Only You Can Be My Wife
img img Only You Can Be My Wife img Chapter 1 Tonight, I Want You to Become Mine
Chapter 10 From Now On You Live Here img
Chapter 11 I'm So Glad You're Alive img
Chapter 12 You Really Are a Miracle img
Chapter 13 Is She the Girl You're Going to Marry img
Chapter 14 So God Damn Childish img
Chapter 15 Find Out About a Woman Named Elizabeth Liang img
Chapter 16 Don't Bring Her Up in Front of Me Ever Again img
Chapter 17 Please Forgive Me img
Chapter 18 Why Are You Talking to Some Random Guy Who Has Nothing to Do with You img
Chapter 19 I Was Young, Dumb and Blind img
Chapter 20 Don't Worry, I'm Here img
Chapter 21 He Is Fly as F*ck (1) img
Chapter 22 He Is Fly as F*ck (2) img
Chapter 23 You Only Have Two Options img
Chapter 24 Know How to Play Pretend (1) img
Chapter 25 Know How to Play Pretend (2) img
Chapter 26 Of Course He Was Going to F*ck Her Over img
Chapter 27 No Wonder You Were Fooled, You Dumba*s img
Chapter 28 He Was Just Pulling Her Leg img
Chapter 29 Your Daddy's Here to Take You Home img
Chapter 30 Would You Die If You Didn't Flatter Yourself img
Chapter 31 I'm Your Daddy From Now On img
Chapter 32 He's So Much Better Than You img
Chapter 33 I Have to Put My Mark on You as Soon as Possible img
Chapter 34 I Look Forward to Our Life Together, Mrs. Lu img
Chapter 35 Welcome to Our Family img
Chapter 36 My Card Is Only for Mrs. Lu img
Chapter 37 Who Do You Think You Are You Disgraced Brat img
Chapter 38 I'm a family man now img
Chapter 39 Was the House on Fire img
Chapter 40 Newlyweds Can Make a Big Ruckus img
Chapter 41 Are you suducing me img
Chapter 42 Did You See Enough img
Chapter 43 Can I Borrow Your Computer img
Chapter 44 Boss, You've Got a Sugar Baby img
Chapter 45 Do you want me to punish you img
Chapter 46 Because I Was Doing CPR img
Chapter 47 The Hotter the Weather, the Easier for Sparks to Fly img
Chapter 48 There Was Definitely Something Going on Between These Two img
Chapter 49 You're Way Too Big for Your Boots img
Chapter 50 He Could Be the Most Charming Man in the World When He Feels Like It img
Chapter 51 You Will Pay for This img
Chapter 52 Show Me Your Wounds img
Chapter 53 What the Hell Was He Saying img
Chapter 54 What Happened Today Was Your Tuition Fee for This Lesson img
Chapter 55 Your Wife's at the Grand Dynasty img
Chapter 56 He's Actually My Husband img
Chapter 57 Why Don't You Just Call Him Daddy img
Chapter 58 The Property Is Yours img
Chapter 59 How Am I Supposed to React to That img
Chapter 60 Nobody Was Able to Be a Judge in Their Own Case img
Chapter 61 That God Damn Bullheaded Woman img
Chapter 62 Can't You Just Pick Her Up img
Chapter 63 What Do You Have to Fear if Your Conscience Is Clear img
Chapter 64 Ask Me for Anything You Want img
Chapter 65 I Can Support My Own Wife img
Chapter 66 You've Already Forgotten Whose Surname You Took img
Chapter 67 He Will Not Let This Photo Stay Here img
Chapter 68 I'm Committing Theft for You img
Chapter 69 This Godlike Man img
Chapter 70 This Might Be Her Scheme img
Chapter 71 Hero to the Rescue img
Chapter 72 The Little Lamb Has Entered the Wolf's Den, Time for Your Majesty to Become the Ultimate Big Boss img
Chapter 73 Admit It, You're Jealous! img
Chapter 74 She Screwed Herself Over by Coming to Class img
Chapter 75 Was He Not Hot Enough for Her img
Chapter 76 Did He Lose His Mind img
Chapter 77 Of Course, Someone as Vengeful as He Was, Would Do Anything to Get Even img
Chapter 78 Was He Going to Do Something Bad img
Chapter 79 It Was Such an Intimate Position img
Chapter 80 Why Was She Looking at Him with Such an Adorably Stupid Expression img
Chapter 81 Don't Be a Dummy if You're Bullied, I Will Be Your Back img
Chapter 82 A Roundabout and Unique Display of Affection img
Chapter 83 Spend a Fortune on Your Woman img
Chapter 84 This Is What You Get for Taking Her Man img
Chapter 85 How She Wished That Someone Would Magically Come to Her Rescue img
Chapter 86 I Can Look for My Own Wife img
Chapter 87 All of His Rage and Heartache Were for Her img
Chapter 88 A Readied Arrow img
Chapter 89 Kind of Changed img
Chapter 90 Don't Mess With Someone Who's With My Boss img
Chapter 91 How Dare a Scum Like You Lay Your Hands on Elizabeth Liang img
Chapter 92 An Eye for an Eye img
Chapter 93 Don't Forget Who You Belong to img
Chapter 94 He's a Living Joke img
Chapter 95 So Ridiculously Wrong img
Chapter 96 Don't Provoke Someone as Tough as James Lu img
Chapter 97 It Has to Be James Lu img
Chapter 98 Electricity Is Expensive, Please Stop Wasting My Power img
Chapter 99 Still Worried about His Little Dummy Even Though They're Fighting img
Chapter 100 You Can Smear My Name, but Not James Lu's img
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Only You Can Be My Wife

