Masked Feelings
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Chapter 2 Tempting Offer

Following the beat of the song, I made a step towards the pole that was placed in the center of the stage. I couldn't show that I was nervous right now. I kept my sexy smirk plastered and as soon as The Weekend's voice was heard, I rose my head and made eye contact with some of the men present. I have to admit that some of them were really fine sight to humans eyes. Those lustful eyes that I was getting were slightly pushing me to do my job better. Once the music actually started, I wrapped one leg around the pole and twirl around it, slowing my moves, making it sensual. Sexual.

"Damn" I heard someone sighed just in front of me. I pulled away from the pole and got on four. I crept my way to the man that was sitting in the front row. I gave him a little grin when I saw him raking my legs to my ass. He had baby blue eyes and blond hair. He seemed to be Barbie's Ken. Well, sorry Barbie, I'm about to give your man a lap dance. I slowly got off stage and made my way to him. A smirk took place on my face when I saw him gulp.

"Hello" I whispered seductively as I started moving my body again to the song. I dropped down and opened his legs. I then stood up, and took place between his legs, giving him a show that he was never going to forget. As I sat on his lap, I could feel his dick growing from under me. I tried not to shudder in disgust. Soon, fortunately, my song ended and I leant to whisper in the man's ear. "I hope to see you again" lie. That's a shit that all stripper had to tell the man that they were giving lap dances to so that they would come around again.

All lights turned off and I made my way back to the backstage under the applause of the men. Two security guys accompanied me to the dressing room as sometimes there would be creeps who would follow us to the backstage. Yeah. There were real weirdos and creepers out there.

"That was perfect!" Jerry shouted in excitement. I smiled and nodded. "Let's get to your dressing room, then we'll talk" he said while looking at the two guys behind me. He motioned them to go whereas we made our way to the dressing room. I saw Rose getting up the chair and gave me a big smile.

"I got a boner just by watching you" she said while wrapping her arms around.

"If you have a dick, you're fired" Jerry joked while I rolled my eyes. Yes, that was something I had a tendency to do a lot. "Now go, it's your turn" He said, pushing Rose out of the room. Rose glared at him but still walked for her performance.

"I tired" I said as I leant my head against the wall.

"Then go home" Jerry said as he handed me some cash. 500$. Now you understand why I work here.

"I'll wait for Rose, so that we can leave together" I told him. He nodded and clapped his hand in one firm way before wiggling his eyebrows.

"I'm going to see Rose perform" He told me with a grin.

"Ask her out already" I teased. He gave me a smirk and wink.

"Maybe I will" he said as I sat down and turned my attention to the television which was in front of me. The television was showing the stage and this way we could see the performance of the other strippers. I could hear Rose's song and soon, she stepped on the stage while playing with her hair. She definitely knew what she was doing. Everytime she'd perform, I'd watch her in awe.

After a few minutes, Rose ended her performance and walked back in the dressing room with Jerry following behind her. Didn't Jerry had other strippers to take care of? "I need your help" Jerry said. I didn't pay attention, thinking that he was probably talking to Rose but then, when I realized that Rose didn't answer, I turned to see both of them staring at me.

"What's wrong?" I asked when I saw Rose's staring at me with a wide smile while Jerry rushed and dropped on his knees in front of me. "What the hell?" I questioned as I backed away.

"You won't believe what just happened!" Rose exclaimed as she walked to us and pulled Jerry up by his ears. They'd look cute together.

"What happened?" I asked, curiosity invading me. I crossed my arms over my chest while looking at Jerry.

"I've just got an offer" he said while rubbing his ears.

"And?" I questioned.

"A private lap dance" he said with a sheepish smile.

"No" I replied instantly. I've never did private lap dances before and I'm not planning on doing it either. Rose huffed and stared at me with wide eyes.

"The man is giving $50 000!" she exclaimed, making my eyes go wide as I tried not to choke on my saliva. What the actual fuck?

"Why?!" I asked in disbelief.

"I don't know! But it's a lot of money" Rose said. "He said that he wanted Vixen! Otherwise, I'd definitely dance for that man" She said as she sat down. "Accept, Athena" That was a lot of money. It was just a dance after all.

It was definitely a tempting offer.

