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img img Fantasy img My Human Fated Love
My Human Fated Love

My Human Fated Love

img Fantasy
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"Emily Watson is a Twenty-one year old orphan who grew up in an orphanage since birth. She is as beautiful as an angel. She is a simple college girl, elegant in nature, a little nerdy in nature and kind hearted. William Rostov is a twenty-seven year old werewolf lord, known for his ruthless, arrogant, merciless nature. His hatred for humans is unbelievable. What will happen when circumstances force them to get married? Will they be able to overcome their inner demons and accept this new found relationship. Is Emily really a human? What are her birth secrets? Let's embark on their journey and find out their secrets."

Chapter 1 Fate

It’s a cold winter night. Emily is standing by the window while cool breeze hits her beautiful side face and looking around the room only to see that it is full of roses and candles. She keeps on thinking how her life has changed within a week and now she has become an alpha’s wife.

Emily was deep in thoughts when she heard a series of footsteps and was startled.

She then realized that today is her wedding night and the person who is about to enter the room is her new husband William Rostov, the lord of this castle and the alpha of the werewolf’s.

Emily took a deep breath to control her panic and before she could turn around, she heard a dark, cold voice,

“What are you doing here?”

Emily was scared by his voice, she turns around and looks at him without looking into his eyes.

In her mind, she doesn’t know how to answer his question. So just as others she bended down her head a little, trying to calm her mind and said,

“Your Highness, I was just refreshing myself here”.

William replied, “Come inside, I need to tell you something” in his same dark, deep voice freezing her.

Emily just nodded her slightly.

William Rostov is a 25 year old werewolf lord, he is merciless to his enemies, cold, rude, arrogant, clever and is the cruelest in the whole werewolf world. He is known for his cruel and merciless nature in handling his enemies.

Emily is a 21 year old orphan who was found by the orphanage dean at the entrance of the orphanage when she was only 1 month old.

Emily was left in a basket with only a royal purple color blanket covering her and a letter written mentioning her name as Emily Watson.

She was emitting the aura of a born queen and the dean took her into the orphanage as his adopted daughter.

She is a simple college girl, elegant in nature, a little nerdy in nature but kind hearted.

Let’s see what fate has stored in for them.

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