Flash Marriage To My Mysterious Husband
img img Flash Marriage To My Mysterious Husband img Chapter 1 A One-night Stand With A Stranger
Chapter 7 Her Husband Is A Real Charmer img
Chapter 8 You Must Divorce! img
Chapter 9 Know The Difference img
Chapter 10 Sorry For Keeping You Waiting, Mr. White! img
Chapter 11 They're Alumni img
Chapter 12 I Am Not Into A Starter Marriage img
Chapter 13 Cooperation With The Luminary Group img
Chapter 14 I Got Something In My Eyes img
Chapter 15 Could Any Gigolo Be As Handsome As Him img
Chapter 16 Her Energetic Husband! img
Chapter 17 She Was Fired img
Chapter 18 Sign The Contract img
Chapter 19 I Will Buy You A Car img
Chapter 20 Not Used To Letting Women Pay img
Chapter 21 I've Already Secured The Contract! img
Chapter 22 No Right To Interfere In My Marriage Anymore img
Chapter 23 A Celebratory Banquet img
Chapter 24 Spoil His Wife img
Chapter 25 Why Are You So Good To Me img
Chapter 26 A Snobbish Sales Manager img
Chapter 27 Identity Exposed img
Chapter 28 A Token Of My Apology img
Chapter 29 Someone Is Stalking! img
Chapter 30 Hiding A Woman img
Chapter 31 Sharing The Spoils! img
Chapter 32 An Overly Polite Mr. Wood img
Chapter 33 Shane, Don't Be Late img
Chapter 34 Your Delivery Has Arrived! img
Chapter 35 A Pricey Dress from Hubby img
Chapter 36 Timothy's Challenge img
Chapter 37 Invite Sheila And Her Husband To The First Dance! img
Chapter 38 Difficult To Be A Stepmother img
Chapter 39 Being Driven Out Of The Family! img
Chapter 40 Who Bullied You I'll Avenge You! img
Chapter 41 The Girl In Niko's Memory img
Chapter 42 Shut Down The Jones family... img
Chapter 43 Off Her Guard img
Chapter 44 Almost Kiss img
Chapter 45 Her Husband Was In Debt! img
Chapter 46 Earned Nothing As A Gigolo img
Chapter 47 My Dear Daughter, I Finally Found You! img
Chapter 48 Sing The Same Tune img
Chapter 49 No Way img
Chapter 50 Get Them Out Now img
Chapter 51 I Just Need To Serve You Well img
Chapter 52 You Are So Naive img
Chapter 53 I Want To Live With You img
Chapter 54 No Inappropriate Behaviors img
Chapter 55 Win The Super Special Prize! img
Chapter 56 We Are Poor img
Chapter 57 Not Have A Wedding Ring img
Chapter 58 Huge Discount img
Chapter 59 He Would Be A Joke img
Chapter 60 Why Did You Kiss Me img
Chapter 61 If You Offer Yourself As Payment img
Chapter 62 Have A Good Time At Night img
Chapter 63 Teach Them A Lesson img
Chapter 64 Attending An Auction img
Chapter 65 An Invaluable Diamond Ring img
Chapter 66 Success At The Auction img
Chapter 67 What Shane Is A Gangster img
Chapter 68 A Nightmare img
Chapter 69 So Ashamed To See His Naked Body img
Chapter 70 The Fake Diamond Ring img
Chapter 71 It's Breathtaking img
Chapter 72 The Truth About Shane img
Chapter 73 I Would Rather Believe Him Than You img
Chapter 74 Good Boy img
Chapter 75 Shane's Skills img
Chapter 76 Was He With Another Wealthy Client img
Chapter 77 No One Could Escape img
Chapter 78 Let Rita Be Her Assistant img
Chapter 79 Kicking Them Out Is Just The Beginning img
Chapter 80 He Wouldn't Dare Lay A Finger On Me img
Chapter 81 I'll Surely Snag A Wealthy Husband img
Chapter 82 Shot Herself In The Feet img
Chapter 83 Hands Off! img
Chapter 84 Meet With Her Bestie img
Chapter 85 My Husband's Surname Is Also White img
Chapter 86 The Past Incident From Six Years Ago img
Chapter 87 Found The Enchanting Woman He'd Kept Under Wraps img
Chapter 88 Take A Dig At Rita In The Public img
Chapter 89 Annoying Rita img
Chapter 90 Her Mysterious Husband Possibly Connected To Luminary img
Chapter 91 Niko's Memory Regained img
Chapter 92 Amazing Performance img
Chapter 93 Roses From The Big Boss img
Chapter 94 Boss Of Luminary Group Showed Up img
Chapter 95 Have A Private Talk With The Boss img
Chapter 96 Stumbled Upon An Incredibly Handsome Guy! img
Chapter 97 I Bet He's Not Much To Look At img
Chapter 98 His New Job img
Chapter 99 Your Boyfriend's Position Isn't Going Anywhere img
Chapter 100 A Sudden Kiss img
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Flash Marriage To My Mysterious Husband

