Bossy CEO and His Runaway Secretary
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Bossy CEO and His Runaway Secretary

Gretchen 2022
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Chapter 1 Secret

(Patricia's POV)

The misty morning light fell into the room, I squinted slightly and counted back the time that Randall got up from 100.

34, 33, 32, 31...

Just when I was about to fall asleep, there was movement from the pillow.

Randall woke up.

He got out of bed, and judging from the direction of the footsteps, he should go to the bathroom to wash up.

This was nearly a minute earlier than usual.

Over the past four years, he had slept with me for countless times, adjusting my biological clock to a state in sync with his, and I could even clearly record the moment he leaves.

Randall maintained good habits: always wore condoms, never stayed overnight, and insisted on leaving at 3 a.m.

But there were exceptions to everything, just like his wrong wake-up time today. A slight deviation sometimes could lead to an unpredictable consequence.

Randall walked out of the bathroom and put on a silver-gray suit. He looked cold, which was completely different from last night when he wanted to fuck me to death in the bed.

Randall was undoubtedly good-looking. From the first time I met him, it was clear to me that the praise for his appearance was not an exaggeration. His angular face seemed carved, revealing a god-like beauty that made people want to approach involuntarily.

But his cold character was enough to keep all women away.

I had a say about this, even when he was thrusting hard on top of me and immersed in desire, he didn't seem to be very enthusiastic about sex.

Looking at his back as he was about to leave, my voice suddenly became hoarse and I whispered, "Mister Rayfiel, goodbye."

Randall's footsteps paused for a moment.

He didn't look back and didn't respond, just continued walking out in the dark.

I couldn't help sighing slightly.

Four years ago, I came to the well-known Rayfiel Company as an intern. The position was Randall's secretary.

The greatest luck and misfortune in my life happened one day shortly after I joined the company.

I accompanied Randall to socialize. He was calculated to be drunk by a competitor, and I became his antidote.

After this one-night sex, my life changed dramatically.

In front of others, I was his chief secretary. But behind others, I was his sex toy.

The kind of sex toy that is personally ordered.

This special relationship lasted for four years, but just the day before yesterday, he issued a notice to break up.

This chaotic relationship started with him and ended with him. From start to finish, I didn't have any options.

I thought, if nothing else, last night would be the last time I had sex with him, and we wouldn't have the chance to meet again in the future.

I stood up slowly, like packing my messy mood, packed my suitcase, and went downstairs.

A gray shadow was sitting on the sofa in the living room, and I recognized at a glance that this person was Randall's special assistant Ethan.

There was also a laptop on Ethan's lap. He tapping quickly, obviously still dealing with company affairs.

Since I came to Rayfiel, I have worked with Ethan, and he was also one of the few people who knew about my secret relationship with Randall.

Ethan looked up at me and pushed the gold-rimmed glasses on his face. His eyes finally landed on the suitcase in my hand, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

"Ready to leave?"


I pretended to be relaxed and sat opposite Ethan.

Ethan then moved the computer away and handed me the documents he had prepared. He cleared his throat and said, "Miss Hawn, this is for you."

I took a deep breath and took the paper.

There were several real estate transfer agreements, including the villa I lived in now, and a lot of cash. These things was at least 10 million dollars in a total.

The value of this document should have made other women jump in surprise, but I was inexplicably stunned. A frustrating question filled my head. In just one day, Randall made the compensation plan so well, how long ago did he start planning to let me go?

Or, before me, he had let Ethan handle many women like me skillfully?

No matter what the answer was, it made me feel uncomfortable.

Ethan handed over a pen, and he whispered: "MissHawn, if you have any other needs, you can also bring it up. As long as It was not too much, with your affection, boss will definitely satisfy you."

I smiled self-deprecatingly, tried to calm my mood, and replied in the most dull tone: "Please say thanks to Randall for me, he is really generous to bed partner."

For Randall, I'm just a tool to vent his desires. If you mentioned the love, it would cross the line, right?

I neatly signed the document, then took out the resignation letter I had prepared for long ago from my bag, handed it to Ethan, and said politely, "Thank you."

Ethan lightly accepted my resignation letter, "Any time."

Ethan didn't seem surprised about my resignation.

Obviously, Randall wanted to end this underground affair with me. If I want to continue to work as his personal secretary, that was humiliating myself.

I smiled lightly, "I won't be Randall's secretary anymore, you can call me Patricia."

