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"Beneath the smile is a weary soul. Beneath the struggle is a dying soul. Beneath the smile is a soul in a frazzle. I desired a change. I show great perseverance in my quest to succeed, even though my inner me is in shambles. With persistent pain, I drag him along. Sometimes I want to shed him from me but then I realized he is a part of me. The inner me that is lifeless. Now I have to be it nourishment. The inner me that is weak. Now I have to be its strength. The inner me that is hopeless. Now I have to be hope Dear inner me I can't leave you alone; you are me I am you. Together we will conquer our fears, face our challenges, and comes out triumphantly." Synopsis I was in my dark until you shine me your light. Mellisa a young student nurse lost her way on the last day of completing her health campaign in a rural area of the Northern Coast. She wandered around in a mysterious wood where she was held captive by some quisling huddles, who found nothing but joy in torturing her. Rescued by Armstrong Seagull, and labeled a spy. Was she able to escape from such a traumatic experience? Who is Armstrong Seagull and what roles did Mellisa's sudden incursion in his kingdom In a world where you feel so cold, you gotta stay gold; a story about a demon Lord and an ambitious girl

Chapter 1 Safe

(A/N: Please I'm urging everyone who is reading this book not to drop it, please keep being that light in my tunnel, let me take a shield in your star. This is my second book, one which was a fanfiction, I promise to do my best to make MYSTIQUE DAMON worth reading and seeing y'all smile. I pinky promise.😘😍 Remember MD is a character-developing fantasy where the four different clans co-exist, and events will unfold, just patient, yes patient is all we need to turn every nook and cranny of this MD and I need you my lovely family, your support and encouragement will keep me going. Thanks for bearing with me to the end. Come on, let's travel to Heaven's Isles together; holding hands and have a tour of the beautiful city. I love y'all 😘

(Remember when it all seems like it is wrong, sing along to BTS, and to that feeling we are just getting started. Listen to PTD and thank me later 😘😍)


She opened her eyes as she feels the sun glimmer in her eyes. She swirled her eyes around the ceiling as if stung by a bee, she jumped up quickly from the bed, but her body hurt.

"Ouch," she grunts as she gently sits up on the rim of the bed.

Fluttering around, trying to get her bearings, everything seems very strange to her. She wondered how she ended up here, scratching her head thinking she was dreaming, hours ago she was in the thick and dark wood full of mangroves being tortured and beaten to death. Immediately the images of her memory replayed in her head, she lay down on the large bed curling herself together like a scared lamb, trying as hard as possible not to think about the next thing, the scene alone was scary, and her heart began to thump boom boom immediately she thought about those.

To her, she felt she was kept here as a sacrificial lamb, maybe they were planning what else to do with her.

She felt cold despite wrapping herself in the thick and heavy blanket.

She could barely speak as her throat was dried due to long wailing, she had no strength.

"Please!!!!! Plea...Se!!!!…let me go"

She stuttered grizzly tears rolling down her cheeks. Her voice inaudibly that no one could barely respond to it.

She closed her eyes as the painful memories started flooding into her head, her eyes widened in fear and her hands trembled, clenching her teeth and grabbing the blanket tightly as she tried to remember some of her encounters in the wood.

The darkness, the roaring of the thunderstorm, the lightening of the rays, the pain, the huddle, and husky men with their husky uproar who torture and taunt her.

She wailed in pain, clenching tightly onto the thick blanket like her life depended on it.

She was squinting trembling around the room when the door jack opened, and she gives out a hullabaloo.

"Plea….see!!!. Plea.....see!!!".

The door opened and a young man with a chiseled chest came in with a small try balancing on his left hand.

Without minding her trembling and screaming, walked up to her without saying a single word. Edging the seat closer to her bedside, he looked straight at her face and she closed her eyes, pulling her face away from him.

The chilly aura surrounding him sends shivers down her spine, making her edge backward in fear.

The man, without giving her room for resilience, pulled her arm forward, and she groaned in pain.

"Ouch" Immediately his hands grabbed her arm, and he released it, holding her chin up, she watched as he uses the white towel to clean her face.

She tried to resist, but he shoots her a glare that sends fear down her bones.

She was confused and also scared watching him clean her wounds up.

Furthermore, she wanted to say something, but her voice was cracked, and her brain couldn't process anything now.

The door opened and an elderly woman came in followed by two young ladies carrying a tray of food.

They set the table behind her, bowed to the young man, and left.

She was surprised even at her critical stage.

