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Last Female Alpha and Her Toy

Last Female Alpha and Her Toy

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Warning: Erotica with dark smut (18+) This story is based on a dark theme, so Read at Your Risk. "Fuck!!! I'm so wet. " A moan escaped from luscious lips that were dripping saliva, mixing all pressure inside. "Baby boy, now just do it, I can't wait anymore, ", Deeper!!! Ah!!! Deeper, Fuck!!!!!!! " You are making me feel heaven, just don't spill your dirty seeds inside me", "Sure, Snow, ", A man while thrusting roughly spit in his hard voice. " Thud, who the fuck do you think you are? You fucking cunt, don't you dare to call my name" Take this money and get out!!!!!! Snow West, a Twenty-five-year-old Sex Addict, sitting on the throne of her pack, is the Last Female Alpha who needs a mate to produce an heir, so she can continue her bloodline. But in her life, no word relates to' Commitment'. Let's see how she is going to bring her mate up and down with her addiction.

Chapter 1 Sexy Hunks

Snow West Pov.

"Young Miss, let's go today. We have to meet our guests in ' Violet Club', they are waiting for you"

My chauffeur started respectfully, making my already gloomy face turn dark.

" What, if I fucking don't want to meet Edric", I glared at my Beta who is my chauffeur too, making me feel like, I surely need to smash his head into the car bunker as he is just getting on my nerves isn't it.

" Still Young Miss, we have to go. It's an important deal for our pack and your presence needs to be there as you are an Alpha '', he spoke with his so-called voice, showing that he knows more than me.

I just don't want to go anywhere, but he is surely right with stuff. There is no way I can deny it.

" Let's go", I said with a heavy heart that was screaming to not go.

Hopping inside the car with the black high slit gown I wore for having fun tonight, but here I'm going for business. That seems like a so-called duty I have to fill.

After some 30 minutes, we reached the venue, and my eyes lit up seeing the place because, for sure, this club has way more fun partitions I can enjoy after the meeting.

Correcting my dress, I walk with my pointy heels that are making,`` Click.. black sound as they get rubbed in the carpet ".

My eyes roamed, making my red luscious lips turn into a wild smirk.

My wolf Inside my head twirls," Let's the party begin".

That's for sure correct, let's begin the party.

Walking all authoritatively because for now I have to do the work seriously.

" This way, Young Miss," My Beta lead me and walked his head up like I wanted because I hate when he shows his weakness in any situation, I love my people to have their head up in front of everyone even if it means including me

Reaching the private room, I saw two young men sitting in all their glory.

That caught my attention. " Damn sexy boys, always my weakness. My eyes twitched seeing the physics of their full muscular body. That's all my type"

Isn't it that today I'm having a big feast in the name of the Meeting?

All looked so handsome with their toned body, with dark skin tones.

It's like I prefer skin tone. Who cares about that? I love to see every shade of cock that can please me in every way.

With my powerful walk, swaying my hips to show my sexy moves, that's for sure going to take me under these two hunks' pants.

I get close to the first one, which is short compared to the other one.

Seeing me, he stood up and held my hand, kissing my knuckles, and making me wet inside my panties. He said," Nice to meet you last".

I smile hearing it," For sure Mr. John, it's really nice to meet you ".

I remove my hands from his hold and put my hand on his chest, feeling the hardness making my already soaked pantie into a dripping one.

I got close to his cheek and placed my lips there, feeling the sharp jawline, knowing he is one of my prey today.

I slowly remove my lips, not before giving it a lick, seeing how my lips are printed on his face showing,' For today you are booked'.

I can see his hardness poking inside his pants, making my smirk get wild, knowing what impact I have on him.

' It's not even started baby boy', I whispered in his ear, making his body stiff there. My work was done, and I removed my hand from his hold.

Reaching to the next one who is patiently waiting for my presence, I love when someone seems so eager for my presence.

I saw my Beta who was just sighing at me, knowing what was coming and how we already won this.

I smile at the tall man." Hello! Mr. Edward, a pleasure to have you"

I know my words are directing something else, making me imagine him tied up on my bed and me licking every part of his body.

Isn't I the biggest bitch who exists in the business world but who cares, at least not me?

He took my hand too and kissed my palm, pulling me toward him, whispering," Waiting for the time when you really have me".

Damn! I love this one more than the first one. It seems a hard choice to choose between the two.

Can't I have both together? It would be more fun to dominate one and get dominated by another one.

He placed his lips on my earlobe. Okay! I'm eating my words up. This is for sure not a boring meeting. It was more interesting than the party I went to.

I surely will not forget to thank my Beta for this.

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