Over the past few years, Ethan and I have been working well together. Putting aside my complicated relationship with Randall, Ethan is definitely the most responsible and gentle colleague I've ever met.

Ethan gave a thin smile, “Sure. Take care. Patricia.”

Then he turned and went away.

I looked at the back of Ethan's departure, raised my hand and gently touched the still flat belly, and let out a long breath.

In fact, even if Randall didn't mention breaking up, I had to find a way to get out.

I hid a huge secret,a secret that Randall has been a part of it but would never know.


I didn't stay too long at the villa. After a brief breakfast, I went out, stuffed my suitcase into the trunk, and drove directly to the hospital.

Within the time of the appointment, I came to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

My best friend ,Jennifer, looked sullen and checked me out without saying a word,which is very different from her usual smiley face. It is only at times like this that I will remember that she is a very good ob-gyn.

At this moment, the silence of my dear friend made me extremely nervous.

It wasn't until all the checks were done that Jennifer's face looked a little better.

Jennifer took the checklist, "Don't worry, my goddaughter is healthy."

Hearing her said that, I smiled: "How do you know It was not a boy?"

"Hmm, just a hunch." Jennifer smiled and handed me the checklist, "Look at it by yourself, you should understand?"

I looked carefully, and several important indicators on the checklist were all normal.

My mother got mammary cancer when I was 10 years old. Throughout my adolescence, I was all running in the hospital and at home. I have seen too many checklists and drug reimbursement. It was not difficult for me to read a few checklists.

Jennifer couldn't help reminding me, "Although the child is very strong, you still have to take it easy. Don't be too violent when sleeping with Mister Rayfiel. It was easy to get into trouble."

When mentioned his name, I suddenly can't laugh out.

"Randall gave me a breakup fee and I'm free from today."

Jennifer stared at me with wide eyes, her mouth was in an O-shape in surprise, showing a look of disbelief.

She came up to me, lowered her voice and asked, "How much did he give?"

My short-lived sadness was all washed away by her lovely appearance of a money fan.

I raised my hand and squeezed Jennifer's fleshy face, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you when you don't want to work anymore."

Jennifer's face was full of surprise: "Happiness came so suddenly, I just made a wish to God a few days ago that my bestie will become a millionaire. Has this come true?"

I was infected by her smile and couldn't help but smile.

The baby in the womb was more than a month old.

Having a child out of wedlock was never a part of my life plan, but the plan would always encounter surprises. Despite the measures Randall and I took each time, I was still pregnant.

When I found out I was pregnant, I came to Jennifer in a panic. After a full diagnosis, she told me a sad situation as an ob-gyn: my uterus was not very healthy. If I lost this child, I would almost impossible to be a mother again.

I didn't think too long before I decided to keep the child. But the premise was that it must be hidden from Randall.

"I have already arranged to sell all the real estate and all the other things that Randall gave me before. And then I will take the money back to the country town to bring my child into the world. After that, I will never come back."

I gently stroked my stomach, looking forward to a better future. The 'goodbye' I said to Randall in the morning was, in fact, never seen again in this life.

This city was the domain of the Rayfiel Family, and even if I left the company, there was no guarantee that he would not find out that I secretly gave birth to his child in the future.

So I had to leave completely.

"Patty, aren't you really going to tell Mister Rayfiel about your pregnancy? Maybe he will marry you and accept this child?"

Jennifer asked naively.

"Impossible." I smiled bitterly.

I used to think that Randall and I were special to each other.

When I first decided to apply a job at the company. I just had the mentality of having a try. After all, my resume was really not that great compared to other competitors. But Randall directly chose me to be his secretary during the interview.

On that day, I fell in love with Randall at first sight. Not because of his prominent family background and handsome appearance, but because he was so similar to the boy who rescued me in the country town.

But after getting along, I could clearly felt that Randall was far from the kind-hearted teenager in my memory. I checked his footprints over the years, and it was confirmed that Randall had never been to my home town.

For the past four years, he treated me more like a owner treats a pet. Randall was an elusive owner, and I was a well-behaved cat waiting by his side.

His attitude towards me was always changing. Obviously, the frequency of having sex with me had increased a lot these days, but he also could ruthlessly tell me to break up.

Randall was tired of me, I guess. However, in line with the idea of making the best use of everything, before throwing it away, he had to used it a few times before it was not a loss.

How could such a ruthless and calculating Mister Rayfiel allow me to have his child?