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Where it all went wrong

Where it all went wrong

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Genre: Thriller, Mystery. Synopsis: A three mixed story line. —A country hell bent to find their missing presoy and the men of law putting justice to the heinous affairs of the country. —A lady trying her best to proof her innocence, after an abysmal frame has been put on her head over night. —A young man who tries to follow his dreams but finds himself in an unlucky situation. As he is forced to play survival on this abyss part of the world. Author.# LAMINE MOSES. CO–AUTHORS MISHAEL SUNNY,TITUS VICTOR.

Chapter 1 The bomb heist


At 9:00pm at the head quarters of the HSD(Hover Town Soldier Department). Located at ghost town,Hover land were issue a case of finding e missing president sir Leonardo Daniel after his third day on seat alongsides the HID(Hover Town Intelligence).

"Agent Browski do you copy over, this is agent Martin".

"I copy Captain over," He replied his voice sounding more steely.

"Do we have a clue yet over". Martin said.

"No sir, we are still searching on it over" He replied immediately.

"Do your possible best, and inform the rest of the team over".

" I will sir over"

"Over and out" As Martin hangs up in disappointment.

2 months later into the investigation.

"Oh damn it, why will this have to befall on us". A voice sounding steely spoke in a bittered tone.

Few minutes later a telephone came ringing down his head quarters. As foot steps were heard.

"This is agent Browski from the HSD, state your emergency"!

"Yes there is a robbery taking place at hot Kings restaurant, three injured and two raped. Please we need your help". The caller said in a frightened tone.

"Roger that, I will send men over. But next time do endeavor to call the Hover Town Police Department (HPD), for this kind of emergencies. See you in the next fifteen minutes". He cuts the call.

"Crew"!! He yelled with command and voice so strict.

"Yes sir"! As the all answered in unison.

"Armstrong get the Hover can't, Singh get the map to hot Kings restaurant, Susan inform the corp's, Steward get me coffee, Jing prepare the equipments, Debbie stay behind at the H/Q and Tunde play me some sweet music" He said swiftly "You all know what to do so move it 1,2,3 go,go go"!! He continued

— — —

Patience Herbet. A young lady in her late 20's, light in complexion, of an average height, which currently holds the position of HOD( Head of department of Trade affairs) in black hawk burea. Which is one of the most well known companies in the city that deals with legalized business affairs and investigations.

Sofia Marieze. A close friend of patience Herbet right from childhood, who is a medical doctor and a surgeon at the Republican Hospital.

At exactly 8pm Patience Herbet got home refreshed up ate and tried watching some movies at 11:10pm. She went to her message box on social media.


Hey girl, didn't care to check on me today.


I have been quite busy, sorry.


Apologies accepted

After some minutes of chatting they gave each other a good night text

"Do we have a new case"? LUCUS said

"Well, there is one of a guy named Patrick Gombit who is accused of murder sir ". Kaecee replied not looking at him

"So is he guilty or not ".

"Not sure sir, firstly I'll check him of any criminal records". She said now facing him "As for now am concerned about getting justice done Sir"!

"Stay out of trouble, meanwhile when you come across Benson tell him to meet me for reinforcement of the equipments ".

"Okay sir" she says as he walkes away.


"Smith how far have your boys gone with the investigation?, it seems pretty slow" Wilson spoke stroking his chin.

"MR Vice president please we have been trying our best but no clues so far to unvai". Smith responded.

"For goodness sake the president life is at stake, your best is not enough, even though I told you so". Wilson said his voice simmering in rage.

"Sorry sir, we are doing the best we can". He replied with an appologetic tone.

" Don't tell me that, go out there and make Hover Town proud "!!!

"That reminds me MR Vice, the citizens are really complaining about the Migos ". General Amber lake said.

"Then take them down "!!

"Sir you don't understand, we have lost 168 men since.....2 months ago, thousands of residential homes were invaded, 22 killed,58 kidnapped and many more injured, topping it up, stores were robbed my point is, since the president disappearance things have changed ". He said with a calm and soothing voice.

"Are you trying to insult me and my ruling, you are a general right? Then take your men, sweet the town, make it a happy safe place to be MR know a lot".

"I don't mean it that way sir".

"Shut up - now get the hell out of my office". He said pointing towards the door. As the general walks out been disgraced.

At Nigeria.

Chinedu was writing his ssce exams to go to the university of intelligence MLA. After the closing hours, he walks home with his friends, Emeka, Tolu, Charles, Antonia And Jennifer.

