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Imperial CEO’s Unlimited Love

Imperial CEO’s Unlimited Love

img Romance
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Annie encountered Bruce, the most powerful CEO in the city when she visited her best friend in the hospital. After being recognized as a thief who stole the dog by Bruce’s guards, she was immediately asked for payment and forced to make an apology to the master on her own. In order to prove herself, she went to the ward with Bruce without any hesitation. Unexpectedly, the old lady, who was seriously ill, deeply believed she was Bruce’s girlfriend and gave her a pair of rings to urge them to get married. She was stunned and trying to deny, but Bruce abruptly stopped her and promised to his grandmother that they would be married the next day. What a surprise? Out the ward, she thought it’s just a white lie and said goodbye to Bruce, but she heard Bruce saying, “See you tomorrow, and don’t forget to take your ID with you.” Was he serious to marry her? What should she do with it?

Chapter 1 A Love Affair

The Imperial Hotel was a splendid place. The various decorations highlighted the luxury of it.

Aimee Bell smiled sweetly as she walked out of the elevator.

Today was her fiancé Leslie Hall's birthday. After learning that Leslie had booked a suite, she had managed to get the room card for that suite.

She was going to give Leslie a surprise.

She opened the door to the room and sat down.

There was a glass of water on the table. She was a little thirsty and thought it should be prepared by Leslie. So, she drank half glass of water without any doubts.

Gradually, some unknown gasps came from the bedroom.

"Aimee Bell, that bitch. She doesn't like you at all as much as I do. I'd give you anything. I gave you all of myself a year ago~~"

"Baby, don't talk. Let's get down to business~~"

The bedroom door was not closed tightly, and she turned her head to see the sexy image on the bed in the bedroom.

The woman Leslie was holding turned out to be her half-sister, Ava Bell!

One year!

They had been in this relationship for a year?

The more Aimee looked at them, the more they looked like two swine!

Shameless swine!

Aimee was about to rush in when she felt a sudden and strange feeling that made her uncomfortable.

Her limbs grew weak and her expression began to look confused.

There was a drug in that glass of water she had just drunk!

She'd never taken that kind of drug, but she knew how she would do next if she...

The two people in the room didn't stop at all. If Leslie found her like this now, the consequences would be dire...

Her nails were pinched into her flesh. The pain made her retain a shred of sanity and then she rushed out with the last of her strength.

The door was opened with a loud bang and the two people on the bed in the bedroom heard the noise.

Leslie came out wrapped in a blanket and found the door open. He went to the door to observe the hallway but found no one there.

Ava was standing seductively in the bedroom doorway with no clothes on. She realized he was about to call and went over to stop him, "Don't be paranoid. I didn't lock the door when I came in. No other people came in."

When Leslie didn't put down the receiver, Ava continued to talk him down, "You can investigate the hotel. But if your parents find out about this, my relationship with you will be exposed."

Only then did Leslie put down the handset. For a moment just now, he thought Aimee Bell came in.

But Aimee had a fiery temper and would even burn down the hotel if she found out he was sleeping with Ava.

It was his birthday, and Aimee, the idiot, would be too busy helping him prepare for his birthday party to come to the hotel.

Leslie Hall was relieved. He turned to lock the door, "Baby, let's continue..."

Aimee, who had reached the elevator door, was unable to support her body and leaned limply against it.

As soon as the elevator door opened, she fell into an icy embrace.

She was hot and flushed, and her eyes seemed to mist. She looked up at the man holding her.

There was something familiar about this man as if she had seen him somewhere before.

Especially the strength of his arms, which was familiar too.

"Help me..." She couldn't help herself and rubbed herself against this man.

Bruce Ward turned after three seconds to keep the woman who'd actively slammed into his arms behind him, keeping the elevator's surveillance from capturing her state and behavior.

Aimee stood behind him, had her hands on his waist, and was still rubbing.

Bruce took out his cell phone and dialed a number, "The surveillance of me in the elevators of the Imperial Hotel at this time and thereafter shall be all erased."

Once they arrived at the floor he was staying on, Bruce walked out of the elevator with Aimee, who had been harassing him nonstop in his arms. And he quickly entered the presidential suite.

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