Dangerous Intimacy
img img Dangerous Intimacy img Chapter 1 A Stranger
Chapter 22 Double Punishment img
Chapter 23 There Came a Playboy img
Chapter 24 What's your name img
Chapter 25 Unavoidable Entanglement img
Chapter 26 Under the Watchful Eyes of the People img
Chapter 27 A Gorgeous Transformation of the Ugly Duckling img
Chapter 28 Oliver Was a Bad Boy img
Chapter 29 Complementarity of Personality img
Chapter 30 I Told You Not to Force Her img
Chapter 31 : Dorothy was Drunk img
Chapter 32 : He combed her hair. img
Chapter 33 : Be in a great shape today img
Chapter 34 : Be punished again img
Chapter 35 : I like the way you behave. img
Chapter 36 : Intolerable img
Chapter 37 : Why are you hiding from me img
Chapter 38 : What are you doing img
Chapter 39 : Concealing Thoughts img
Chapter 40 : She got a fever. img
Chapter 41 The Devastated Back img
Chapter 42 She doesn't need your care img
Chapter 43 A Slap to Her Wounds img
Chapter 44 I'm in love with you, you idiot. img
Chapter 45 Embarrassment img
Chapter 46 A Surprising Change img
Chapter 47 No excuses. img
Chapter 48 Remember to miss me. img
Chapter 49 Don't help him hide it. img
Chapter 50 Escaping in the Night img
Chapter 51 Scared to death. img
Chapter 52 Don't hit her. img
Chapter 53 Good night, baby. img
Chapter 54 He made her heartache. img
Chapter 55 Zack did this. img
Chapter 56 Special punishment. img
Chapter 57 Try to remember. img
Chapter 58 She officially became his bride. img
Chapter 59 She choked with sobs. img
Chapter 60 Teasing the Little Wife img
Chapter 61 Impulse img
Chapter 62 Why You Hide When You See Me img
Chapter 63 The Right to Control Her img
Chapter 64 Dorothy is strange img
Chapter 65 Special torture img
Chapter 66 She's gone again img
Chapter 67 Every sentence he says is a command img
Chapter 68 Dorothy is getting fat img
Chapter 69 Wife and Lover img
Chapter 70 Miss her img
Chapter 71 The daughter was born. img
Chapter 72 Sadness for no reason. img
Chapter 73 Did he treat him as a friend or a fool img
Chapter 74 Let her heal his broken heart. img
Chapter 75 She gave him a feeling of home. img
Chapter 76 Moodiness img
Chapter 77 She knew their secret. img
Chapter 78 Take advantage of her. img
Chapter 79 He lost his Mind. img
Chapter 80 I didn't tell you to die. You are not allowed to die. img
Chapter 81 She couldn't believe that he was concerned about her. img
Chapter 82 Even caring was overbearing. img
Chapter 83 Dorothy was kidnapped! img
Chapter 84 Will he die img
Chapter 85 She was his first love. img
Chapter 86 His girlfriend got married to another man. img
Chapter 87 She was the woman who he loved the most. img
Chapter 88 Things that shouldn't have happened. img
Chapter 89 She was no longer qualified to love. img
Chapter 90 Don't want to see you again. img
Chapter 91 You get out of here. Get the hell out of here. img
Chapter 92 Emotion defeated reason. img
Chapter 93 Don't take my words seriously. img
Chapter 94 Daughter Competition img
Chapter 95 She should give birth to another son for the White Family. img
Chapter 96 The unruly woman. img
Chapter 97 Who was the servant and who was the hostess img
Chapter 98 A fierce verbal battle. img
Chapter 99 She felt extremely humiliated. img
Chapter 100 I've never seen anyone uglier than you. img
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Dangerous Intimacy

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Chapter 1 A Stranger

"Let me go! Let me go!"

Dorothy Field struggled desperately, yelling, but she couldn't either move her body or get rid of the ropes around her.

"Help! Help..."

Dorothy shouted for a long time, and finally woke up from the nightmare.

She dreamed that she was tied up by a group of people with a rope and carried away. She yelled desperately but couldn't even make a sound. Those people lifted her to the edge of the cliff and threw her down. She fell into the abyss, then a huge rock rolled down and pressed on her body.

She cried out for help, struggled for a long time in the nightmare, and finally woke up, panting with exhaustion.

But she felt wrong right away, because something was really pressing on her chest, and it was so heavy that she had difficulty breathing.

Dorothy opened her eyes, but the surroundings were dark and she could not see anything.

She stretched out her hand and fumbled on her body, feeling like it was a person. Her heart thumped wildly with fright.

At this moment, something leaned in and pecked on her face, and then fell on her lips.

Dorothy could feel clearly that she was not dreaming because she heard heavy breathing in her ears!

Gosh! There was indeed someone beside her!

Dorothy was terrified. She hurriedly reached out and pushed the person.

Unexpectedly, she failed to push him away. Instead, the person stretched out his arms around her neck and kissed her tightly!

Dorothy was panicked. Since her lips were blocked and she couldn't make a sound, she could only use both hands to struggle and fight. But even when she was exhausted, she couldn't push the man away!

The man's lips finally moved away, and Dorothy let out an earth-shattering scream, "Ah!"

Following Dorothy's cry, the man seemed to be taken aback as he turned over and rolled away.

Dorothy hurriedly reached out her hand and touched around to find the light switch, but after a while, she still failed to find where the switch was.

Just when Dorothy was about to cry, the light turned on.

She turned her head instantly and was shocked to see that there was indeed a person on the bed.

And he was a very handsome man!

At this moment, the man had nothing covering his body, looking at Dorothy inexplicably, his face full of surprise.

Dorothy had a nightmare, but Zack White had a sweet dream.

He dreamed that he was kissing his girlfriend Blake Cotton. Her taste was more beautiful than ever. He kissed and kissed, reluctant to let go, but then a scream awakened him from his dream.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that he was kissing a completely strange woman. He was shocked and looked at Dorothy up and down.

Seeing his gaze on her body, Dorothy hurriedly lowered her head to look. Gosh! There was nothing on her body!

She should sleep with a man she didn't even know!

Dorothy was shocked, frightened, and panicked that she hugged herself, trembling all over.

Zack was puzzled to see Dorothy in horror. Did he get drunk and get into the wrong room last night?

He looked up and looked around. This was his room indeed.

Zack yelled angrily, "Who are you? Why are you in my bed?"

Dorothy looked at Zack in a daze, her eyes full of horror. She didn't know who this man was, let alone why she slept with him in the same bed!

How could this be? What had happened? Why did she sleep with this man?

Dorothy was shy and scared. Finally, she couldn't help it anymore, "Wow!" She cried. While crying, she hurriedly dragged the quilt around her, her body trembling.

The quilt was dragged away, and Zack saw blood on the sheet. "Bang!" His head almost exploded!

He... he actually had sex with her?

Shocked for a moment, Zack became even angrier. This strange woman crawled onto his bed inexplicably and even ruined his innocence. But she was now crying as if she was a victim. What a wicked person she was!

But who was she and why did she do that? How did she come in?

"Why are you crying?" He roared while putting on his clothes, "I'm asking you! Who are you? How did you come in? Why are you in my bed? Answer me!"

Dorothy wrapped her body in the quilt and kept crying without speaking.

Zack's roar and Dorothy's cry shocked the others. Everyone rushed in, and they were all dumbfounded when they saw the situation in the house!