Forgotten Obsession
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Forgotten Obsession

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Chapter 1 First

WALKING INTO the vast office with glass-fronted walls, and gothic columns stretching fifteen feet to a ceiling with an enchanting chandelier hanging on its center, Natalia handed her ID to the receptionist.

"I have a 9 am interview with Mr. Sebastian Dominic."

The well made-up woman in her mid-twenties gave her a head to toe look that made her cringe. She expected that at some point, the way she dressed up that day will be an issue for some, but she won't let anyone make her feel bad about something that was unexpected and not part of the plan.


"It's in my ID. The one you are holding. But yeah, since you asked, it's there...right there...Natalia Abrera." She pointed at her name for emphasis. Sarcasm is her talent and she showed the receptionist how gifted she really is.

The woman named Tami, as indicated on her nameplate looked at the computer screen and typed something on the keyboard. She handed her a temporary visitor's ID that spelled Satania.

"Will you reprint this one, it should be Natalia and not Satania."

Tami rolled her eyes as she reprinted the nametag that she obviously deliberately sabotaged.

"Thanks Dani!"

Talia smiled triumphantly when she heard Tami's groan and proceeded to the floor indicated on her temporary pass. She knows the procedure of interviews with high profile companies and CEOs because of her previous job, executive assistant to Gerry Hayes, CEO of Hayes Corp., for six months. That was before Mrs. Hayes fired her after accusing her of flirting with her husband when in truth, Natalia asked for her help when Gerry tried to molest her at the office.

Deep in thought, she missed the elevator that was supposed to take her to the top floor. She will be late for her appointment if she will not take the next available lift. Looking at her platinum watch, she heard a sound and she immediately entered the lift. Two men dressed in black were already inside.

"Miss, this elevator is for..."

"It's fine. Miss, floor?" Natalia shivered at the sound of the voice. She felt her pale face turned red in as the man with the sonorous and sexy voice looked at her soaked white blouse that emphasized the red and black brassiere, measly covered with her thin red cardigan. She almost lost the ability to speak when he looked back at her face and at her lips as she bit them. His calculating and watchful gaze gave his blue eyes more depth and color.

"70th floor...please." She stuttered when she noticed that they are also going to the same floor.

The gorgeous man nodded, leaned closer and pressed the button to the 65th floor since the 70th floor is already lighted. She held her breath as she inhaled his masculine scent. She almost moaned when she felt his soft breath on the back of her neck as he spoke to the other man in the lift.

"David, get the HR files to my office."

"Yes, Sir."

She felt his gaze on her as they rode the lift in silence. She felt hot despite the coldness of her damp shirt. Of all the days for her to spill water on herself while driving, the universe chose it to be on the day of her final interview with her new boss. She left her apartment early, anticipating New York's awful traffic but she did not anticipate that the bagel she was eating inside her car would jump out of her hands. In her haste to pick up the bread, she spilled at the front of her blouse, the mineral water she was holding in her other hand. She doesn't have time to return home and change so she just used the red cardigan stashed at the back of her car to try and cover the mess. But the cardigan is used for clubbing. The end result of her wardrobe is a black fitted pencil skirt with matching black stilettos and a low cut red bra and sheer red cardigan that emphasize her perfect mounds underneath a damp see through white blouse.

The lift stopped at the 65th floor and the man named David got off. Few more seconds and we reached our destination.

"After you." Natalia could not suppress her tremble at the feel of his breath on her ear as he whispered for her to move.

"Th...thanks." She tried to walk confidently to the floor's reception area. She was leering with the feeling when a plump woman in her mid-thirties ran towards the man behind her and tried to take his bag.

"I'll get this for you Sir Basti."

"No need, Clara. I'll do it myself. Send her into my office after 15 minutes. Give her something warm to change into. She's...wet."

"Yes Sir."

Natalia was rooted on the spot. She felt her heels voluntarily buried themselves in shame at the white plush carpeted floor. How did she not realize that the gorgeous piece of man will be her future boss?

"Good...morning. I'm Natalia Abrera..." The woman named Clara took her hand and smiled at her.

"I know honey. We've been expecting you. You have a photo in your application, so I know how you look like before you came here. By the way, I'm Clara. Actually, I chose you among the roster of candidates myself. I want someone that I could trust with Sir Basti. You see, I have been his executive assistant for 4 years since he started in this company...oh, geez, enough blabbering. Have a seat. He will see you in a while. Let me just get something for you to change into."

" need. I think it's getting drier."

"Nonsense! We have a new line of dresses in the other room. It was sent to Sir Basti for his approval. And besides, he told me to let you change. Wait here."

Natalia walked slowly towards the dark blue sofa. She slowly sat down and looked at the phone in her hand. On the way to the interview, she searched for information of her new boss on the internet but the signal connection got interrupted. She gasped in surprise when she read the description of her search. But she was not able to shift her gaze from his photo. The

Sebastian Dominic, a 26 year old bachelor and multi-millionaire, CEO and founder of the Dominic Linea Italia Corporation. A multinational company with global distribution of its fine Italian line of shoes, bags, accessories and clothes.

She looked for other articles that would give her a background on his family and past, but there was none. She saw several photos of him on a date with some models and celebrities but according to the articles and captions, he never had any serious relationship with anyone.

"Natalia. Here, try this on. You may change inside the toilet, at the end of the aisle after the pantry."

"Thank you Clara." Natalia took the paper bag containing the black short sleeve off the shoulder midi pencil dress and walked to the end of the aisle. She passed by Sebastian's office. At one of the cubicles inside the toilet, she removed her shirt and skirt. Feeling the wetness of her brassiere, she removed them and placed all of her clothes inside the bag after donning the silk black dress. At 5'10, she looks like a fashion model. The dress is a perfect fit. It felt like it was measured exactly for her. It accentuated her slim waist, a perfect figure with just the right proportion of her bountiful breasts and hips, and her long flawless legs.

When she returned at the plush reception, Clara was talking to Dave, the man from the elevator.

"This is Natalia. Natalia, Dave here is Sir Basti's head of security."

Dave just nodded his head without even a glance at her. He handed Clara the folders and went to one of the rooms at that floor.

"That's his office. All the security cameras of the building may be accessible there."

"Thank you for the dress. I'll just return this after washing."

"No. You can keep that. By the way, Sir Basti wants his coffee black, without sugar, without cream. Just black. You know how to use the Keurig coffee maker?"

"Yes, I saw it when I passed by the pantry, it's the same one we use at my previous work."

Clara beamed at her.

"Perfect! The boss has a temper for ignorance and stupidity, but I'm sure you're not both... Yes Sir, I'll send her in." Clara pushed a button on the headset she's wearing.

"He's waiting for you. Good luck!"

Natalia felt like she was about to be fed into a pack of wolves. She could hear her heart as it loudly and rapidly beats inside her chest. Mustering courage and confidence to face her hopefully future boss, she wondered which is more nerve-wracking, an interview with the CEO, or to be in the same room with a hot and stunning man like Sebastian.