In Love With The Vengeful Goddess
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Chapter 20 No Need To Worry img
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Chapter 25 Having Your Cake And Eating It Too img
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Chapter 28 Toast img
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Chapter 30 Eye-opener img
Chapter 31 She's Taking Revenge img
Chapter 32 Refuse Sebastian img
Chapter 33 Artificial Heart img
Chapter 34 Go To Him For Help img
Chapter 35 Negotiating img
Chapter 36 Worry About Yourself img
Chapter 37 Irritation img
Chapter 38 This Is Embarrassing img
Chapter 39 Cut The Crap img
Chapter 40 Must Have Been Jinxed img
Chapter 41 Derek McKay img
Chapter 42 There's Always A Way img
Chapter 43 Wayne Was Injured img
Chapter 44 Where Is Grandma img
Chapter 45 Mr. McKay img
Chapter 46 A Trait img
Chapter 47 Not The First One img
Chapter 48 Room 888 img
Chapter 49 A Fetish img
Chapter 50 Please Him img
Chapter 51 Unparalleled img
Chapter 52 Are You Blind img
Chapter 53 If You Are Smart img
Chapter 54 Cat Got Your Tongue img
Chapter 55 I'm Here img
Chapter 56 Bargaining Chip img
Chapter 57 Too Light img
Chapter 58 A Long Story img
Chapter 59 Mutual Benefit img
Chapter 60 Rylie's Provocation img
Chapter 61 A Decision Crystallized Within Her img
Chapter 62 A Great Day img
Chapter 63 Agreement img
Chapter 64 Mrs. Wilson img
Chapter 65 Take Back The Jade Pendant img
Chapter 66 Let Her Go img
Chapter 67 A Hundred Thousand Dollars For A Song img
Chapter 68 Let Her Talk To Me In Person img
Chapter 69 Deep Pockets img
Chapter 70 Grandma's Whereabouts img
Chapter 71 Changed img
Chapter 72 Unexpected Turn img
Chapter 73 Why Are You Here img
Chapter 74 You Are Lucky img
Chapter 75 Family img
Chapter 76 You Will Know img
Chapter 77 Call Me Charles img
Chapter 78 Stanley Desmond img
Chapter 79 Charles Disappeared img
Chapter 80 Fiery Delights img
Chapter 81 Trending Again img
Chapter 82 Keep Them Under Control img
Chapter 83 Jealous img
Chapter 84 He's Jealous img
Chapter 85 How To Appease An Upset Man img
Chapter 86 Angry Again img
Chapter 87 What Distinguishes Her Work img
Chapter 88 What You Wanted img
Chapter 89 Don't Waste The Food img
Chapter 90 A Small World img
Chapter 91 Allow Me To Clarify img
Chapter 92 Bitch img
Chapter 93 He Is Very Protective img
Chapter 94 He Has A Sister img
Chapter 95 Move To Orchid Mansion img
Chapter 96 Her Gift img
Chapter 97 Alysia's Entrance img
Chapter 98 She's Your Sister-in-law img
Chapter 99 Did You Sprain Your Ankle img
Chapter 100 Choice img
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In Love With The Vengeful Goddess

Nico Krayk
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Chapter 1 You Are Bold

In the luxurious confines of Wold Hotel's presidential suite, the temperature seemed to soar.

Sabrina White found herself beneath a man on the opulent bed, the air conditioning sending chills across her skin as their clothes were shed, temporarily breaking the spell of her intoxication.

The man above her, panting heavily, bestowed upon her neck fiery yet clumsy kisses. Sabrina, inexperienced as she was, found herself unable to withstand such seduction. She bit her lip, a suppressed moan escaping her, which only served to incite the man further. He responded with a low growl, sealing her lips with his own.

Sabrina felt herself swept away like a river in spate, each of the man's forceful movements creating overwhelming waves within her.

Soon, any remnant of her rationality was lost.

She became a shapeless, breathless entity on the bed, the dim light casting elongated shadows of their entwined forms.

They surrendered to their desires, seeking to fuse themselves into one another.

The following morning, Sabrina awoke, her body aching. Her gaze met a pair of deep, enigmatic eyes.

Recognition dawned as she saw the man's face. Jumping out of bed, she quickly draped herself in the blanket, memories of the previous night flooding back.

"Oh my God..." Sabrina stood motionless, engulfed by a tidal wave of embarrassment and frustration.

She had been intimate with Charles Wilson!

Charles was no stranger to her.

Known for his youthful brilliance, decisiveness, ruthlessness, and striking handsomeness, he was a man often described in superlatives.

Additionally, rumors swirled about his personal life.

It was said he had remained single for nearly three years following a past relationship, with no other women mentioned.

"Who else did you think it would be?" Charles' icy tone snapped her back to reality. "Liam?"

Shirtless, he reached for a cigarette and lighter on the bedside table. Lighting it up, he arched an eyebrow, his gaze piercing as he leaned against the headboard casually.

Sabrina's expression changed at the mention of Liam Wilson, but she quickly masked her emotion.

Charles exhaled smoke and spoke with an air of authority. "You had quite the courage to get into my bed."

A shiver ran down Sabrina's spine, accompanied by a twinge of guilt.

Never had she imagined finding herself in Charles' bed under such circumstances.

He was, after all, Liam's uncle.

Liam was her former fiance.

However, the moment she found about his affair with Rylie White, she decided to break up with him.

"Cat got your tongue?" Charles' eyebrow arched, a cold look in his eyes.

"Charles, your humor is unique," Sabrina replied, embarrassed. "We're all grown-ups, and places like Nobility Bar are for enjoyment, aren't they?"

She faintly recalled visiting Nobility Bar with her best friend, seeking to lift her spirits. Her friend had even tossed a pile of money on the table, encouraging her to choose any man she fancied.

Yet, she hadn't imagined this would result in a night with Charles, a man she would normally steer clear of offending.

"Is this merely for amusement, or are you using me to spite Liam?" Charles' grip on her chin was firm, his tobacco scent overwhelming, bringing with it a palpable tension and an air of interrogation.

He remembered the previous night at the bar; Sabrina had mentioned wanting to get back at Liam, but he hadn't realized he would be part of her plan.