The Peerless Man With a Thousand Gifts
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Chapter 9 Plan Foiled

When James Colbert reached the operation ward, he found Edgar’s surgery had already begun. He made sure Victor and Carol did not see him.

James waited at the ICU corridor’s reception patiently. He flirted with the cute receptionist to pass the time. Not only was he a trustee of the Springfield Public Hospital, but his father had donated millions over the years. Therefore, every staff member treated him like royalty.

Soon, Dr. Sophia Baker exited the operation theater and went to talk to the Damone couple. Then she returned via the corridor to take the elevator to the terrace.

James rushed forward to talk to her. At first, he was tongue-tied to see how attractive she was. The female doctor was in a figure-hugging lab coat, and her long hair was curled fashionably. She had a hint of freshened makeup, and her skin was radiant. His immediate reaction was to try and impress her.

“Miss Baker. I am an honored trustee of this hospital… My name is James-”

“I don’t need to know you,” Sophia cut him off dismissively without even looking at him. “Get out of my way.”

Her response almost choked up James. Embarrassed, he looked around to ensure nobody else had heard her insult.

How could Sophia be so impolite to a billionaire? He looked into her eyes and saw raw intimidation. This was a woman of high genetic quality and caliber. Guys like him had to be reborn ten times before thinking of courting her.

Until then, James had only met women who were easily impressed by his wealth. The woman before him was made of a completely different clay. Not only was she richer than him, but way out of his league.

“I’m sorry to disturb you,” he said apologetically, changing tactics. “I am a well-wisher of the Damone family, and I heard you just operated on Edgar Damone. Could you kindly share how the surgery went? I have been very heartbroken about Edgar’s condition. He is like my own grandfather.”

Sophia raised an eyebrow and walked into the lift without slowing her pace. Her team went with her, and James followed her inside shamelessly.

“Edgar is stable now,” she said, still not giving him the satisfaction of eye contact. “But he needs to be transferred to a private chamber for recovery under aseptic conditions.”

James bit his lip and cursed himself. ‘Damn it! Everything is ruined!’ he told himself. ‘If Edgar is alive, Victor will be a hero in Carol’s eyes. My entire plan to eradicate the Damone family depended on the old man kicking the bucket.”

“Err… Miss Baker…” he mumbled.

“That’s Dr. Baker for you…”

“Apologies. Dr. Baker… you are a celebrity cardiac surgeon and are popular worldwide. I know your surgery fee is very high and an ordinary person cannot afford your services. I am surprised you came to Springfield to treat a random elderly person. Is this charity on your part?”

Sophia scoffed. “I don’t work for free. The organization paid for my services.”

‘An organization I want to be part of,’ she thought. Sophia hadn’t been recruited by the New World Order yet. Still, they hired her frequently to perform surgeries on high-net-worth or exceptionally talented individuals. She aspired to be inducted and given a three-star rank at least. Then Victor will have to acknowledge her.

James Colbert smiled secretly. He figured Victor Damone had somehow secured funds from a charitable organization to pay the exorbitant surgery fees. That explained his defiance and the sudden appearance of Dr. Baker in Springfield Global Hospital. International philanthropic organizations had contacts in high places. Perhaps Sophia also expected to get media attention for treating a poor, elderly person?

He turned to pester her with another question while the elevator ascended. “Dr. Baker… I know you charge a minimum of three million dollars per surgery. In Edgar’s case, of course, the organization you talked about will compensate you. But what about ancillary charges? Surely, a surgery of this scale would have huge additional costs.”

Sophia nodded. “Yes, a million dollars more which I have already billed separately.”

James almost did a fist pump. There was a silver lining in every cloud. He went on enthusiastically, “Edgar Damone and his grandson are practically bankrupt. How do you plan to recover the amount from them?”

This time Sophia looked at him for the first time. Her eyes had such a fire that James flinched. “I told you,” she mouthed in a demeaning tone. “I don’t work for free. I have taken their young patriarch’s number. Victor Damone. I’ll make sure he compensates me for my services.”

James looked away, defeated by her stare, but he was jumping hoops on the inside. Sophia’s bills would drive Victor into sureshot bankruptcy. Also, she had a solid legal team who would drag him through the courts. That was precisely the kind of trouble he wanted Victor to be in. The situation had turned out beautifully in James’ favor.

The elevator door opened at the terrace, and Sophia walked out with her team. James Colbert could only salivate at her sensuous figure one last time as she was ushered into the helicopter.