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Mr. Sanderson's Life At The Top

Mr. Sanderson's Life At The Top

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My family was on the poverty line and had no way to support me in college. I had to work part-time every day just to make ends meet and afford to get into the university. That was when I met her—the pretty girl in my class that every boy dreamt of asking out. I was well aware she was out of my league. Nevertheless, I mustered all my courage and bravely told her that I had fallen for her. To my surprise, she agreed to be my girlfriend. With the sweetest smile I had ever seen, she told me that she wanted my first gift for her to be the latest and top-of-the-line iPhone. I worked like a dog and even did my classmates’ laundry to save up. My hard work eventually paid off after a month. I finally got to buy what she wanted. But as I was wrapping my gift, I saw her in the dressing room, making out with the captain of the basketball team. She then heartlessly made fun of my inadequacy and made a fool out of me. To make things worse, the guy whom she cheated on me with even punched me in the face. Desperation washed over me, but there was nothing I could do but lie on the floor as they trampled on my feelings. But then, my father called me out of the blue, and my life turned upside down. It turned out that I was a billionaire's son.

Chapter 1 The Groan Through The Door

In the gym of a university

Trevor Sanderson, in a blue basketball uniform, walked through the gates of the gym.

As soon as he entered the gym, he picked up the empty water bottles and soda cans left by the crowd that watched the last game.

"It would be great if the university held a basketball match every day.

I could easily make fifty bucks by gathering these bottles and cans.

If I make that much every day, I can buy Sylvia an iPhone for her birthday."

Trevor raised his head and looked at the cluttered gym with excitement.

While he was in the middle of collecting bottles and cans, a group of tall male students strode out of the locker room.

The one walking in the middle of the group had red hair named Bernard Collins and a cigarette in his mouth.

He picked up a sock and threw it at Trevor.

Before Trevor could dodge, the sock landed directly on his face, and a pungent sourness hit his nostrils.

"I asked everyone on the team to save their dirty clothes for an entire week so that you could earn more money. It smells great, doesn't it?"

Bernard waved his hand, and the others tossed their dirty laundry toward Trevor.

"It’s better for this kind of trash to get out of our school before it's too late!"

"This guy has disgraced the school!"

"I think he's not picking up trash, but he's deliberately spoiling our fun!"



Trevor shook the dirty sock off his face and flushed.

He could not offend Bernard.

After all, he was but a mere college student from a poor family.

He could only work part-time on weekends and offer his errand and homework services to his schoolmates to make money.

It was the only way he could afford to go to college.

If Trevor had a choice, he would not do business with someone as obnoxious and self-important as Bernard.

But since he had to make money to put himself through college, all he could do was swallow his pride and keep his anger at bay.

He took a deep breath, picked up the sock Bernard threw, and tossed it into the bucket.

"Fifty bucks for all of them," he said.

Bernard took out his wallet, pulled out some dollars, and threw them at Trevor's feet.

With a smug smile, he said, "Here's fifty-five and another errand I want you to run. I want you to pick up a parcel at the school gate and take it to the locker room. It's for Dennis Cooper, the leader of the basketball team."

After saying that, Bernard turned around and left with the rest of the group with excitement.

Trevor picked up the money from the floor and clenched it in his fist.

"I don't like dealing with that jerk Bernard and his friends, but as long as I can make money off them, I'm fine."

After Bernard and his teammates left, Trevor carried on picking up empty water bottles and soda cans around the gym.

After filling up his trash bag, he went to the recycling center outside the school to sell what he had collected.

Then, he rushed to the school gate to get the parcel for Dennis and then made his way back to the locker room.

Along the way, Trevor carefully counted the money he earned today.

He was tired, but he felt that it was worth it.

He could not wait to save enough money to buy gifts for his dear girlfriend.

Trevor was about to open the door to the locker room when a woman's groan stopped him in his tracks.

"What? Why is that voice so familiar?"

The woman on the other side of the door squealed with delight.

Trevor's face turned red as his heart started thudding against his ribcage.

He suddenly came to the horrifying realization that the voice was so similar to his girlfriend Sylvia Farrows’.

"Oh, Dennis, I love it when you touch my breasts like that. Just like that. Don't stop."

"Come now, Sylvia. Hey, I bought you some sexy lingerie today. Put it on later, and we'll have some more fun."

When Trevor heard their conversation, he could not deny it any longer.

“Sylvia? What are you doing?”

Trevor's blood boiled as he kicked the door open.

He was stunned and petrified by what he saw.

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