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img img Romance img My Ex-Wife Is Pregnant?!
My Ex-Wife Is Pregnant?!

My Ex-Wife Is Pregnant?!

img Romance
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Lenny was the richest man in the capital. He had a wife, but their marriage was loveless. One night, he accidentally had a one night stand with a stranger, so he decided to divorce his wife and look for the girl he slept with. He vowed to marry her. Months after the divorce, he found out that his wife was seven months’ pregnant. Did his wife cheat on him? Scarlet was looking for her husband one night and the two unexpectedly made passionate love. Not knowing what to do, she ran away in a panic, but later found that she was pregnant. Just when she was ready to explain what had happened to her husband, he suddenly asked her for a divorce. Would Lenny ever find out that the strange girl he had slept with was actually his wife? More importantly, would their loveless marriage take a turn for the better—or the worse?

Chapter 1 Divorced Her

"I must gather some evidence of Lenny's infidelity today!"

Scarlet Brown clenched and unclenched her hands to relieve some of her anxiety. She fixed her peaked cap, lowered her head to avoid the surveillance cameras, and walked into a fancy club.

Today, she was here to catch her husband cheating on her.

She hadn't seen Lenny Foster since they got married.

In truth, their marriage was meaningless. They didn't love each other, and it was a waste of their time to be together.

Recently, one of Scarlet's good friends abroad told her that she often saw Lenny hanging out with a woman, and he was intimate with her.

After getting that piece of information, Scarlet set out to collect some proof of Lenny's unfaithfulness so that when she divorced him, she would have the upper hand.

From a distance, Scarlet saw a woman take Lenny into a presidential suite. The door was left ajar. Scarlet carefully approached and listened in through the crack. She heard the woman talking to someone on the phone.

"I know. I won't fail this time. I'll install a camera later to record us having sex and then threaten him with the tape..."

Hearing this, Scarlet frowned.

What was going on? Was that woman trying to set up Lenny?

Although Scarlet didn't have any feelings for her husband, she also couldn't stand around and do nothing while someone tried to trick him and then blackmail him.

She gritted her teeth and stamped her foot. She rushed into the room and then locked the door behind her.

"Who's there?" the woman called out when she heard the noise.

Scarlet didn't waste time talking to her. She just strode forward and knocked the woman out. Then, Scarlet tied her up and dragged her into the bathroom.

Fortunately, she was strong enough to knock out the woman instantly.

After making sure that the woman was completely unconscious, Scarlet walked toward the bed and stared at the man lying on it. She supposed that today wasn't the day that she would get proof of his infidelity.

She grabbed a quilt and covered Lenny with it. Then, she turned off the light on the bedside table and was about to leave. But unexpectedly, someone grabbed her by the wrist.

"Ouch. What the..."

The next second, she was being tossed in the air, and then she found herself on her back on the bed. Lenny climbed on top of her.

In the darkness, Lenny could only tell that the woman he was about to sleep with was very petite. For some reason, he felt a sense of familiarity with her, as if he had met her before.

However, his brain didn't give him any time to think and analyze because at the moment, it was consumed with burning desire and lust.

His libido was in overdrive so great that he felt like he was being devoured by its scorching heat. His reason was on the verge of collapse.

She was too petite to bear his passion.

Scarlet tried her best to resist Lenny. She put her hands on his chest to push him away, and she couldn't believe how hot his skin was.

He was burning up.

She was about to ask him what was wrong with him, but he crashed his lips onto hers. His deep, passionate kiss that tasted faintly of mint immediately sent her mind into shambles and trapped her questions in her throat.

Next thing she knew, he was tearing off her clothes.

Three months later, Lenny returned to the capital city of his home country.

"Any news?" he asked his assistant.

"None yet, but we've sent more people to look for her."

"Find her at all costs."

"Yes, sir," his assistant replied. After hesitating for a moment, he asked, "Sir... Are you really going to divorce your wife?"

"There's someone more suitable to be my wife." Lenny's tone was flat and firm but authoritative and cold.

He didn't know why that girl was in the suite that night, but she did save him out of kindness. And she gave up her body to him.

Her cries and pleas for mercy were all he could remember from that night. Her voice was heartbreaking.

Lenny had no feelings for his wife. He married her because his grandmother forced him to. He obeyed to make his mother feel better. He didn't want his mother to be torn between him and his grandmother.

Divorce would be a relief for both himself and his wife.

At the same time, in Lenny's villa, Scarlet had already received the news of Lenny's return today. He would arrive home in the evening. All the servants were busy preparing for his homecoming party.

But she wasn't happy at all.

Soon, she heard the roar of a car's engine in the distance, and her heart skipped a beat for reasons she couldn't fathom.

Lenny was home.

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