On reaching home he greets his mum and goes in to freshen up and ate. At exactly an hour later he was talking to his mum.

"Mama am off to the farm, is there anything you would like me to buy on my way back home".

"My son you just arrived home. Biko rest please". Priscilla said with a frail voice.

"If I don't who will Mama"?

"Your siblings, of course, obim please rest".

"Mama I know where you are going to. Ehnn... Don't worry". He said his voice sounding from a distance.

"Hey this boy. Take care oh.."


"Dad we need to take the empire out of the country, I want it to be massive and known to the world, you know Dad". Gackson said.

" I will think about it later,as for now do tell Romeo to hire more men and endeavor to check up on my boys the Migos and give me feedback". Duke spoke with an accent that could not be placed.

"Dad are you listening to me ".

"Son I got things on my head, why don't we have this discussion later ". He said as he picks up his phone from a nearby table and dials his daughter number.


"Hello Dad". A pleasant feminine voice sounded from the receiver.

"Darling I've sent you your transport fare along with escorts you should be expecting them.".

" Dad there's no reason for escorts flying over, just to get me. Money you sent is just okay and besides I won't be coming back home so soon. Me and the girls are planning out".

"How long"?

"A month will do..... By the way how is my baby bro doing"?

"You know I can hear you flawrence". Gackson said with a joyful tone. "You do know am older baby si-si".

"Oh really, isn't it j–" As she was interrupted by Duke." Okay enough take good care of yourself".

"Am missing you all do hope on–" she said interrupted the second time.

"Bye ......". Duke said hanging up.

* *. *

On a Thursday morning Patience was preparing for work when she turned on the television and tuned in to News.

"This is the Hover– Town network news. The Hover –Town government has dedicated Saturday 15 June 2045 to peace workers for their reluctant contribution and effort, to the citizens of the country.

The HPD has brought a new way of handling and tackling crimes and criminals and criminal rate in the nation. The HID is still on the investigation on the missing president, and the missing cyclon bomb has not been found.Anr as well as it taker.

To sports. The road cycling competition will begin on Monday 17 June alongside the Hover –Town league.

To business. Hover–Town has risen to top 5 economically grown county in the business tree in Asia, The currently most sold resources is iron ore, and is sold at a hundred and twenty thousand Mular per Baron. These are the head lines please stay with us as we go on a brief commercial break, I am Davis Venneta".

She quickly runs to the kitchen to check the eggs she was frying.


"Sir the colour mixture on the hijackers wear.corresponds to some thing that I can't place what exactly." Isaac said.

"Which means......". Lucus said.

"Am thinking it is either a flag or logo. Sir this could be our starting point if we could figure it out".

"Check corresponding flags, logos or something".

"I'll tell sir smith right away." Carly said getting up.

"Hey... Get back here. It ain't valid yet. And can't lose an information at this point in And as for you all I want no leakages". He said now standing riveted to the floor " Aha that reminds me. Kaecee what about Patrick Gombit 's case"? He continued.

"Sir I came to find out he had a criminal cas Where he seemed to be unguilty. He was just noted to be a suspect as he was the only one close to and present when the cops arrived. The problem is his finger print biometrics was said to be on the body of the dead victim. Well he claims he he was checking for any sign of puls". She answered.

"was any story given about the attack, maybe a gang or something "?

"No sir, but there were stabs and they were eight in number ".

"Has anyone else been caught "?

"No sir, the cops still on it".


Chinedu waves his parents good bye and hugs his siblings Ngozi and Obinna, after listening to billions of advice.

"Bye son, be a good ambassador to the nation and your family, make us proud". Priscilla said her voice wavering and her eyes ready to pour out tears.

"Make Nigeria proud and remember that you are a man so do not chicken out". Olililianya said.

"Dad,mum i have heard all of your words". He replies.

"Brother endeavor to bring food on your way back home". Ngozi and Obinna said as a chorus unison. " And please do take pictures". They continued.

"I will, just take good care of our parents, do not forget to take good care of yourself".

Moments later.

They were all Gazing at the sky as his plane disappeared into the clouds. Later that night, Priscilla and her husband were having a discussion.

"Olililianya how will we come about the loan we took"? She said in a very concerned tone.

"The farm is there and besides my business, I make much from there. And with the few things you sell at the market. I will pay it off. Why speak in manner like we are so poor"?. He said.