Sea Tease
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Chapter 1 A One-night Stand With A Stranger

Sheila Jones felt her body was on fire like she had dived into a pool of lava.

She was desperate to find some relief from the heat.

While the man's robust chest pressed down on her, she arched her back instinctively and whispered, "Niko..."

Though he didn't reply, his thrusts became more fervent, almost reaching a wild level.

As morning broke, the hotel room was flooded with the gentle light of dawn.

When Sheila rolled over, she bumped into the sturdy warmth of a man's chest.

After dreaming of being intimate with her boyfriend, Sheila's eyes fluttered open to see a flawless yet unfamiliar face.

Startled, she blurted out, "Who are you? Why the hell are you in my bed?" Pulling the blanket around her, Sheila sat up abruptly and asked in distress, "What happened last night?"

"I should be asking you that," Shane White responded calmly, opening his eyes. Sitting up against the headboard, he met her panic with coolness. "I had a few too many drinks last night and was heading to my room. When I stepped out of the elevator, you came at me and started groping me. Seems like you're quite adept at securing clients in hotels."

Feeling both embarrassed and angry, Sheila was shocked that he thought she was a prostitute.

She wanted to slap him, but the blanket fell, revealing her bare body.

She quickly covered up again, sternly telling him, "What happened last night stays between us. Once you leave, we forget each other. Spread any rumors, and you'll regret it!"

Annoyed, Sheila got up to shower away the incident. But as soon as she stood, her legs wobbled, and she started to fall.

When she thought she was about to take a spill, her wrist was caught, sending her tumbling back onto the bed. In a surprising turn of events, she ended up lying on Shane's chest, locking eyes with him.

She realized her hand was inadvertently resting on the man's chest, feeling the solid muscles beneath.

Sheila felt shame engulf her as she wished she could vanish.

"You seem fond of my chest?" Shane let out a small chuckle tinged with irritation.

With cheeks burning, Sheila freed herself, asserting, "Last night was a mistake due to too much alcohol. Don't compare me with those who harbor bad intentions."

Getting up, Sheila made her way to the bathroom. Out of the corner of his eye, Shane spotted a red mark on the bed, suspecting it might be from her first intimate experience.

"Wait a second!" Shane called out, stopping her. "Last night was unintentional. We could think about getting married if that helps."

"Married?" Sheila felt angry and looked at him with tear-filled eyes. "Aren't you content yet? Now you want to take advantage of me by being my husband? How ridiculous!"

Shane was surprised by her reaction.

He was accustomed to women being drawn to him, but he rarely considered taking responsibility. Sheila's defiant stance was new to him.

Clad in his fine suit, Shane took out an elegant business card and placed it on the nightstand.

"If you reconsider, here's how to reach me."

After Shane departed, Sheila sank into the bathtub, scrubbing away the red marks on her skin from the night before. In the quiet that followed, she almost felt the lingering presence of the man's heavy breathing.

Overwhelmed, Sheila covered her ears, struggling to accept she had been intimate with a stranger.

An hour later, a drained Sheila returned home, unsure how to deal with what had happened.

Nearing the villa, she overheard Rita and Paula's conversation inside.

"Mom, everything's going as planned! The gigolo I hired to keep Sheila company just rang me up. He did the job, but darn it, the camera went kaput, so there's no footage of them together. If only we had it to show Niko, he'd surely scorn Sheila even more," Rita Jones, her half-sister, said, delighted with her scheme.

Her stepmother Paula Jones responded with a sinister tone, "It doesn't matter. Without the video, Niko won't accept her back anyway. Your father and I have another plan for Sheila."

Curious, Rita asked, "What's the plan?"

With a smug sneer, Paula answered, "Do you recall Timothy Green from last night's party?"

"Timothy Green? The freak in his fifties? Word on the street is he's gone through six marriages and all his wives were dead! Is he obsessed with Sheila or something?" Rita asked, sounding incredulous.