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Mr. Waltson, Refrain Yourself!

Mr. Waltson, Refrain Yourself!

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She had never thought that she would sleep with her former adversary, but it turned out to be a fantastic match for both of them. However, when they got married, his apathy finally enraged her, and she yelled, "you damn bastard!"

Chapter 1 No.1

"Mm …" Her body's agony prompted her to awaken from her coma.

The room was pitch black.

She could only hear the man's heavy breathing and the misery he caused her.

She did her best to slug him. Her fist, on the other hand, was as weak as being landed on cotton. It was all a waste of time no matter how hard she struggle.

She was unable to yell. She was only able to pray in her heart.

It was dawn when she awoke again.

Luna Greenwich opened her eyes and gazed around the strange room, recalling the wonderful scenario from the night before.

She sat up abruptly, feeling a severe pain within her body.

She tightened her fists when she got out of bed and noticed the blood on the bed.

That was not a nightmare...

The bathroom door swung open.

A man emerged from the restroom.

She collapsed on the bed in terror when she saw his face. How could it possibly be him?

The man was simply wearing a towel around his lower body. He gave her a sidelong glance before asking, "You awake?"

Luna Greenwich stood up anxiously and awkwardly after swallowing her saliva. "M...Mr. Waltson."

The man naturally removed the water drops from his hair and said, "If you need to say something, say it later. You should first take a shower."

Luna Greenwich averted his gaze. "No, I'm fine, I... I still have things to do, I'm leaving."

"Don’t you need to explain what happened last night, Miss Greenwich ?"

Her cheeks began to flush. Is there any need to explain this kind of matter?

Should she report to him and claim she was too inebriated to remember what happened?

"Mr. Waltson, my body is quite clean and free of sickness. Furthermore, I don't believe Mr. Waltson sustained any losses last night, so can you just forget about it?"

She appeared to be confident, yet she delivered the last sentence cowardly.

"I know you're clean. After all, I've already checked your body in person."

She flushed a little. He didn't have to say it out. It was really embarrassing!

"I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do for you. I doubt you'd want me to hand you a check."

"I don't require anything. I'm just hoping Mr. Waltson can keep this a secret."

"Is that all?"

"Yep," she said solemnly.

Wills Waltson's gorgeous brows rose and fell on this frail girl in front of him. Finally, he nodded without expression.

She hurriedly gathered her clothes and luggage and exited the room.

Wills Waltson smiled sweetly.

This girl was intriguing.

Luna had just one idea, and that was to get away from Wills Waltson.

Wills Waltson, the 27-year-old CEO of Waltson's Group, represented power, wealth, and... danger in Philadelphia.

It was said that in order to become CEO of Waltson's Group, he killed his elder brother, crippled his second brother, and eventually succeeded.

If there was someone whom Luna Greenwich didn’t dare to think,Mr. Waltson is the person in no question.

Because Waltson's Group was Enderson 's main competitor.

She, on the other hand, refused to have anything to do with the Enderson family for the rest of her life.

She slapped herself outside the hotel.

"Are you insane? Why do you have to choose between a toad and Wills Waltson?"

She shook her head, not daring to face the ramifications of this thing being known by the Enderson family.

Her phone rang just then.

She took it out and examined it; it was Wills Waltson.

Her fingers shook. It was the first time his phone number appeared on her phone's screen.

What made him call me?

She would appear to be guilty if she did not answer the phone?

When the ringtone was going to fade away, she grabbed it up and said, "Mr. Waltson."

"I'll make amends for the first time I stole from you. So, save for having me fall in love with you, you can ask me for one favor at any moment."

"Mr. Waltson, I fear you have misunderstood, I am not here to sell,"Luna Greenwich replied coldly after a minute of stunned silence.

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