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Chapter 1 Tonight, I Want You to Become Mine

I love you, like a tsunami rolling, like the wind rolling in the sand. I love you so much that I'm almost out of my mind. If you had known how much I love you, I would have saved all my love and devotion over the years and waited wholeheartedly, just for you to come by!

—James Lu

On the 27th floor of the Grand Dynasty Hotel.

With a room card in one hand, Elizabeth Liang tried to walk straight with the support of the wall. Then she staggered out of the elevator.

Her fair-skinned face was blushing from alcohol, yet it only makes her look innocent and lovely.

"This one?" Elizabeth finally walked to the room door. Looking at the gilded numbers on it, for a moment she couldn't be sure.

Big sis said the room number was 2703.

Or was it 2708? 2703? Then is it 8 or 3 on the door?

Elizabeth had drunk too much, and her head hurt. Her clear eyes were also a little blurred. She tilted her head and looked at it for a while but failed to distinguish the number.

She looked down at the room card in her hand, but why are the words on it blurring together and multiplying?

Forget it, forget it.

She shook her head, leaned against the door, took out the room card and began sloppily pressing it against the sensor.


The door did not open.

She tried a few more times, but the results were the same. She slammed the door angrily then sighed heavily. "Guess it's the wrong one."

She was going to find another room, but when she turned around, the door, which she had failed to open after several attempts, was suddenly opened.

Then, her wrist was tied and she was dragged into the room.

There was no light on in the room. Although she was very drunk, she could feel that it was a man. As soon as she entered the door, she didn't even have time to make a sound before she was pushed against the wall by the man's big and powerful hands grabbing her shoulders.

"Didn't you leave?" The man asked fiercely.

Elizabeth was even dizzier after being hit in the head, and she couldn't hear what he said at all. She tried to make a sound, "Theodore?"

Big sis said that she would give her a surprise. Is Theodore back?

Although they had been engaged since they were young, wouldn't it be too hasty to do this now? She wanted to wait until they got married to...

"I gave you a chance..." The man was very close to her, Elizabeth could clearly smell the strong alcohol on him. It was so strong that even she, who had also drunk, could not help but frown.

"Since you have chosen to come back, I will never let you go again..."

With this, he held her little face, leaned down, and kissed her heavily.

Without any skill, his strength was terrifying. His hot tongue swept through every inch of her mouth as if he wanted to swallow her.

"Mmph..." Elizabeth felt that she could hardly breathe. Facing him like this, she was quite flustered. She shook her head hard and punched him with her small fists.

He did not seem to feel any pain. He stopped, but his lips were still attached to hers. He sneered and said, "You don't want to?"

"..." She didn't know why Theodore was acting so strange today. He was usually gentle, but now facing his scorn, she didn't know what to say.

Feeling her silence, he stared icily at her. He bent over and picked her up then walked towards the bed.

He forcefully threw down the woman from his hands, attached his body onto hers in an instant, then held her struggling hands over her head.

"No..." The light in the room was so dim that Elizabeth could not see his face clearly. But she felt that he seemed to have changed into another person tonight.

Theodore was always gentle and patient, not rude and rash-like he was today.

"I gave you so many chances... this time, don't leave again, okay?"

His actions were rough, but when he spoke, his tone was gentle and almost imploring. He lightly kissed her lips and earlobes, panting slightly.

Maybe it was because he sounded like a child begging for candy, her heart softened at his words. She whispered, "I've... been here all along..."

From the day Elizabeth knew that she would marry him one day, her heart's never had room for anyone else.

He seemed ecstatic, then kissed her lips again. "You're so sweet..."

"Tonight... I want you to become mine..."