sigh and looked up at the curvy girl in the sexy, midnight blue baby doll, crotchless lingerie. The moment she had taken off her sexy, black trench coat to reveal the sheer see-through baby doll lingerie, desire had flared up in his body. He itched to touch her curvy and moonlight yellow body and bury himself deep inside her tight channel.

'I know.' He had expected this reaction except he had not thought she would demand the money as soon he walked into the room. Throughout the day, she had been on his mind. Earlier in the day, while the whole world slept, he had woken up to an erotic video of her 'playing' with herself while calling out his name with passion-filled eyes. The lewd video had left the thirty-four-year-old father of three sexually frustrated.

Unfortunately for his wife, who just happened to have stirred in her sleep at that very moment, she became the receiver of his lust evoked by another woman.

Moreover, during the day, his phone had pinged nonstop with more of her lascivious pictures. By the time, he was clocking off for the day and heading towards their usual place of rendezvous, his lust for her was already evident in his slacks.


'I am strapped for cash at the moment.'

He was a family man. He had a wife and three hungry mouths to feed. There were mounting debts at work and employees who wanted their salaries. As it already was, this yearlong affair had already taken its toll on him and his relationship with his wife and family. What had been merely fun and games had slowly begun turning into a headache. On one hand, he had his nagging wife while on the other hand was his girlfriend who thought him to be a walking- talking ATM. Her demands were getting ridiculous by the day.

Nevertheless, as ridiculous and preposterous as Yolanda's demands were, she was worth it. In her prime, she had a youthful glow to her smooth skin and had the perfect curves. In all his thirty-four years on earth, he had had a taste of all types of women, his wife included, to him; Yolanda topped the list by a mile.

'And how the hell is that any of my business?' Yolanda snapped.

'Come on baby,' Gershom said standing up. He picked up the notes from the floor, reached for her purse, and placed the notes neatly in it. He then walked over to her and pulled her closer to him. 'Just bear with me for a little while. I promise I will get you the rest of the money by the end of this week.'

He drew her closer to him. At this moment, all he wanted was to have her naked body pinned under him and hear her moan out in pleasure as their sweaty bodies rubbed together. Gliding his hands over her smooth, soft, taut and firm skin, the heat from her body excited him more.' I promise I will give you double what you asked for.'

Meshing his lips to her, he left her with no room to argue. When she finally managed to shove him away, she breathlessly asked if he meant to keep his promise.

Nodding, he whispered a bunch of nonsensical words into her ears, while backing away to the bed. As his mouth sort hers, Yolanda's tiny fingers reached for his shirt. Caught in the wave of passion, she ripped the shirt apart and pushed him to the bed.

Inwardly, Gershom was ecstatic that he finally managed to appease her. As he fell back on the bed, he was pleased to note that her eyes were glazed with arousal.

Taking the lead, Yolanda straddled him and trailed kisses on his chest. Her hot breath on his skin had him closing his eyes and groaning out in pleasure. Gershom slid his hands up her hips and tugged at her pants to pull them down. He wanted the barrier between them off, once and for all, he was at the end of his patience. He thought if he waited any longer, he would explode. Sensing his impatience Yolanda halted his actions shaking her head.

'Not yet,' she whispered in his ears, her breath hot against his skin, exciting her more.

'I can't hold on any longer,' he growled through his teeth.

She smiled against his mouth, captured his lips into a sensual kiss as she glided herself against his phallus. Gershom closed his eyes enjoying the sensations passing through his body. With her hands firmly pressed against his chest, she didn't stop dry humping him until her intimate juices coated the length of his bulge in his pants and she was breathless.

Yolanda grabbed his hands and held them above his head. Reaching in her bag, she took out a pair of blue padded cuffs and strapped him to the metal headboard.

His shaft twitched and dripped with pre-cum in anticipation at what she had planned. One of the reasons why he loved her this much was because she was a freak in bed. He loved her unrestrained wild bedroom antics, unlike his wife who only conformed to 'godly' ways.

Yolanda brought her lips to his and devoured them until he was breathless while her hands slid down south. She moved her lips from his mouth, down his hairy chest. With his breath held, his eyes narrowed to slits as he watched her, anticipating her next move.

She first took off his shoes, and then reached for the buckle of his pants. For each inch of skin exposed, she rewarded him with a kiss. By the time he she was done and he was already in his birthday suit and his phallus was standing proud and free, Gershom thought she was the best thing that had ever happened to this world. Each time he was with her, it was better than the first time.

