The Heartless CEO (English version)
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The Heartless CEO (English version)

Yeiron Jee
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Chapter 1 Event

"Do I really need to dress up like this?" Nicole complained to Danica while looking at her own reflection in the big mirror in front of them.

Danica nodded at her best friend with a wide smile. "You look perfect!" Her eyes are shining as she complimented her.

Nicole pouted and she's not satisfied with what she's wearing. Her healthy breasts were almost bulging out. Aside from the long slit on the side of it that reveals her smooth and long leg with each step of the feet, it is also very fitted to her body.

"Oh, c'mon! You should get used to wearing this kind of dress. Remember, you're now working in a big company. Expect that there will be gatherings like the one we're going to."

Danica has a point, she also can't say no to her now because she is so indebted to her. She helped her get into a famous company. She does not know how her friend met the CEO of such a company. And up to this day, she is afraid to meet the man's sharp eyes.

In her whole life, it was the first time that her mother praised her when she knew that she got into a company as an assistant of a manager. Danica doesn't want anyone, even her mother, to know that she was the one who helped her. Her friend knows how her own mother treats her.

Her friend is ambitious and she admires her skills in obtaining what she wants in life. Even her parents admire her. Her mother would often compare her to Danica and belittle her. But she never felt jealousy toward her friend. Instead, she supports her so she can achieve her goals easily.

If they're talking about life status, her family is better than Danica's. She is her mother's godchild, that's why she almost lived with them and became her mother's favorite. After they graduated from college, they separated for a few years. She didn't know where did she go and what she did. Now, she is the girlfriend of a hostile CEO of a company.

At her age of twenty-two, she has never experienced being in a relationship yet. She is not that picky, but she liked no one among those who courted her. Danica has the same age as her and according to what she knows, her boyfriend is twenty-eight years old. The man allegedly became an orphan at a young age with his sister, so they were trained to handle their company as children.

"But is it really needed to wear something as sexy as this? You know that I'm not used and comfortable with these." Nicole continued to complain.

She will just accompany Danica to attend the grand opening of her boyfriend's hotel in Makati. But with her look, her friend was the one who seemed to be the assistant between them.

"What's with you? Don't you trust my fashion sense?" Danica sounded upset.

"That is not what I meant, Danica. Look at yourself compare to me." Nicole pointed at themselves in front of the mirror so she can see what she's talking about

Danica's left eyebrow furrowed as she stares at themselves in the mirror. She is not blind to not seeing what's wrong with how they look today. But it is a part of her plan and it's okay if she wouldn't look outstanding in the eyes of everyone.

"Do I look ugly?"

"No!" Nicole answered quickly because it seems that she offended her. She knows that she doesn't like it when her look is being criticized because whatever she wears, suits her and she always looks pretty.

"Then, there's no problem!" She smiled at Nicole and fixed her hair again. She's also the one who styled it and curled the ends so her friend would look sophisticated.

Nicole chose to stop arguing with her friend. They leave together using her car. It is her first time to attend a grand event, thus she is afraid to be separated from her friend's side.

"Danica, why did you bring her here?" Rita whispered to her friend when she approached them.

Danica smiled at Steven's sister. She was the reason why she became close to the young man and she obviously dislikes her friend, Nicole, when she introduced her before.

Nicole heard Rita's judgment of her look. That's why she doesn't like her look from the beginning. She looks like an antagonist who wants to appear better than her own friend. She has no idea why Rita despises her ever since they met.

"Um, Nicole, excuse us first."

Smiling, she nodded at Danica and pretended that she hears nothing from Rita. When she locked eyes with Rita, she rolled her eyes after she examined her whole appearance.

"Why did you let that bitch to look better than you?" Rita scolded Danica when they get away from Nicole.

"Rita, please! You know how indebted I am to her family, right? I don't want her to be upset with me so I agreed to her wishes." She said to her friend, who will soon be her sister-in-law.

Rita sighed before hugging her friend. She hates seeing her sad, thus she's always the one who argues with her brother whenever she would find out that the two had a misunderstanding in their relationship. She was so happy when she found her after so many years. She's making it up to her and because her brother loves her so much, he gives her everything she wants.

"I don't like her to stick to my brother. It's obvious that she wants to seduce my brother so she dressed up like that." She said to Danica, who she treats like her own sister before she went back to where she was.

A strange smile formed on Danica's lips behind her friend's back. She quickly went back to Nicole and dragged her near Steven.

