The Twin Alphas Mate

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Chapter 1 Proposal

Ava’s pov

“Ava, wake up, you can sleep through a storm” My mother opened up the curtains and exposed my room to sunlight. She wouldn't understand that I spent the whole night thinking about the mating proposal I got from Lorcan.

Lorcan wanted to mate with me? Why? He bullied me when we were younger and now, just because he thinks we are grown, he comes asking for a mate.

I mean there are so many girls that will be willing to mate with him, not me, at least when I haven't figured out what exactly is wrong with me.

“Ava, don't make me pull you out of bed”. My Mom warned me.

I was overthinking again,

“Mom I am up”. I was hoping she would leave me alone just for today. I didn't want to face my reality for just one day.

“Freshen up and come for breakfast,” My mom said, and left my room.

“Okay Mom”. I didn't want to leave my bed, but it's not like I have a say.

As I made my way downstairs I could sense something was different and slightly off. I could hear whispers. When I got to the kitchen to help my mom, she stopped me. “Don’t worry, all is set”

I was a bit surprised as our routine involved me helping her in the kitchen.

When we sat at the table, I was bombarded immediately with the mate topic I was trying hard to avoid. I knew I couldn't escape it. I had no other option but to listen to them.

“He's a good man, Ava,” my dad said.

“And he comes from an affluent family” My mom chipped in.

We weren't a typical wealthy family but we survived well and content in most cases. My mother always wanted me to end up with a rich man so I wouldn't have the same fate as her, so when I got the proposal she leaped for joy, but I couldn't care less about it. I just wasn't ready to settle down and mate with anyone.

My mom and dad were fated mates but the moon goddess only blessed them with one child, which was me. They said it was fate, but I know they get sad about it sometimes.

They both had gray hair and my dad’s eyes were green just like mine and my mom had brown eyes. I always felt that reasoning with my dad was way easier than trying to make my mom understand me.

“We just want you to be happy” My dad touched my hand and smiled at me.

“I don't know why we are giving her a choice,” My mom said while filling her mouth with food.

Mom” I said in annoyance, this was the life we are talking about, I should have a say.

“What? I didn't have a say, I just knew my parents knew best” My mom always told me how she wasn't asked for her opinion regarding mating with my dad. But she doesn't regret it because I was taken by the union.

I completely adore my parents because, despite our modest means, my parents have always prioritized me. They showed me so much love and support, but I can't mate now, especially now that I need answers.

I couldn't bear the conversation, so I dashed off to clear my mind, letting the sun take its course on my skin. I could feel the grass under my feet. I felt at peace, and I lay on the grass trying to catch my breath. I needed someone to talk to.

With that thought, I headed to Kairo’s house. She has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. She is a bit calmer than I am and we don't always see eye to eye, but we never stop loving each other.

As I walked to her house I couldn't help but soliloquize about my best friend's recent match. She might feel indifferent about my choice.

Kairo’s house was much lovelier than mine. She came from a mildly rich family, and she had lots of siblings. We sat in her room and we drank lemonade. She brought up Lorcan regardless of my obvious detest for the topic.

“At one point you'll need to settle down. Lorcan is a good match,” Kairo said.

“I don't want to talk about it, kai.” I was looking for every means to avoid the conversation.

“Is it because he bullied you? We were young, we didn't know any better”. Kairo moved closer to me.

“Kai, it's not that, I just don't want a mate right now.” I could see she was disappointed, but her words resonated with me. I knew rejecting Lorcan would bring displeasure to everyone who had my best interest at heart. I also feared what my parents would say. I valued my parents and my best friend’s opinion, but I had no other option.

Even if I accepted him, it would be at the detriment of my happiness to him. I don't like him, not because of the pressure I'm getting right now, but because of the way he treated me when we were younger. I can't even imagine devoting the rest of my life to him.

“So tell me about your mate”. Kairo seemed pleased. Her eyes lit with sparkles as she described him. I couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement and happiness for her.

“He's tall, he has the most charming smile, he is so gentle, his muscles make me want to wrap my hand around him and-”. Kairo spoke with so much ease.

“Slow down girl.” We both laughed.

“Seriously, I can't wait to be his mate, this is what I want for you”. Kairo held my hand and looked into my eyes with so much care.

“ I will find my person, but not now, not yet” I replied.

After our conversation, a mix of antsy and eagerness filled me. I found ease and confidence. I left Kairo’s house for Lorcan’s place. The sun was still shining as bright as ever, it cast a glow on my skin as I embraced the tranquility it brought. As I reached his front door, thoughts of what I'd say and how I'd express myself were mingling in my head and the anticipation fizzing within me.

Well, here I go. I took one deep breath to calm my jittery nerves. I knocked and the door knob whirled and the door swung open, revealing his face.