Masked Feelings
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Chapter 5 Back Again

"Woah. You really seem tired" Jerry concluded as we stepped in our dressing room. I glared at him while putting my bag on the counter.

"What am I suppose to do tonight?" I questioned while getting ready. Jerry turned his back to us so that he won't see us getting ready.

"Another private dance?" he said hesitantly, making me freeze. What? I pulled on my shorts and walked to him.

"What did I say about private dance?" I questioned in disbelief and anger. "Last night was an exception!" I exclaimed. He gave me a sheepish smile.

"It's the same man from last night" he said with a grin. Again. What?! That man who got me day dreaming in class was here again? The cold arrogant jerk wanted me to dance for him? Oh. That surely got my interest. "And now you're smiling" Jerry pointed out. I quickly stopped smiling and glared at him.

"I'm not" I said while sticking my tongue out to mock him.

"So? You'll do it?" he asked.

"Yeah" I answered, trying not to meet his eyes. I could see a smirk on his face.

"That man must have really gotten your interest" Rose pointed out, making Jerry nod.

"Shut up" I mumbled as I walked to the mirror and noticed how red my cheeks were. Why did he want me to dance for him again? I put on my mask after putting make up on my face.

"You have a few minutes, rest a bit" Rose told me as she motioned to the black leather couch which was in the corner of the room. I nodded and quickly ran to it, my body begging to rest a bit. As soon as I let my body fall on the couch, a sigh left my mouth and my eyes closed.

"I really want to get under my blanket and sleep for days" I whispered. When I felt myself starting to drift to dream land, I quickly opened my eyes, blinking several times so that I wouldn't fall asleep.

"You'll find your bed soon, sweetheart" Rose said with a reassuring smile as Jerry called her out because it was her turn on stage. I was glad that I didn't have to perform on Stage today.

"Vixen! Your client is here" Jerry announced. I took a deep breath and stood up. "Same room" he said. "The cameras are off"

"I wanna sleep" I mumbled grumpily while staring at him. He chuckled and pushed me to the door.

"You'll find your bed in less an hour" he said. I walked to the room with a look of exasperation in my face. I opened the door, with no motivation and determination to please the client. The hot client. I was tired and the only thing I was motivated to do right now was to sleep. I rose my head and saw him sitting on the couch, wearing a smirk on his face when he saw me. He was wearing a grey suit and a black tie. His messy hair was fixed with gel on his head. He was freaking hot. He was sitting as if he owned the place. Well, with the amount of money that he seemed to have, he would easily own this place.

"Isn't this a surprise?" I questioned, with rose eyebrows, trying to pull off the surprise card. He gave me a grin and nodded.

"I had nothing else to do" He said, his voice dark and enticing. I crossed my arms over my chest and scoffed.

"Well, today is supposed to be my day off and I had to come because someone requested my presence" I told him while glaring at him. The soft music began to play and I huffed. He stood up and walked to me. He stood there, staring at me as if I was an object on display.

"Sweetheart" he leant to my ear and whispered, causing goosebumps to raise on my skin. "I didn't request. I demanded your presence" he said as he pulled away to gauge my reaction.

"After what happened yesterday, I thought you wouldn't want to see me again" I said with confidence.

"After that kiss, I definitely wanted to see you again" he scoffed, making me go bright red.

"I was actually pointing the fact that I called you gay" I snapped.

"Or the fact that I called you a whore?" he added with a glint of evilness in his eyes. I clenched my jaw but nevertheless, maintained my position.

"Why did you want me here?" I questioned with a sigh, closing my eyes for a few seconds. I was really tired. When I opened my eyes, I saw the red couch and it was as if it was calling me. "Would you mind if I sit?" I asked.

"No" he answered. I walked to the couch and sat down. I sighed in relief because I had a feeling that my legs wouldn't support me anymore. I turned my attention to the hot stuff who took place in the couch in front of me. "You know, I paid for a private dance, not for you to sit" he said while staring at me. I stared back at him with a smirk.

"You said I wasn't good enough at it" I pointed out and watched as he smirked. "I'm tired" I continued.