"What is happening," she thought within her as they bowed and left.

Once he was done tending to her wounds, he nods his head, raising an eyebrow that shows his bluish crystal eyeballs.

"Tha.....nk you" she stuttered, immediately he stood up to leave.

Instead of acknowledging her words, he turned towards her with his finger on his lips, shutting her up without making any shush sounds.

Immediately he left, she tried to stand up but realized her leg can barely hold it together. Without trying much, she lay down on the bed, her heartbeat returned to a steady rhythm and she dreamed off.


When she woke up an hour later, the young man was in the room. He was sitting with his tilted head leaning backward and supporting his chin with the tip of his two fingers.

She looked at him trying to help herself down the bed, but he opened his eyes immediately he sensed her awake. Throwing her a long gaze which scared her more and more.

"I want to use the bathroom" she uttered and, without saying a word to her, rose from his seat and lent her a hand which she hesitates. She was scared to take his hand, but since she can barely stand. With much tremulousness, she held onto him, hobbling along with him to the bathroom.

Entering the bathroom, she doesn't even know where to start due to the pain her whole body wrecked.

Her bodies were filled with bruises, which made it difficult to lift her arm. The pain was as if she were wrecked from a fracture. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she managed to seat in the empty bathtub.

The young man who helped her to the bathroom left without even saying anything to her, closing the door behind him, leaving her to do whatever she please to do in there.

Immediately he left, .she wanted to take a warm bath, but the pain in her body was too much that she found it difficult to remove her clothes.

She seriously needs help, but it seems she is not getting any, making her understand where she is, maybe in a hidden tunnel, she thought.

She decided to do it herself, she made up her mind to endure the pain and help herself out.

"I need to stay strong if I am to make it here alive" she mumbled, leaping towards the shower. Just as she was about to turn the shower on, the door opened, startling her as she came face to face with the exact woman who brought the food earlier this morning.

She was wearing a blue dress and her long inky hair was neatly arranged, she was accompanied this time around by another younger lady who seemed like her age.

"Need some help," the elderly woman said, approaching her.

She stood up, leaping out of the way for the two.

The younger of the two started preparing the bath and when she was done, turned to the elderly woman.

"The water is okay for a warm bath"

"Okay!! That's good… help her undress and also help her to bathe"the elderly woman ordered her.

She stood and watched the two preparing the bathtub, surprised as she still don't understand what was happening. She was snapped out of her thought as one of the young ladies approached her and her eyes widened in shock.

"No!!! No...I can bathe myself" she said resentfully blocking her way with her hands.

"You are still weak to move, talk more of taking a bathing," she said, flashing her a small smile.

A silent reign between them, "somehow what she said seemed to have some truth in it, few minutes ago I was hoping for help and now help is here I am rejecting it". Before she opened her mouth to speak, someone beat her to it.

"No need to worry, Miss. We are all ladies and your wounds need tender care". The elderly woman said, giving her a nod to carry on her task.

She stared as the younger of the two started by removing her top, she was feeling nervous and her face was covered in red. She feels as if her private life is being invaded as she grasped onto her jean trousers the moment the lady touches the zip of it.

"Wait!!!! She uttered, her eyes meeting hers with a blank expression.

"Are you okay?" she asked, looking up at her who closed her eyes, averting her gaze.

"This is crazy. Aren't any way I'mma allowed you to undress me" She creased her eye.

"We don't have a choice, miss, or do you think you are strong enough to carry on without help".

She heavy a sigh, flossing her hands to enable her to carry along her task.

After she was done removing her clothes, she helped her inside the bathtub. Immediately her body touched the water, she lets out a scream as she feels the scorching heat of the water work wonders on her wounds.

"Ouch!!!! She screamed as the lady takes the time to gently scrub her body.

She clenched her teeth as she felt the sponge brushed ever so slightly on her body.

"This is crazy. Never in my youthful life has anyone bath "she cursed in her mind, the urge to take the sponge from her suddenly surged within her and she heave a sigh.

She hated that she was helpless and she depends on someone for help.

She lean her head backward for her as she applied the shampoo to her hair, building up bubbles. Feeling so tired even inside the bathtub, she just gasped out and shut her eyes while the lady wash and sponge her body.

What else can she do, she is already in a dilemma.

She step out of the bathtub, her whole body felt warm, so warm that she feels like she just recovered her lost strength. The two helps her out and wrapped a thick pink towel around her body, leading her straight back to the room.

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