"No am just concerned, well.....good night".

In Hover –Town

Phone rings!!

"Hello". Smith said.

"Sir we have been able to get clues on the hijack". Lucus said

" How sure are you"?

"Well Isaac screened out the color combination. And it corresponded to the German's".

"No company logo or anything of sought. This is serious".

"Well it was kind of blurry. Can not really say sir".

"Keep up the good work. Do not gi this clue out to any one".

"Okay sir. Am I permitted to tell the general"?

"Yes you may. We will continue this discussion later, am of to a meeting". He said hanging up.

– – –

Sofia and patience we're out at a fancy restaurant, by name, Jinx Eatery.

"So tell me, how was work today?" Sofia said.

"Ah...... Just always, nothing much". Patience replied." So how was yours". She continued.

"With all the treating, tearing,sewing. Huh....well okay". Sofia said as patience turns and waves to the attention of a close by waiter.

"How may I be of help ma'am". He said with a French accent.

"I need another pack of burger,some nachos and the best of your soft drink. Sofy do you need anything?".

"Okay. You will give me a packaged chicken fries, along with Chinese rice".

"Okay ma'ms your order will be with you in less than fifteen minutes"


"What's the laugh for sofy?"

"He said ma'ms like mums".

After eating Patience prepares to take her leave.

"Hey girl. What's the hurry, there is still time".

"Nah. I will be going. Working tomorrow".

"Oh...well am free till Monday girl"!

"That reminds me, have you're heard about the Russian stolen bomb. The search is still on". Patience said.

"Is it not just a bomb.why then so keen about finding it?". Sofia said

"We'll it is not business girl".patience replied.

– – –

Chinedu lands at the airport.

"Ah, what a beautiful place. Just like how I see it on news".

He locates a train station. While in the train.

"Sir would you like snacks, soft drinks or you will prefer champagne". A tender voice owned by a female, sounded next to him.

"Snacks would be fine". He said turning his gaze to see a pretty female attendant.

"I'll be right back". She turns to take her leave as he connects his ear piece to his phone.

"Now that's more like it".


As patience got home, and refreshened up to sleep. Three hours later at exactly 2:AM. She heard a very loud noise from her porch. Curious to know. She went to the door Mesmerized to see no one. Now afraid she hurriedly ran up stairs then noticing a black bag, she reached for it and opened it up. She saw cylindric substance, with some what of compressed blueish gas. She wondered.

"What could this be. I will check this out tomorrow and probably tell Sofia about it".

– – –

As Chinedu the Train was being rebelled many were injured and most killed.

"All of you Stay down". A man said with a raspy voice Waisting bullets on the floor. After some minutes a courageous man speaks up.

"How much more lifes will you keep on killing. Just steal and go"! He said.

"Hmm. As many as I can, and I think i will start all over again with you". The criminal said.

"Do it now or never". He said running towards the criminal.

"With pleasure". He said aiming for his head.


"Head shot". He Said. As people screamed in fear . As Chinedu flings his bag out the window.

"What did you do".

"Nothing man. Nothing".

"No you think we kids right"? Another spoke immediately.

" Well if you think you are, then you are". He said confidently.

" Hey, mind you mouth. Or you go down like the old man".

Almost instantaneously Chinedu was seen running, towards the direction of the last voice he heard.

[ 💥 BOOM ]

He pushes and jumps out the window. He rolls down the mountain and disappeared into the thick enclosures or the woods

"He ain't gonna survive that boss".

"I agree boss"

" Go prepare the stolen items for take off. We leaving soon, damn it dumb head". He said banging his hand on a chair.

Chinedu wakes up gently to find himself bleeding at the back of his head.

"Urgh... Where am I. Shit am loosing blood".


" How many information have you gotten Israel?" Lucas said.

" Nothing yet sir". He replied

"Damn it"!!

" How about we split in halves, Germany–". Phillips said

" Nice idea". Lucas said cutting Phillip short.

" No I solemnly disagree, if we go, we go as a team. Carly said.


A knock was on Sofia's door.

"Hey girl you did not tell me you were coming?, Come in". She said. After some minutes of girls talk.

"Girl I woke up to find this". Patience said opening the bag on the table. "I think it's an expensive jewelry or something". She said looking for an expression on Sofia's face.

"Well, we definitely can not keep this. Let's go to the cops". Sofia said immediately.

" Am afraid".