"Good enough or not? I paid for a dance" He said. I took a deep breath and went to stand up but he motioned me to stop.

"You want me to dance or not?" I questioned in disbelief. This man was confusing.

"I can see you're tired" he said.

"Since when do you care?" I scoffed. "Why are you even here? I mean, I sincerely thought it didn't work yesterday" I told him with a frown on my face.

"Your dance didn't work. But when you kissed me, it did" He said monotonously. I stared at him, trying to process what he was saying.

"You're here because?" I asked while sitting back on the couch, slowly getting what he was trying to say.

"I need you to sleep with me" he said, no. More like demanded it. My eyes went wide and when I finally processed what he said, I burst out laughing.

"Please, tell me that you're joking" I silently prayed that he was actually joking but there, he was sitting in front of me, staring at me completely emotionless. "Are you fucking serious?!" I finally exploded. "I'm not a fucking prostitute!" I exclaimed and went to slap the hell out of his face but he simply wrapped his hand around my wrists and pulled me down on him. I was breathing heavily as he buried his face in the crook of my neck and gently licked my skin, causing me to moan unwillingly.

"See? Your body reacts to my touch" he whispered. "You seem stress and tired and I need someone to make me forget, it's a win-win situation honey" he said as he pulled away and settled me on his face. I clenched my jaw and tried to free my hand but impossible.

"There's something called a prostitute" I spat and again, tried to free myself but it didn't work. He was too fucking strong.

"Prostitutes don't make me hard" he said bluntly. "I don't know why, but you do" he simply said as if this conversation was fucking normal.

"Do you realize how insane this is?" I asked, trying to sound calm when the only thing I wanted to do was to scream.

"Not really. Again, it will be a win-win situation" he repeated. "You're stressed and in need of money while I'm in need of sexual relationship" he said.

"To forget your ex-girlfriend?" I questioned challengingly. He glared at me and leant forward so that his forehead was touching mine.

"Exactly. I just need a bitch who'll let me release all these frustration" he said while staring at me, right in the eyes.

"And what made you think that I want to sleep with you for money?" I questioned, trying to prevent myself from exploding in anger.

"You said it yourself, you're helpless and you hate this job" he whispered as he buried his face in the crook of my neck again and sucked on my skin. I was still on his lap, with my legs on the either side of his hips. I could feel him growing between my legs. I didn't even do a shit and he was already hard. He did have a point. I hated this job. My eyes closed when he started licking, nibbling, sucking and kissing my soft spot on my skin. When he realized that i was too lost in all the feelings that I was getting, he slowly let go of my wrists and pulled my face to his. He stared at me, right in my eyes, lust clouding his gray eyes.

He crashed his lips against mine, making me moan against his lips. I, unknowingly started moving my hips on his hard on. He groaned against my lips and held my waist tightly. He bit my lips, causing me to part my lips slightly. He took the opportunity to slide his tongue in my mouth. Damn. He knew what he was doing. I could feel his hand travel from my waist to my short. I moaned when I felt him caressing me from the outside of my short. He pulled away and rested his forehead against mine.

"And you also like it" he said with his usual smirk. I was breathing heavily, trying to process everything that just happened. I quickly got off his lap and stared at him.

"You make me feel like a whore" I mumbled before taking a deep breath. His lips were like drugs and while staring at him right now, I realized that I wanted to kiss him again.

"Do you sleep with other guys?" he questioned while standing up. I shook my head and glared at him.

"Then you're not a whore" he concluded.

"You're so fucking confusing" I exclaimed while walking to the door. He grabbed my wrist to stop me.

"Think about it. A relationship purely sexual. No feelings involve" he said. "It will do good to both of us. I need an answer tomorrow" he said.

"I'll think about it" I told him and this seemed to satisfy him as he grinned. With that, I walked out of the room and sighed. It seemed to fucking tempting. It was not as if I was a virgin. I lost my virginity when I was sixteen. I'm not gonna say it was a mistake because I loved the guy and he loved me as well. We just fell out of love.

Should I accept or not?