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Hector, a man recounts his life from his youth. He starts with his regret of losing the woman he loves, to how he acquired an SSTM DC Package. A system he acquired that can help him gain whatever he wanted, until he messed up and lost her. He seeks to use the System to reach her again but alas, she’s far away from the earth. Hector went from billionaire to soldier in an attempt to reach his love, he has to face off against and invasion of billions of billions of aliens. But, is the woman he so desperately wants to reach simple? This is the continuation of a war across the universe. A war so big all of humanity has to join hands across the multiverse to win.

Chapter 1 Soldier

In an apocalyptic world, the buildings that was once inhabited by humans are now empty. Cracks from battle fills the roads with busted up cars. Smoke coming from far away from a battle, a battle that shows just how frail humans are.

On a building overseeing the city, is a soldier in ‘Red’ armor. Armor worn by a man named Hector Twum. “That was the name I was called, before all this begun. Now, I’m Phantom.”

Phantom jumps off the building, 3 soldiers in ‘Green’ armor jump behind him. Phantom lands on the ground and runs towards the battle ahead, “01, you’re on crowd control.”

“Yes sir.” 01 replies and turns right into a building. He takes a sniper rifle and climbs to the top.

“02, flank them.” Phantom says drawing closer to the battle.

“Yes sir.” 02 replies and turns left running behind a building. He glows in blue as he becomes a blur running at insane speeds.

“03, you’re with me.” Phantom’s armor glows eerily, he stretches his left hand forward with a shield wrapping around him. A gun appears in his right hand, 03 has a big sword that glows eerily.

“What are we fighting?” Phantom’s thoughts, “Aliens.” Phantom jumps and fires his gun multiple times, lasers also hit his shield while midair. *BANG BANG BANG ‘Headshot’* Phantom lands and starts running towards his enemies, 03 passes beside Phantom’s side in a blue glow towards the enemies.

The enemies are 8 humanoids and 4 meters in height, they have 6 arms. 2 on their shoulders like humans and the 4 coming from their backs, each hand has 3 fingers. Their face has 4 eyes like a cross and a mouth at the center of their eyes. The hair on their head is like grass and they have 2 legs.

03 reaches the first alien and swings his sword severing the alien’s legs and thrusting into its head before it falls. He takes a one-handed machine gun, uses the dead alien as a shield and fires at the others.

Phantom raises his right hand. Fire covers his hand and 1 alien starts to burn. “AARGGHH! Mikyo pikto vilari!” the alien says, another alien throws a grenade towards Phantom.

Phantom’s eyes glow through the armor, “Too late.” He raises his hand as the burning alien is taken off its feet and thrown to hit the grenade, the grenade and alien goes back to the one that threw it. *BOOOM*

03 drops the alien shield corpse after its riddled with holes, he activates a shield about to retreat then, *BANG*. One alien head burst with green blood spilling from it. 03 grins, “Thanks 01.”

“No problem.” 01 replies from the 12th floor of a building. “Draw them out for me.” He fires again *BANG*. “Headshot.”

The aliens try to find the sniper but 03 keeps the attack on them. Phantom dashes through laser blocking with his shield, he jumps and grabs an alien by the head. “Die.” Phantom says and throws the alien’s head into the ground and stomps on it breaking its skull.

The aliens start to retreat, they turn around to run into an alley. Bullets shoot from the alley filling them with holes, they fall down, dead. 02 walks out of the alley, “Phantom, I’ve spotted an enemy ship. They’re taking civilians in a capsule, they’re about to board.”

“Where is it?” Phantom asks.

“200 meters south of us, sir.” 02 replies.

Phantom looks at his map on his screen, “Alright, 01, 03. We’re going on a rescue mission.”

“Sir!” the Green soldiers reply.

Phantom turns leading them. “How did this happen?” Phantom’s thoughts, “All this begun 5 years ago. When people lived on these streets, when the earth didn’t have monsters.” Phantom and his team run through the streets with superhuman speed, leaving gusts of winds behind them.

“5 years ago,” Phantom’s thoughts, “I had everything I ever wanted, money, power, a system and best of all, my love.” It starts to rain as the team keep going, “How did I end up in the army?” The team reach the aliens, the aliens are packing people in big capsuled. Phantom’s eyes glow eerily, “It’s to get to my love, and tell her I’m sorry. And, I want us to be together, again.” A battle ensues.


