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img img Romance img In Love With The Vengeful Goddess
In Love With The Vengeful Goddess

In Love With The Vengeful Goddess

img Romance
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img Nico Krayk
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Sabrina was abandoned in a village for twenty years. When she returned to her parents, she caught her fiancé cheating on her with her adopted sister. To get back at him, she slept with his uncle, Charles. It was no secret that Charles had remained celibate after the untimely passing of his fiancée three years ago. But on that fateful night, his sexual desires got the best of him. He just couldn't resist her. Following their night of passion, Charles declared that he wanted nothing to do with her. Sabrina was pissed. She rubbed her aching waist and said, "You call that sex? I didn't even feel it at all. What a waste of time!" Charles' face darkened instantly. He pinned her against the wall and asked menacingly, "Didn't you moan so shamelessly while I was inside you?" One thing led to another and Sabrina soon became the aunt of her ex-fiancé. At the engagement party, the cheat was fuming, but he couldn't let out his anger because he had to respect her. The elites all thought Sabrina was one crass and uneducated failure. However, one day, she showed up at an exclusive party as an esteemed guest who had billions of dollars to her name. "People call me a leech and a gold-digger. But that's all bullshit! Why do I need someone else's gold when I have my own gold mine?" Sabrina uttered with her head held up high. This utterance shook the entire city!

Chapter 1 You Are Bold

In the luxurious confines of Wold Hotel's presidential suite, the temperature seemed to soar.

Sabrina White found herself beneath a man on the opulent bed, the air conditioning sending chills across her skin as their clothes were shed, temporarily breaking the spell of her intoxication.

The man above her, panting heavily, bestowed upon her neck fiery yet clumsy kisses. Sabrina, inexperienced as she was, found herself unable to withstand such seduction. She bit her lip, a suppressed moan escaping her, which only served to incite the man further. He responded with a low growl, sealing her lips with his own.

Sabrina felt herself swept away like a river in spate, each of the man's forceful movements creating overwhelming waves within her.

Soon, any remnant of her rationality was lost.

She became a shapeless, breathless entity on the bed, the dim light casting elongated shadows of their entwined forms.

They surrendered to their desires, seeking to fuse themselves into one another.

The following morning, Sabrina awoke, her body aching. Her gaze met a pair of deep, enigmatic eyes.

Recognition dawned as she saw the man's face. Jumping out of bed, she quickly draped herself in the blanket, memories of the previous night flooding back.

"Oh my God..." Sabrina stood motionless, engulfed by a tidal wave of embarrassment and frustration.

She had been intimate with Charles Wilson!

Charles was no stranger to her.

Known for his youthful brilliance, decisiveness, ruthlessness, and striking handsomeness, he was a man often described in superlatives.

Additionally, rumors swirled about his personal life.

It was said he had remained single for nearly three years following a past relationship, with no other women mentioned.

"Who else did you think it would be?" Charles' icy tone snapped her back to reality. "Liam?"

Shirtless, he reached for a cigarette and lighter on the bedside table. Lighting it up, he arched an eyebrow, his gaze piercing as he leaned against the headboard casually.

Sabrina's expression changed at the mention of Liam Wilson, but she quickly masked her emotion.

Charles exhaled smoke and spoke with an air of authority. "You had quite the courage to get into my bed."

A shiver ran down Sabrina's spine, accompanied by a twinge of guilt.

Never had she imagined finding herself in Charles' bed under such circumstances.

He was, after all, Liam's uncle.

Liam was her former fiance.

However, the moment she found about his affair with Rylie White, she decided to break up with him.

"Cat got your tongue?" Charles' eyebrow arched, a cold look in his eyes.

"Charles, your humor is unique," Sabrina replied, embarrassed. "We're all grown-ups, and places like Nobility Bar are for enjoyment, aren't they?"

She faintly recalled visiting Nobility Bar with her best friend, seeking to lift her spirits. Her friend had even tossed a pile of money on the table, encouraging her to choose any man she fancied.

Yet, she hadn't imagined this would result in a night with Charles, a man she would normally steer clear of offending.

"Is this merely for amusement, or are you using me to spite Liam?" Charles' grip on her chin was firm, his tobacco scent overwhelming, bringing with it a palpable tension and an air of interrogation.

He remembered the previous night at the bar; Sabrina had mentioned wanting to get back at Liam, but he hadn't realized he would be part of her plan.

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