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Billionaire's Ex Wife Is The New CEO

Billionaire's Ex Wife Is The New CEO

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After a short-lived marriage with the cold and arrogant billionaire Ronin Logan, Carmen Price is eager for a break. Her attempt to unwind leads her to another wealthy billionaire, Simon Walsh. Little does she know, she’s about to encounter a whole new set of problems. Ronin Logan doesn’t do things without a purpose. Marrying a lowly employee from his company wasn’t a random choice; it was to salvage his family’s reputation after his lover bailed on their wedding. And when he cuts ties with Carmen after less than a year of marriage, it’s to shield her from a situation even he’s struggling to grasp. Caught in a web of love, deceit, and betrayal that seems to lurk around every corner when they’re together, will Carmen and Ronin find a moment to catch their breath and truly understand each other? Can they ever find it in themselves to grant the second chance that both of them might just deserve?

Chapter 1 Dude, you're rude!

“Madam, dinner is ready!”

Suzzy, the head maid, entered Carmen’s room to remind her. The maid, who was in her late forties, quietly tapped on the door with a concerned look on her face.

Carmen nodded. She had just completed packing for her flight the next morning. Even so, there was nothing in the bag she had received from the Logans. Carmen’s mother-in-law may have accepted her and showered her with presents and affection, but Ronin’s indifferent attitude was a permanent reminder that she was only a substitute. Whatever anyone gave her as his wife, it wasn’t hers to claim.

She wondered if Ronin would be there to see her off…

She then shook her head. Why was she letting such irrational hopes to occupy her mind? If his reaction this morning was any indication, he was eager to see her leave. He just wanted to get rid of her as quickly as possible.

“I’ll be there in a minute. Have you spoken to Ronin? He’s got to be in his—”

“Sir has already left, madam. He said he’ll have dinner outside.”

“Oh!” It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. She had an early flight the following day. The least he could have done was spend the last meal with her.

Apparently, she didn’t deserve that either.


Carmen fought back the painful tears that threatened to break through her eyes. She inhaled through her mouth, the only way she could keep this surge of prickling emotions from escaping her.

Well, come to think of it…

“I’m not that hungry either,” she said quietly, certain that her resolution not to cry in front of the maid would not humiliate her. “Why don’t you all start without me? I have a few phone calls to make before I go to bed.”

Suzzy, the maid, understood why Carmen’s appetite had subsided so rapidly. She was in the kitchen when their owner, Ronin Logan, slammed divorce papers on the table while madam was eating her breakfast.

He informed her he had already booked an early flight and that she may take whatever she pleased from the house. Now seeing the little clothing madam had packed, it appeared she was leaving nearly everything behind.

Poor madam, she didn’t deserve to be treated this way. She had always been very lovely and courteous to Sir. Because of her tenderness and kindness, the maids and other staff of the house had grown fond of her. She even dealt with the master’s frequent mood swings with a smile on her face. Why do awful things happen to good people? The maid pondered silently.

Carmen sat on the bed after Suzzy left, allowing a few tears to tumble down her face. If she held them any longer, she might as well go crazy. All the emotions inside her were wreaking havoc at the moment. They demanded to be released. Silently, Carman wept, hoping it would ease the pain in her heart and the weight of disappointment on her shoulders.

* * *

Carmen woke up in the middle of the night, panting and gasping for air. A nightmare that left her breathless and terrified out of her mind. But instead of reminiscing about the horrible fright, she slid out of the bed and headed down the stairs. Partly out of habit to check on Ronin and partly because she had foolishly forgotten to take medicine after refusing to eat supper.

When she descended the spiral stairs and entered the vast kitchen, she was startled to find a woman snooping through the refrigerator. The moonlight gliding through the windows was the only source of light, making it nearly impossible to recognize the person. Carmen, on the other hand, did not have to wait long since the woman had found what she was looking for and swung around with an apple in her hand.

Carmen recognized the woman the instant the moon’s pale rays struck her face.

Blonde hair. Skin that was smooth. Pink, luscious lips. And looks that might flunk the Victoria’s Angels.

Jenna Rivers. Who else could it be?

The ex-fiancee of Ronin—and apparently his present lover. The woman who ditched him at the altar nine months ago. Carmen was trapped in this loveless marriage because of her. And it was only because of this same woman her husband refused to regard her as anything more than a commodity—a piece of furniture—he brought to decorate his house.

To say she despised Jenna Rivers would be an understatement. Yet disliking her wasn’t going to make her life any easier, was it?

Carmen decided it was best to ignore the woman.

It stung even more to know Ronin couldn’t wait to bring his sweetheart home. Carmen was leaving the next morning. What was the rush? While she was still at home, the least he could have done was respect her honor as his wife.

God, she had hated Ronin, too. The nerve of that man. Ugh.

“Oh, no—did we wake you up?” Jenna asked unapologetically, feigning innocence that Carmen could see through without even trying. “We couldn’t possibly be so loud, could we? In any case, sorry to spoil your sleep. Carmen, is it?” The woman had the audacity to brag about sleeping with her husband in front of her face. Wow, would it be okay if she punched her in the face right about now?

Carmen simply breathed a sigh and turned around to leave. That woman had done nothing to earn her respect. In fact, even before the marriage, Jenna had always been arrogant and impolite. She even had an affair behind Ronin’s back.

When Ronin learned of her two-timing, he was beyond furious. But then this cunning woman shed some pitiful tears, and he melted like butter on a hot pan. Ronin must have loved this woman far too much to forgive such an act so brazen.

Carmen, on the other hand, couldn’t forget. She was merely a lowly employee under Ronin Logan, the CEO of Logan Enterprises, at the time, but she had seen all of the facades and conspiracies this woman was capable of. Perhaps they both deserved each other. A match made in heaven, right?

“Dude, you’re rude!” she snarled behind Carmen’s back. “I don’t know what Ronin saw in you. You’re not even all that attractive. Such a waste of time and money!”

“At least I have the courtesy to stick to one man at a time!” Carmen sneered as she got angry. She couldn’t let this woman to speak ill of her when her own acts were questionable as hell.

Even though Carmen had her back turned to Jenna, she could feel her riling up. “What did you say?” the woman hissed.

Before Carmen could say anything to this woman, her eyes were drawn to the dark figure in the shadows, calmly watching the entire discussion.

Carmen bit back the words.

“Ronin, baby!” Jenna was the first to sprint in his direction, throwing herself into his arms. “Carmen is so disrespectful, sweetie. She called me a cheater. How dare she?”

Well, Carmen did imply that. And if Ronin had been standing there for more than a minute, he would have heard it, too. There was no point in denying or explaining herself. Carmen didn’t have the energy for either one of them.

Carmen took a bottle of water from the refrigerator and went up the stairs without saying anything.

“Are you not going to say anything to her? She humiliated me!” Jenna objected as Carmen walked upstairs to her room.

“I told you not to leave the room!” She heard Ronin say, no guilt—nothing—in his deep voice.

“But—but I was hungry and you—”

“Enough, Jenna. Come on, I’ll wait for you in the room.”

And that was the last she heard of him before Carmen stepped into her bedroom and shut the door behind her back.

“You’re such a jerk!” she whispered bitterly, unable to suppress the pain and frustration any longer. “You stupid, stupid man!”

Carmen slid down the wooden door, drew her knees closer to her chest and wept her heart out.

“I will never forgive you, Ronin Logan. I condemn you for being unhappy and unloved your entire life.”

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