5 years ago, in a university, before everything started.

“It’s good to be home.” Hector walks into an empty house. He walks to a table and drops his bag on it and opens the fridge grabbing a juice can. Hector lives alone in this house, he is an only child studying abroad. His phone rings, he sees a picture of his family.

He answers it, a woman appears on the phone. “Hi mum, hi dad.”

“There he is! Family Genius!” his father praises him.

Hector laughs, “Stop it dad we both know it runs in the family.” Hector sits on a chair beside the window.

“But you’re the first one to study in the best school in the world.” His mother says, “How are you sweety?”

“I’m fine mum,” Hector says. “Just exhausted from lectures.”

“Hah, nothing my boy can’t take care of.” His father grins.

Hector leans on the chair, then he feels pain on his back making him sit up straight. “You’re right, dad. Nothing I can’t handle.” Despite being in university, Hector is bullied. Why? Because he’s poor. He made it here with a scholarship while most made it here with deep pockets.

Hector felt alone in this big university, but he wasn’t the only one. The girlfriend he had, left him for the rich guys. She led them to him, and his misery begun. Despite being from a background a little higher than Hector, she enjoyed his suffering.

Hector keeps chatting with his family, his little sister joins bragging about her test scores. He loves moments like this, they are the only light in his heart now.


On the university campus, in the assembly hall. Spatial cracks start appearing on the roof, the cracks spread then it starts to fall off. Piece by piece a hole is made in that space, light is seen coming from the hole with explosions far behind it. A figure bursts from the hole as energy explodes in the assembly hall, causing all the glasses to shatter.

The figure falls on the ground as dust smoke covers it, the figure raises a hand pointing at the hole. “BASTARDS!” The figure yells and fires a huge energy beam from the hand into the hole, explosions occur inside. *BOOOOOM* The hole shakes violently and vanishes as the beams destroys the roof and reaches the sky clearing the dark clouds.

“Sneaky bastards!” The figure slowly gets up as if in pain, “Setting up an ambush like that. SCUM!” dust clears as the figure is now clearly seen. The figure is female with black hair, red eyes, sharp fangs and a tail. This figure is a white tiger humanoid, fluffy fur on the elbow to the wrist and knees to ankles. The coat of the figure is covered in smoke and blood of various colors, the figure has also lost its left arm and bleeding.

The figure stands looking around the room, “Tch, a university. I have to fix this before anyone finds out.” The white tiger humanoid takes a step, energy starts from her feet covering the room. In a few seconds, the room is restored to how it used to be. The blood from her severed left hand has ceased and starts to heal along with other injuries.

“Si…dy..can….hear…me?” a male voice speaks in her mind. She perks her ears to the voice. “Sivendy, can you hear me?”

“Yeah, I’m alright, Ivan.” The figure reaches a hallway trying to find the exit.

“Are you alright?” The voice speaks, “What happened?”

The figure called Sivendy, rests her shoulder on a wall. “We got ambushed on our way here, damn bastards expected us.” She breathes heavily, “I got separated from Wanwanfie.” Then starts to walk, “The SSTM DC cube is with me, I’ll find a host and install the system package.” She opens her right hand as a white cube with many sides filled with numbers appears. “Wanwanfie wants to buy time for me to find a host. Hopefully, I’ll be able to set up a beacon soon for reinforcements. Then we’ll ambush the bastards in this universe.”

“The energy density in this world is 0,” Ivan says, “We’ll have to create and send energy crystals there to raise the energy density. Set up the beacon and I’ll be able to send reinforcements to your aid. What’s the enemy number fighting Wanwanfie?”

Sivendy starts walking, “We got ambushed by 12 million ships, they’ve got 20 motherships heading here.”

“12 million ships with 20 motherships?” Ivan sounds unphased, “Wanwanfie will be able to handle it. Fighting against masses is her specialty”

“Yeah.” Sivendy reaches the exit, “I’ll handle any that gets to earth. For now, I have to find a host.” Sivendy touches the door and sees a boy running towards the assembly hall, “He’ll do nicely.” Her breath wheezes and she stabilizes.

“Good luck sis,” Ivan said.

“Yeah, thanks.” Sivendy drops the System cube and turns invisible, she waits for the boy to open the door then walks out.

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