"Honey, congratulations!" She kissed the young man's lips when he looked at her. She felt that he was surprised by what she did. She knows that what she did was like taking advantage of the situation. He's her boyfriend, but he is not showy in public about their relationship.

"You're really lucky with your girlfriend, Mr. Scout." The businessman to who Steven is talking to praised them.

Steven seemed to hear nothing and had no reaction to his business partner's comment. He looked at his girlfriend with a serious face in order not to embarrass to those who are watching them. He, then, looked at Danica's companion who is showing too much of her body.

Nicole quickly averted her eyes from Steven when she met his intimidating stare. She felt embarrassed because it was obvious in his eyes that he was not happy with what she looked.

"Honey, do you still remember my friend? She's Nicole and she's in the company..."

"I know." Steven said indifferently, stopping Danica from saying more.

Nicole is always the one she talks about when she's talking to his sister and he's there as well. He did not know why she had to talk so much about her with his sister. When she asked Rita to accept her in their company, that's when he understood her motive. He could do nothing but accept her. In what he remembers, the woman requested to Danica to put her in a high position. But that was too much and he did not allow it. He sees her as an attention seeker and ambitious woman.

Danica never separated from her boyfriend even though he was talking to famous people in society. There are politicians and businessmen. And because she also needs friend support, Nicole needs to stay by her side. She's the one who talks to her friend when her boyfriend is not paying attention to her.

Nicole couldn't help but stare into Steven's face as he talked to Danica. Even if he's just in a side view, his elegance still dominates everything there. His pointed nose that matches his grim face is fascinating to look at. Add to that his lips that are normally red and his thick eyebrows that also looks good with his eyes.

Nicole blinked when she noticed that someone was watching her. Soon, Rita stepped close to where she was standing.

"My brother's already taken, so stop dreaming of him."

Nicole looked at who spoke, her forehead furrowed. She did not like her tongue's sharpness. Yes, Steven is good-looking and she has a slight crush on him. But she never thought of liking him, nor taking him from her friend.

"I know you became close with Danica because of an intention. I'm warning you, you'll have to fight me if you continue your ambition to get my brother's attention. If Danica doesn't see your true color, I'm different." Rita said arrogantly to Nicole.

Nicole clenched her fist to stop herself from saying something unpleasant to Rita. She's her boss's sister and Danica's friend, so she's controlling herself. Besides, she's not her friend so she wouldn't bother to clean herself in her dirty mindset.

"I don't know what you're talking about and I don't remember doing you bad deeds for you to treat me like this." She answered Rita calmly.

Rita sneered and showed her that she wouldn't change her opinion of her. Her face and how she looks at her brother is enough for her to think that she's a gold digger.

When Danica saw that her friend is talking to Rita, she immediately said goodbye to Steven to approach the two.

"Is there a problem?" Danica asked calmly to Rita when she noticed that she's frowning.

Rita smiled at her before she spoke. "Nothing, I just entertained your friend while you were busy. It's a pity and she looks like an ugly duckling." She answered Danica sarcastically.

Danica choked and suppressed the laugh that wants to get out of her mouth. She hemmed and looked at Nicole apologetically.

Nicole smiled at her to let her know that she's fine. For her, she won't mind Rita's contempt.

"Hello, ladies!" Xander greeted the three specially outstanding beauties.

Rita rolled her eyes at the young man who approached them. He's a close friend of his brother and he treats her only as a younger sister. The annoyance she felt for Nicole intensified when she noticed that Xander looks at her admiringly.

"Hi, Xander. This is my childhood friend, Nicole." Danica introduced her to the young man.

"You really amaze me, Danica. All your friends are beautiful." Xander switched her stares between the two ladies. He smirked when he looked at Rita and she rolled her eyes.

"Because beauty is contagious." Danica's joking response to Xander.

Xander's laughter was contagious, so Nicole smiled as well. He's funny and has a strong sense of humor. But she noticed that Rita was even more annoyed with her when she talked to the young man so she just distanced herself. She excused herself to them and used the bathroom.

Steven followed the woman with his sharp gaze as she walked away from his best friend. Even other men who she passes by look at her. It was as if she was deliberately swaying her hips while walking. She wore a long maroon dress up to her heels. But the slit on the side has almost reached the middle of her thigh.

Nicole quickly leaned against the closed door after entering the bathroom. She has been uncomfortable with the men's scorching looks at her body. A fashion designer even offered her to be his model but she refused. Even though she has a good body shape, she does not brag about it. She now wants to regret why she agreed to what Danica wanted. What she hates the most is attacking attention, especially of men.