Aiden's Revengeful Bride

Tessie Tulip
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shuffling of feet........ shuffling of feet valentina walked across the stairs.

she could hear her heart pounding towards her chest as she started running towards the main entrance of the house, she could hear the voice of the men also running towards her direction.

valentina quickly hide under the stairs case as the men ran past her. " you are just too careless with that girl" Elton said angrily.

" you shouldn't have left only her in the room , now where did you want us to look for her at this late hour " jayden also complained.

"I'm so sorry I only went to ease my self, but I know she would not have gone far" Oscar apologised as they went out of the house.

valentina came out breathing heavily in fear, " Thank goodness, I have only one opportunity to leave this place forever, where am I even heading to" valentina said to her self as she stood by the door as she watched the three men vanish into the dark thin air, immediately they left she took the other route.

she was dressed in a white long gown with pink flower all over the neck but the dress was so messed up with lots of blood stains which made her look more tattered.

The more she ran , the more she remember everything she had gone through in that house, the way they will take turns in assaulting her or the day they will forget to feed her.

valentina was lost in herthought of everything came to her head , as she runs down the street not paying attention to the traffic around her. she stepped off the curb without looking, her mind was else where, searching for safety.

At that same moment Aiden , who had been drinking earlier, was driving down the street. He did not see valentina until it was too late.

with a loud thud , his car hits her and she fell to the ground.

The force caused Aiden to hit is head against the steering wheel, making him go unconscious . The car stopped a few step away.

** By that time**

Oscar, jayden and Elton was a mile away from the scene. " I think some one had an accident " jayden said " so !!! "Elton replied.

" why don't we check on the person " jayden said again with pity all-over his face, jayden seems to have a little emotion than the rest.

" you want to check on the person while we are on a mission in finding valentina, the boss is going to kill us , if we don't find her" Oscar said as they all left but jayden couldn't stop looking back till the scene vanished from his sight.


Inside the Audi A8 that hits valentina was a young handsome guy, his head was on the steering wheel of the car, a man noticed him and he quickly called the ambulance .

some minutes later tha ambulance arrived, the sound of the sirens filled the air as they helped the both of them , the Scene a chaotic blur of flashing lights and urgent voices.

jayden and the other two could not find valentina so they went back home.

" should we call the boss and inform him " Oscar suggested .

" it's like you want You want Yr head to be chopped off your neck" Elton replied teasing Oscar.

" you are right, I can't even look at that man face to face after all I have witnessed, I wonder what he will do to us , when he finds out" Oscar said already terrified.

" we will call him tomorrow morning and inform him about the issue on ground " jayden said as he went to his room.

" I guess he will be the one to call him because as for me I don't think I will be able to speak, I don't want my dead body to be sent back home to my parents " Elton also said as Oscar only shook his head and walks away.


The ambulance arrived at the hospital and stopped at the emergency entrance. Two paramedics get out and open the back doors, bring out two unconscious patients on stretcher.

two nurses came quickly to help , one of the nurse talks to the paramedics about the incident while the other nurse checked their vitals before taking them into the hospital.

At valentina's room the nurse started cleaning the blood before the doctor finally came in.

Dr. Norwell did some minor check up immediately, because he noticed that the bleeding was more than just an accident and also he was afraid they might loose her, she was bleeding non stop.

" is there any one with her , like a family " he asked

" no sir , only the guy she was in an accident with, he is the other ward getting treated. nurse Emily replied .

" okay , take me to his ward" Dr Norwell ordered.

" okay Doctor " she replied as they both left valentina room assigning another nurse to take over.

" here he is " the nurse pointed at Aiden

" what!!!........ what's Aiden doing here, I need to inform his parents right away.

" Sir did you know him?" Emily asked , " yes , he is the C.E.O of Starforge production, did you remember that lady that died last week?" Dr Norwell asked

" Yes doc " Emily replied " he's her brother ...... " Dr Norwell explained as he treated him

" No way " nurse Emily replied in disbelief.

The doctor left the ward to his office. "hello" Norwell said as Mrs Reynolds picks the call. " Hello Dr Norwell " Mrs Reynolds replied.

" Good evening Doctor, it's been a while to what did I hold this call" she said.

" Good evening ma, sorry for calling you by this time of the day, I just wanted to get some information from you. " Dr Norwell said .

" so what is it about?" she asked, " did you know where Aiden is now? " he asked curiously to confirm what he saw.

" I guess he will be in his house, why did you ask ? let me reach him then I will call you back but I hope no problem " Mrs Reynolds asked anxiously because she is not planning on losing another child.

" no it's nothing " Dr Norwell replied. " okay" she cuts the call.

Mrs Reynolds dialed and dialed Aidens number but it was not going through, she felt restless for no reason in particular.

she paced through her room feeling uncomfortable while seating down, she dialed Norwell number severally but no one was responding.

meanwhile, Norwell had returned back to valentina's room. she was already cleaned up and had stop bleeding and was ready for treatment.

Dr Norwell checked her vitals and it was normal, he gave two injection. " if she didn't come around after two hours, prepare her for scanning. " Dr Norwell ordered " okay sir" nurse wren replied.

As Norwell walked through the other wards check other patient, he remembered he had a call earlier in valentina room, he brought out his phone then find out it was Mrs Reynolds.

" rings......... rings............ rings " Norwell called Mrs Reynolds number and she picked almost immediately.

" he didn't pick my call, where is my son doctor " she yelled over the phone already tensed.

" okay, just calm down , he his right here in the hospital " Dr Norwell replied.

" what!!!!" she exclaimed, " what happened to him?" she asked anxiously.

" don't worry ma , it was just a minor injury, he was involved in an accident. he will be discharge tomorrow morning but the lady he hits, I don't know if she will survive " Dr Norwell explained.

" I will be there tomorrow morning, thank you doctor. Good night " . she said as she cuts the call.