"Don't be, am will you". She says grabbing her car key swiftly "Come on". She says raising an eye brow and nodding to the door.


"Tell Romeo to supervise the construction of the underground basement. We got no time to loose son".Duke said.

" Yes sir". Gackson replied


As Chinedu constructs something for rest. His stomach grumbles. Thirty minutes later, he catches a rabbit and ignites fire.

"At least that will do for the night".


A strong breeze puts out the fire.

"Damn it, it was hard getting that fire on"! As he said yelling with all pent up frustration.

He manages to make a fire and seats trying to forget the lonely darkness and weird noises.

At bed time he was marvelled when he sees a monkey been chased by a pack of wild dogs. And he was aghast, alarmed and scared. The monkey got in his thatched hut he created. He swiftly held a long stick. Now stuffing dried leaves and tying inflames it for self defense and chases them away.

"Haaaa... Peace".

After coming back, he saw the monkey and chased it again, minutes later it came back again.

" Damn stubborn animal, leave my peace alone.....argh...."!!! He yelled so much veins showed on his face. He throws a stone at it. And it climbed the nearest tree. Later on he fell asleep.

The next morning he saw the monkey beside him sleeping as he woke up. He jumps up in fear and kicks it. It in return runs and screams off into the woods. He later locates a stream where he took his bath.

* * *

At Hover Town the general was been interviewed by the press.

"Sir what are you doing to retrieve the president"? A voice said.

"The HID are on it, all other information are confidential". He said almost immediately.

" Sir is he dead or alive "? Another voice said.

With a shocked face and furrowed eyebrows he said" No please, he is not dead". He said as his eyes widened with dread.

"How are we to know"? Another voice said.

" Please excuse me, I have a meeting to attend to".

" Sir please, sir, sir,sir,wait please, sir......." As journalist said chasing after him with their crew.

As his body guards guidee him to his office.

The general phone rings.

"Hello general, I just saw you on the the news". Smith said on the receiver.

" Yeah they have been asking just too many questions, we have been doing the best we can. It pains me to keep our citizens in the dark".

" Please send some troops to Afghanistan. They need our support you know that they are one of our good allies"

" Noted". The general said as the ends on rhy other side.


"Good day sir". Patience said.

"Good day ma'am how may I help you"? A voice said.

" Sir I woke up to seeing this...." She opens the bag" Neither do I know who owns it talk less of what it is". She said with a little panic in her tone. As she placed her right hand on to her forehead.

"Hmmm... Let me look at it" He said" where did you say you saw it again"? He said now holding it.

" In my apartment. Any problem"? She said as thoughts went through her head.

"As far as I know this is no ordinary bomb. This is the cyclone bomb🌀".

" Wait.... What"!!!! Patience yelled

", say what now"!!? Sophia said out as she and patience whot each other confused look.

"This can bring doom to earth, once blown. If it is melted with the atmospheric pressure or 1,248⁰c specially made by the Russians".

" Phew....what was the Russians thinking before they made this"?!!

" Ma'am I think I will have to take you in for interrogation".

Patience spoke loosing her balance" Interro..... what"?!

"Are you going to arrest her"? Sophia said with a tone of care and fear.

"Well depends. If she pleads guilty".


" As at what time did you notice the bomb in your apartment "? The officer spoke more steely.

" 2 AM". She said.

"What was it doing in a place like your apartment"?

" I don't know". She responded looking at him now.

" Who are your friends, neighbors, colleagues"?

" Sofia.... The lady outside, colleagues. I don't talk much with em... Neighbors most are harsh"

" Why don't you like keeping in touch with others, apart from your friends "?

" She is a trusted friend of mine and I was home trained that way"

" And why should I believe you "?

" Cause I don't indulge my self in matters not concerning me". She said now tired of the question. She prayed in her head hoping this could end." Just a bad dream ". She said as it sounded only in her head.

The officer picks a glove and wears it.

"Ma'am do not disclose this to anyone. Not a family or a trusted friend". He said. Soon she walks out nervous.

As the officer makes contact with the head of the a department. Russian department of security.

"Hello this is the Hover Town Police Department".

" How may I help you "?

" I am pleased to inform you that the cyclone bomb has been found ".

" Has any investigation been made and done"(

" We are still on that"

" While you on that I will send my ken over to get the bomb"

" It will not be anytime soon. When it is time I will notify you"

" Anyway my men will still come over to join in the investigation, period"

" Good day sir". He says hanging up

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