The Peerless Man With a Thousand Gifts
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Chapter 8 Doubt

Carol was confused by the unconventional request. Why wasn't she directly asking Victor to save her contact number? Regardless, she obliged and handed his phone to her after unlocking it.

Sophia was expressionless while she typed a number, gave a missed call to her own smartphone, and then saved the contact.

Victor's wife eyed her with unease. Was there something between Sophia and her husband? Would something happen between them if they stayed in touch?

Victor was middle-class but tall and handsome. It was shocking how someone like him could stay in such good shape. Perhaps it was good genetics.

What if the celebrity doctor was looking for a random hook-up while she was in Springfield? Carol shook her head to rid herself of paranoia. She should be grateful to the doctor rather than be suspicious of her.

Victor scowled. 'Sophia Baker is insidious,' he thought. 'She used underhanded methods since she dared not talk to me directly. She created an excuse to contact me later. And finally, the vixen used my wife to gain my number. Now that I have returned to the NWO, I must put up with such rude intrusions into my personal space. This is just the beginning. My life will soon be taken by storm.'

As Sophia returned Victor's phone and walked away, she thought about Carol. 'That woman is as good-looking as I am, but she doesn't deserve to be with Caesar. The bitch doesn't understand that she's married to a remarkable human specimen. Such a legendary man deserves a suitable match who'd complement him. Someone like me! I'll do whatever is in my power to snatch him from her!'

Outside Springfield Global Hospital, a Ferrari cruised to a halt at the parking lot's end. The side window rolled down, and James Colbert's face appeared. Beside him was Josh Atelier, Carol's brother. He had a devilish grin across his face.

James chuckled as he got off the phone. "I just talked to the Hospital Director. He has done everything possible to delay Edgar Damone's surgery. I've also paid off Dr. Trucker, the only cardiac surgeon qualified for this operation. And to be safe, I also bribed all private hospitals in the city. The respective administrators were asked to reject all requests from Springfield Global."

Josh joined in the laughter. "You are brilliant, big bro James. In fact, I should already call you brother-in-law. After Edgar dies, Carol will realize how impotent her husband is and will divorce him without delay. She'll come running into your arms in no time."

James nodded. "Yes. Once I marry your sister, I'll purchase Edgar's dying company and make you the CEO. You'll get your reward for cooperating with me, sport."

Josh's eyes lit up. His poor management contributed to the Atelier company's downfall, but the Damone company had good managers. It only lacked investment, which James Colbert had agreed to provide. He could rest on a comfy chair while others do his job for him. "That's awesome, bro! You are too generous. Your disposition is opposite of that miser Damone family."

"We wouldn't have to wait that long to see Victor suffer," James added. "I've been planning this forever. I tipped their competitor company when Edgar fell ill about his impending demise. The competitor has already poached the key people in Damone Industries. Today, Victor will receive the shock of his life."

Both began to abuse Victor Damone mutually and discussed what other tactics could be applied to make his life a living hell.

Just then, a helicopter flew in and landed on the roof.

"What the hell?" James exclaimed. That looks like a Johns Hopkins chopper. Has some bigwig celebrity come to Springfield Global that they had to fly in staff from the top hospital?"

After fifteen minutes, he received a call from the corrupt Hospital Director of Springfield, Dr. Hodge. He shared the news that the celebrity cardiac surgeon Sophia Baker had arrived and was about to operate on Edgar.

"This is bullshit!" James barked, seething in anger. "Everything was going perfectly according to my plan! How did a popular cardiac surgeon find Edgar? What kind of weird coincidence is this?" The billionaire stepped out of his car and rushed into the hospital.