Tangled Hearts and Burning Desires
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Chapter 12 Sassy img
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Chapter 14 Tension img
Chapter 15 Release It img
Chapter 16 Storm img
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Chapter 23 Anger img
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Chapter 29 Madness img
Chapter 30 Desires img
Chapter 31 Confession img
Chapter 32 It Hurts img
Chapter 33 Confidence img
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Chapter 36 Urgent Work img
Chapter 37 Fair Fight img
Chapter 38 Temptation img
Chapter 39 In Love img
Chapter 40 Day 2 img
Chapter 41 Manipulation img
Chapter 42 Passion img
Chapter 43 Project Completed img
Chapter 44 He Is Leaving img
Chapter 45 Club Oasis img
Chapter 46 Admitting img
Chapter 47 Claiming img
Chapter 48 No Inhibitions img
Chapter 49 Official img
Chapter 50 Hopeful img
Chapter 51 Can't Get Enough img
Chapter 52 I Love You img
Chapter 53 Under The Spell img
Chapter 54 Bonding img
Chapter 55 Sebann img
Chapter 56 I Bite img
Chapter 57 The Hummer's Baptize img
Chapter 58 Soulmates img
Chapter 59 No Contraceptive img
Chapter 60 Big Steps img
Chapter 61 Together img
Chapter 62 Surprises img
Chapter 63 Work Of Art img
Chapter 64 Keep The Promise img
Chapter 65 Surrender To Pleasure img
Chapter 66 Sweet Waiting img
Chapter 67 Propose img
Chapter 68 Butterflies img
Chapter 69 Special Surprise img
Chapter 70 Popped The Question img
Chapter 71 Our img
Chapter 72 Different img
Chapter 73 Special img
Chapter 74 Those Words img
Chapter 75 Can't Keep My Hands To Myself img
Chapter 76 That Very First Day img
Chapter 77 Tease Me img
Chapter 78 Play Dirty img
Chapter 79 My Family img
Chapter 80 Wonderful Evening img
Chapter 81 Please img
Chapter 82 My Love img
Chapter 83 So Romantic img
Chapter 84 I Do x 2 img
Chapter 85 Secretly Married img
Chapter 86 Made Love img
Chapter 87 Am I Or Am I Not img
Chapter 88 Our House In The Hamtopns img
Chapter 89 Darkness img
Chapter 90 News img
Chapter 91 Agonizing Waiting img
Chapter 92 In The Middle img
Chapter 93 Stay With Me img
Chapter 94 Skip A Beat img
Chapter 95 Not An Accident img
Chapter 96 Stable img
Chapter 97 Costa Rica img
Chapter 98 Perfect Work img
Chapter 99 Awake img
Chapter 100 Memory Loss img
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Tangled Hearts and Burning Desires

Gavriela Tataru
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Chapter 1 Heat


‘Yes…yes…yes!’, she was moaning in despair while I was playing with the nipple between my fingers and penetrating her fast.

She was lost in the orgasm and I wanted to get lost for a few seconds too. I turned her around and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed.

I smacked her ass with one hand and with my left grabbed her hair, so I can see her in the mirror from across. With one move it was all inside her, she shivered and moaned loudly. Grabbed her ass with my right hand and continued to fuck her hard and fast. She was there again.

Sweat covered my forehead and back. The heat and desire became stronger and stronger in the scrotum. I wanted to cum all over her, but I knew I couldn’t risk it. With two powerful thrust I ejaculated too.

I took my penis out in a heartbeat and checked the condom, tied it and took it with me to the bathroom.

‘Why don’t you lay down for a bit?’, heard Mia asking from the bathroom. I didn’t reply. She knew I was no boyfriend material. Turned on the shower and let the water fall all over my body. I had some friends who were in a relationship, heard from them about all those love stuff and heart eyes. I’ve been into a relationship myself, asked her to marry me as I’ve been pushed by my grandmother, but never have I ever experienced those feelings, or have I? Maybe those feelings are just not as important for me…

Stepping out of the shower, saw Mia opening the door and enter the shower. I winked her ‘Thank you! You were great!’. Didn’t wait for her reply, took the condom and went to the bedroom, put some clean clothes on and put the condom in my pocket. Sent a message to Andrew ‘Bring the car.’ and walked out of the room.