"What if he's a creep?" I asked while playing with my fingers. I always do that whenever I'm nervous. Jerry gave me a smile and walked to the door. He motioned someone to come in. My eyes widened as I saw the blond guy who I had given a lap dance walk in the room. My hands flew to my face to make sure that I still have my mask. I mean, it was so light that I didn't feel it.

"Hello" he greeted and gave me a slight smile when he realized how surprise I was.

"Why would you pay such a huge amount of money when I just gave you a lap dance out there?" I asked directly, not wanting to fool around.

"Straight Forward" he mumbled to himself. Jerry and Rose nodded to his statement about me. I rolled my eyes but kept quiet.

"I'll need you to do something" he said as he scratched the back of his head. He looked a little bit nervous. I knew this was bad. Really bad.

"That does not sound good... At all" I said as I sat down on my chair, waiting for him to explain.

"It's not that bad" he tried to reassure. But again, am I suppose to trust this stranger?

"Talk" I demanded, making him grin a little bit.

"Well you'll have to do what you do the best" He said, still wearing the grin.

"Eat?" I asked while tilting my head to the left. He stared at me in confusion.

"Dance" he sighed and sat in front of me.

"I already danced for you" I pointed out.

"This time, it won't be for me" he said and I bit my lips, waiting for him to elaborate. "My brother just went through a break up" he cleared and I scoffed.

"And he's all depressive and shit and I'm supposed to cheer him up?" I guessed the end and surprisingly, he shook his head.

"Infact, No. He's being a cold, arrogant asshole" he said, mostly talking to himself. "I need you to get an emotion out of him" he explained. "Any type of emotion... Anger doesn't count" he mumbled. I could see that this situation with his brother was really bothering him.

"Why me?" I questioned.

"You've got something special" he said, making me smile. "I've seen it" he then added with a smirk. "I don't think any other stripper here will be able to get a reaction out of him"

"By a reaction, you mean a boner, right?" I asked.

"You're really blunt" he stated and I nodded. Why should I disagree with this fact?

"So, I'm supposed to dance for your cold arrogant asshole brother?" I asked and he nodded. "Is he here?" I questioned he nodded again.

"Will you please do it?" he asked, or practically begged. I sighed and nodded.

"Fine, I'll do it" I exhaled. "But you must be pretty stupid to spend a lot of money on something that you're not even sure that's going to work" I mumbled.

"No, I'm not. I'm just damn rich" he said arrogantly. "And I'm sure that it will be worth it" he added as he stood up. I did the same and turned to stare at me in the mirror. I fixed my mask and my hair before giving them my attention again.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"In the private room" Jerry told me as we all walked out of the room.

"If he's so angry and all shit, then why did he agree to come here with you?" I asked the blond dude while following him.

"I kinda blackmailed him" he said. Blackmail? What are you? Ten? I kept my question to myself but nevertheless, I rolled my eyes.

"How?" I asked just to make a conversation by the time Jerry guided us to the room.

"I told him I'd tell my mom" he said. I stared at him for a few seconds, waiting for him to tell me that it was a joke. He just gave me a grin. Yes. He was ten in his head.

"What's your name?" I questioned as I turned to see Rose behind me.

"Dean" he answered. "Yours?"

"Vixen" I said, not willing to tell him my real name.

"I already know your stage name" he muttered as we reached in the Private sector of the Club.

"That's the only name you'll know" I said with a grin while turning to Jerry. "I want the cameras in the room to be turned off" I asked.

"What about your security?" he questioned. I knew that inside of the room, there will be cameras. They were here to ensure that strippers were not in danger while a private performance.

"You can turn them off. My brother is not going to touch her" Dean said as his eyes trailed on Jerry's features. He seemed to be judging him. Jerry nodded and walked away.

"I'll wait for you in the dressing room" Rose said as she ran so that she could keep pace with Jerry.

"Wish me good luck" I whispered to Dean as I faced the door. I hated to perform. Now imagine how nervous I was to perform again. Twice in a night.

"Good luck" Dean wished. "I'm gonna get out of here now" he laughed at how nervous I was. "There's no monster in there" he joked. "Calm down" With that he walked away with his hands in his pocket. I stared at the door, fixing my short and my bra and put my hand on the door knob.

Let's get this done.