A Second Chance With My Billionaire Love
img img A Second Chance With My Billionaire Love img Chapter 1 A Big Shot
Chapter 6 You Are So Boring img
Chapter 7 Waylen, Do You Know Her img
Chapter 8 His Usual Ringtone img
Chapter 9 An Expensive Gift img
Chapter 10 Many Men Like Rena img
Chapter 11 Fight For Rena img
Chapter 12 Miss Gordon, You Are Really Something img
Chapter 13 You Are So Cheap img
Chapter 14 Miss Gordon, Are You Short Of Money img
Chapter 15 That Special Person img
Chapter 16 Drinks At His Place img
Chapter 17 Cecilia Doesn't Know Anything! img
Chapter 18 Kidnapped! img
Chapter 19 Power Or Rena img
Chapter 20 Is She Your Girlfriend img
Chapter 21 Personal Caregiver Waylen img
Chapter 22 The Indifference In Rena's Eyes img
Chapter 23 How Are You Going To Make It Up To Me img
Chapter 24 Thank Me For What img
Chapter 25 He Seems To Regret! img
Chapter 26 Ungrateful People img
Chapter 27 Waylen, What Are Your Intentions Towards Me img
Chapter 28 Stay With Me For A While img
Chapter 29 Didn't She Love Harold The Most img
Chapter 30 Waylen's Decision img
Chapter 31 A Bitch And A Jerk img
Chapter 32 How Dare He Ask You To Be His Mistress img
Chapter 33 Rena, Beg Me! img
Chapter 34 Harold, You Love Her! img
Chapter 35 You Don't Care Whether I'm Alive Or Dead, Right img
Chapter 36 Knelt Down And Beg img
Chapter 37 Go To My Villa Tomorrow Night, Okay img
Chapter 38 Waylen Is Coming Back img
Chapter 39 Go To Harold's Villa img
Chapter 40 Harold, You Don't Need To Do This img
Chapter 41 Waylen's Gentleness img
Chapter 42 Yes, Rena Is At My Home! img
Chapter 43 Rena Has Never Had Sex img
Chapter 44 Do You Like It, Miss Gordon img
Chapter 45 Harold, I Have Changed My Mind img
Chapter 46 You'll Regret it, Honey! img
Chapter 47 If A Woman Truly Loves You img
Chapter 48 A Phone Call With Rena img
Chapter 49 Harold Follows Waylen img
Chapter 50 You Can Do Whatever You Want To Me img
Chapter 51 I Can Give You Whatever He Gives You! img
Chapter 52 Not Sullied img
Chapter 53 The Energetic Waylen img
Chapter 54 Krista And Addie img
Chapter 55 Rivals img
Chapter 56 Feed The Stary Dogs img
Chapter 57 An Appreciation For Soft Supple Skin img
Chapter 58 Waylen, I Want To Make You Happy img
Chapter 59 It Turned Out That Rena Really Was With Waylen! img
Chapter 60 Rena Will Attend The School Reunion! img
Chapter 61 They Look Like A Perfect Match! img
Chapter 62 We Have Feelings For Each Other img
Chapter 63 Do You Think You Are Decent img
Chapter 64 Rena Is On His Mind All The Time img
Chapter 65 She Can't Fall Asleep Without Him img
Chapter 66 You Have To Make Him Happy And Comfortable! img
Chapter 67 Seduce Him img
Chapter 68 He Was Good At Flirting With Her img
Chapter 69 It's A Piece Of Cake For Him To Deal With Their Husbands img
Chapter 70 Lyndon Coleman img
Chapter 71 Lyndon Had A Biological Daughter img
Chapter 72 Ten-minute Noodles img
Chapter 73 Waylen Has A Strong Desire For Control img
Chapter 74 Taken For Granted img
Chapter 75 She Is So Heartless! img
Chapter 76 Looking Forward To It! img
Chapter 77 Drop-dead Gorgeous img
Chapter 78 I'm Rena's Boyfriend img
Chapter 79 Aline Proposes A Toast To Waylen img
Chapter 80 I'll Drink It For Rena! img
Chapter 81 The Kiss In The Car img
Chapter 82 Waylen, Be Gentle img
Chapter 83 He Just Wanted Rena To Like Him! img
Chapter 84 Do You Want To Ask Mr. Fowler To Bail You Out img
Chapter 85 Mr. Fowler, You Look Fantastic! img
Chapter 86 Harold Was Beaten By Waylen img
Chapter 87 Pathetic! img
Chapter 88 Waylen, You Are So Handsome img
Chapter 89 Morning Dew img
Chapter 90 She Really Likes Waylen img
Chapter 91 Let Me Teach You img
Chapter 92 Don't Be Angry With Me img
Chapter 93 The Way Waylen Spoiled Rena img
Chapter 94 He Was Amazed By Rena img
Chapter 95 You Remind Me Of An Old Friend img
Chapter 96 Mr. Coleman, Look At Me! img
Chapter 97 Waylen's Possessive img
Chapter 98 Not Many People Can Make Waylen Angry! img
Chapter 99 Kiss My Lips img
Chapter 100 Your Relationship Is So Good! img
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A Second Chance With My Billionaire Love