Using his tie, she bound his feet to the bed. As he lay eagle spread on the bed, watching her twerk her body for him, he did not doubt that she was indeed the eighth world wonder. His eighth world wonder.

In a raspy voice, he praised her moves and anticipated more. But just as he was getting all fired up, she turned, picked up her coat from the sofa and began to button up her coat.

'Eh, babez what's going on?'

Yolanda threw him a very innocent smile as she picked up her bag. She told him the services she had provided for him since he had walked into the room were equal to the miserly three thousand he had just given her.

He stared at her in shock. For a second he thought it was a joke until she began to retouch her make up.

'Yolanda... come on...stop joking...'

'But I'm being serious Gershom. From now on, it will cost you a lot for you to have a piece of this.'

'Come on. We can talk about this.'

'Really? Do you have my money? I told you I urgently needed five thousand for my hair and upkeep.'


Yolanda scoffed shaking her head. 'You know I'm high maintenance and I don't come cheap. If you have failed to maintain me; just tell me I go look for green pastures.'

'Yolie babez come on,' he pleaded pitifully nodding towards his swelled up member. 'I did promise that I will get you something by the end of the week...'

'I heard that one before, last month. I told you I needed four thousand for my weekly grocery shopping and you gave three-five, five hundred short. The other time, you made excuses as well when I asked you to get me the Google Pixel 3 phone.'

'But I just got you the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a couple of months back!'

Hell, even his wife was still using the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and she had had it for a few years now. Yolie, on the other hand, and had changed phones twice since they had met.

‘I don’t like men with penguin hands. I was clear with what I want from you when we started this relationship. And like I said, if you have failed, better I look for someone capable of meeting all my needs.'

Gershom shook his head. He couldn't imagine his Yolie in the arms of another man. He was her first. The fact that she had given to him her purity made him possessive of her. She was his for keeps.

'You are right. A week is too far. How about tomorrow huh? Before noon tomorrow, I will get you that phone you want as well as the 5K.'


'I promise. Now stop being insensible and untie me. I want you so bad babez.'

'Ok.' She replied, dropped her purse and the coat, walked over to him, and meshed their lips together. What followed for the next few minutes were moans and groans as the two devoured each other's lips as if it was the end of the world. Yolanda used her hands to work her magic on his member but just as he was about to reach his pinnacle, Yolanda abruptly pulled away from him, a smirk on her face.

'Yolie?' he looked up at her dazed. He couldn't trust the smirk on her face.

'Go home Gershom. Call me only when you are man enough to carter to my needs...'

'Yolie...Yolie...Yolanda, this is not funny... Yo......Yolie comes on, you can't leave me like this!'

'My body is not for free.' She replied, grabbed the sexy knee-length coat, and slipped into it. Reaching for her purse, she flipped her waist-length Peruvian weave over her shoulder and when she reached the door, she threw the keys over her shoulder uncaring for where the tiny metallic things landed.

Gershom called out to her to come back but she never did. She closed the door behind her and put the 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on the door.

'Room 423,' Yolanda called over her shoulders as she stepped out of the elevator and walked past the receptionist's desk. 'Your guest needs your help.'

Before the puzzled receptionist could inquire more, she had already walked past the revolving glass doors leaving behind the echo of her stilettoes and expensive signature perfume. While they were still trying to process, what their regular guest had said, they got a call from one of the rooms complaining about noise disturbance.

The front desk passed the complaint to security and two security personnel headed over to the rooms. Having worked in the hospitality industry for a good number of years they had seen all types of weird stuff, it no longer shocked them. However, seeing one of their regular clients left high and dry with his rod sticking out ready for action was a new one for them.

The female security officer turned her face away and excused herself, the corners of her mouth tugging into a smile.

The male guard thought the girl was heartless to leave a man in this state, and his heart went to the man.

Mortification washed over Gershom Chomba as he watched the face of the bewildered guard. 'Don't just stand there. Find the damn keys!'

'Of course sir.' The guard replied. He reached for the sheets and threw them over him then set off to search for the keys. His female colleague only joined him once he told her their guest was decent enough and it was all right for her to come in. It took them a little over five minutes to find the keys. Grabbing them off the floor near the bathroom, he hurried over to uncuff the poor man.

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