I like having sex, I have never had to run after a girl, they all seem to fall into my arms. Maybe the look, the name, the fame, the money. I don't really care about the reason. If a girl hits on me, I won’t refuse her.

‘Have a wonderful night, mr Walton!’, the hotel security guard wished me and I thank him with a nod.

I've been their loyal customer for years, I always go to them with the girls I'm going to fuck. The room is reserved non-stop, with my own key, so that I don't waste my time every time at the reception. It is ideal, simple and fast.

I saw the trash can right next to the door, I took out a napkin with which I took the condom from my pocket and threw it away, as usual. I didn't want unpleasant surprises. I don't like to take risks in my personal life, I like my controlled environment and thank God I have everything I could wish for.

Andrew got off the car to open the door ‘Where to, Sebastian?’.

‘Home, I call it a day.’ and entered the car.

Watched through the window all the way home. Most of the buildings were mine. Night clubs, hotels, casinos. I was proud of myself. Most people would say that it’s easy, having a powerful background to achieve what I did, but little do they know that I worked my ass off every single day to own everything I do, with no help from my family.

My parents divorced when I was small, not even 1 year old, my father leaving full custody to my mother, because he wanted to realize the life of his dreams. And he succeeded. Then he remarried, but still did not share custody. He didn't see me even once until my mother died. If he wasn't a well-known businessman, he probably would have sent me to the orphanage.

‘Good night, Sebastian!’, said Andrew after opening the door.

‘You too, Andrew!’ I answered patting him on the shoulder.

Andrew was more of a father to me than my own father. The two of them were good friends from childhood and once dad started to be successful, he hired Andrew as a driver and bodyguard. Even before he was his employee, every birthday, he came to bring me a present from my father. To find out later that my father had no idea, it was his own intention.

‘Good evening, Mr. Walton! Dinner is ready and I put your favorite wine in the wine rack next to the table.' Margaret told me with a smile.

Thank you, Margaret!' I answered her and went to eat.

Margaret is Andrew's wife and she helps me in the kitchen, at the same time she is the one who manages the girls who come to clean. The two met because they work for me, so I was very happy when they got married, and I offered them to live with me, in one of the two guest houses in front of the villa.

After eating, I took the bottle of wine and the glass and went to the study room to review some ideas. I took out my phone and saw some missed calls from an unknown number and one from Mia. Mia started calling again and I answered.

'Sebastian, are you really not going to take me out on a date? It's the 3rd time we've seen each other already.' she said in an angry tone.

'Mia, I'm not interested in having a relationship. It would be good to end everything here, I don't want you to have expectations from me.' I told her like a robot, I had had such conversations many times before.

'You don't know what you're missing!' she said nervously, the classic retort.

'Sorry.' I answered her quickly, after which I hung up.

This part was the most unpleasant. I didn't want to hurt anyone, I didn't want any woman to have expectations from me. I wanted to find a woman who wants what I want, a purely sexual relationship, without attachments, without arguments and fights.

I had experienced such a relationship with only one person, Ema. She was always available, she liked sex and immediately after, each one went their own way. No complicated signals, no expectations, no feelings. We had only one rule, monogamy. We were seen many times together and I didn't want my image to be spoiled because she was jumping from bed to bed. I wouldn't have seen another girl anyway, because I had no reason to, since my sexual desires were satisfied by her.

Everything changed after I proposed to her. I thought I could continue to have with her what we already had and also fulfill my grandmother's wish. I think she was like me, seeing that she was going to be locked in a cage for the rest of her life, she started to fuck whoever she could.

I broke off the engagement and she left the country since then. I received messages from her from time to time in which she confessed her love for me, in which she apologized, in which she asked me to start over, but I never answered her.

To be honest, I cared about Ema, but I was happy when she left and the only thing I missed was the simplicity of things.

Was that love?

If so, I don't understand why people suffer so much because of love.