Arny Gallucio
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Chapter 1 A Big Shot

In a dimly-lit hotel room...

Rena Gordon passionately kissed the handsome stranger.

Earlier tonight, her ex-boyfriend, Harold Moore, announced his engagement—with another woman. Rena was so devastated that she got drunk at a bar. Under the influence of alcohol and the strange man's charm, she somehow ended up here.

Now that Harold was marrying a rich girl regardless of his four-year relationship with her, then she could also indulge herself a little, right?

Just as the man was pulling her clothes off, Rena leaned on the man's shoulder and forgot herself, murmuring, "Harold!"

The man stopped abruptly, and the lust in the atmosphere instantly dissipated.

The next second, the lights were flicked on.

The bright light made her squint, but when her eyes finally adjusted to the light, she saw the man's face clearly.

It was Waylen Fowler—the most sought-after lawyer across the country. He was very famous in law circles, and he was an elite with countless assets.

But most importantly, he was the future brother-in-law of Harold, who had just betrayed her.

Rena sobered up instantly.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She almost had sex with the brother of her very rival in love!

Waylen also pulled away from her.

Leaning against the wall, he lit a cigarette. After taking a long drag, he looked her up and down and said playfully, "Very interesting, Miss Gordon."

He flicked the ash off his cigarette and asked with a faint smile, "What were you thinking about just now when you kissed me? Did you want to have sex with me to make Harold jealous?"

Obviously, Waylen also recognized her now.

Rena couldn't pretend that she didn't know this man.

After all, Waylen was famous. She just didn't recognize him earlier because of the alcohol.

She knew that she couldn't afford to offend such a big shot, so she lowered her head and apologized meekly. "I'm sorry, Mr. Fowler. I drank too much."

Fortunately, he didn't make things difficult for her. After finishing off his cigarette, he stood up straight and tossed a coat at her. "Put it on. I'll drive you back."

Rena thanked him softly.

In Waylen's Bentley, while neither of the two spoke all throughout the drive, Rena would occasionally steal glances at him.

The man had an angular face and a perfectly chiseled jawline. Although she didn't know the brand of his shirt, she could see that it was very expensive.

Rena guessed that there must've been tons of women lining up to hook up with this man.

After a few minutes of silence, Waylen stopped the car in front of their destination. He turned his head slightly and stared at her slender and straight legs for a few seconds before finally handing her his business card.

Rena knew what this meant.

But she was surprised that he'd still want to sleep with her after finding out who she was.

Although he was charming and probably good in bed, Rena hesitated. It was a bad idea to get entangled with a big shot like him, so she said, "Mr. Fowler, we'd better not stay in contact."

Waylen shrugged indifferently.

Rena was indeed beautiful, but he wouldn't force himself on her if she was not interested.

So he tucked his business card back in his pocket and said, "Being conservative suits you."

Rena was a little embarrassed, but before she could respond, Waylen got out of the car and opened the door for her like a gentleman. She almost wondered if it was all just a dream and that nothing had actually happened between them in that hotel room tonight.

As soon as she got out, the car slowly drove away.

A cool breeze blew over, sending shivers down her spine. Only then did she realize that she had forgotten to return the coat to him.

When she was hesitating whether she should try to catch up to him or not, her phone rang.

Glancing at the caller ID, she saw that it was her stepmother Eloise calling. The latter's anxious voice sounded from the other end of the line, saying, "Rena, come back home now! Something bad happened!"

Rena tried to ask her about it, but Eloise couldn't make it clear on the phone and just pleaded with her to go back home as soon as possible.