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The Legendary Unrivaled Warrior

The Legendary Unrivaled Warrior

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Seven years ago, Waylon astounded the world as a prodigious genius. Today, he stood as an unrivaled warrior, instilling fear in the hearts of his enemies far and wide. Yet, amidst the legendary feats that defined Waylon's life, a surprising twist emerged. At home, his controlling wife dismissed and belittled him, failing to recognize his true worth. However, when she saw him in the company of alluring women, possessiveness ignited within her. In a burst of panic, she declared, "Step aside! Waylon is mine!" A tale of shifting dynamics and hidden depths unfolds, where brilliance and power collide with unexpected desires.

Chapter 1 Honey, Please Hold On!

The story began in an upscale coffee shop in Lucset.

The coffee tasted bitter, yet the woman sitting opposite Waylon Cooper was breathtakingly beautiful.

She was dressed in a sleek business suit, and her stunning figure was showcased to perfection, with every curve in just the right place, devoid of any unnecessary weight.

Her face, naturally beautiful and without a hint of makeup, was flawless. Despite her reserved expression, she looked like a masterpiece, captivating anyone who saw her.

Her name was Debra Morgan, 26 years old, the head of Morgan Group, and the dream woman of many men in Lucset.

She was also engaged to Waylon.

Between them on the glass table lay a conspicuous check for one million dollars.

Debra said, "Here's a check for one million, ready to cash anytime. Take it and leave my life."

She extended her hand, pale and elegant, and pushed the check toward Waylon, her voice cutting through the silence, cool and detached, signaling her decision was final.

Debra was known for her assertive nature.

Yet, Waylon didn't even look at the check. His attention remained on Debra. He was seemingly captivated by her face and figure, as if nothing else mattered to him.

"Are you done staring at me?" Debra noticed his gaze, her brow furrowing, her voice turning icy.

"Almost." Waylon finally looked away, smiled, and said, "With your ample bosom and rounded buttocks, you're perfect for having children. It looks like you're just right to be my wife!"

"What?" Debra gasped, taken aback.

Her expression immediately soured, and she said, "Waylon, do you have the wrong idea? I wanted you to take this check and forget about me!"

"Oh, the check."

Waylon finally spotted the check, but after a brief look, he simply shook his head and said, "Rip it up. I'm not going along with this."

"Is it not enough?" Debra asked, her eyes filled with disdain. She had no patience for greedy men.

Waylon answered, "It's not about the amount. It's that I won't do it."

He boldly looked Debra over again, then grinned and said, "Our marriage was arranged by your grandfather before he passed away. A man's promise is important. Since I told your grandfather I'd marry you, I intend to keep my word."

Debra responded icily, "But I can't stand you!" Waylon's attention made her skin crawl. She couldn't fathom why her grandfather would want her to marry someone so repulsive before he passed away.

Waylon laughed and said, "As we get to know each other, affection and love will emerge."

Debra replied sharply, "I don't have time for that."

"But I've got plenty," Waylon said, playful in his tone.

"You..." Debra was a bit annoyed but quickly regained her composure. Her gaze was cold as she said, "We've never even met before today. Don't you think the idea of us getting married is ridiculous?"

Waylon couldn't disagree, responding, "It does seem a bit ridiculous."

However, he smiled and continued, "But like I mentioned, I made a promise to your grandfather, and I intend to keep it. Naturally, if you decide to go against your grandfather's wishes, there's nothing I can do to stop you."

"I..." Debra was at a loss for words.

How could she ignore her grandfather's wishes?

Her grandfather had insisted on her marrying Waylon before he passed away. And now, a month after her grandfather's death, Waylon showed up out of the blue. Rejecting him outright would seem disrespectful to her grandfather's final request. That was why she decided to get this unbearable man to back off on his own!

Debra said, "I won't disregard my grandfather's wishes, but..."

She slightly curled her lips in a mocking smile, imitating the way Waylon had looked her over before, and scoffed. "Do you really think you're good enough for me?"

Waylon replied earnestly, "Absolutely."

Debra echoed, "Absolutely?"

She was taken aback. She had hoped to intimidate Waylon with her status, expecting him to back down. But his overconfidence caught her off guard.

Where did his confidence come from?

She was Debra Morgan!

At just sixteen, she was already attending one of the top universities in the world. By eighteen, she had her master's degree in economics, and by twenty, she'd earned a Ph.D. in the same field. At twenty-one, after coming back from overseas, she took the reins of the Morgan Group. In just five years under her leadership, the company grew nearly ten times larger.

She was hailed as a business prodigy in Lucset, admired for both her intellect and her looks. The line of men trying to woo her could stretch from one city to another. Every year, her face graced the cover of the magazine that selected the most beautiful woman in Lucset.

And then there was Waylon. He was unremarkable in appearance, dressed simply, with nothing but his well-built physique going for him. If he were in a crowd, Debra was sure she wouldn't be able to recognize him.

Yet, he had the audacity to claim he was worthy of her?

That was ridiculous! Such a man deserved to be shown the door immediately!

"Mr. Cooper!" Debra couldn't help but laugh out of sheer frustration. "It seems you don't know me or even yourself well."

Waylon responded with a calm smile, "Don't you believe me?"

Debra stared at him, disbelief written all over her face. "How could I possibly believe you?"

"Then, how about we make a bet?" Waylon suggested.

Debra asked, "What do we bet on then?"

Waylon looked at her and replied, "If you haven't fallen in love with me within three months, I'll leave and never bother you again. We'll see it as me breaking my promise to your grandfather, not you being unwilling to marry me."

Debra needed to be sure and asked, "Are you serious?"

Waylon nodded and said, "Absolutely."

"You're giving me your word?" Debra responded skeptically. "Then, if I'm not in love with you after three months, you'll leave me alone on your own accord!"

Waylon, with a smile and a twinkle in his eye, asked, "But what if you do fall in love with me?"

Debra stated confidently, "That won't happen."

Waylon playfully challenged, "But what if it does?"

Debra didn't take long to answer. "If, by some chance, I do fall in love with you after three months, then I'll do anything you say without any complaints!"

Debra believed she could never fall for Waylon, so any promise she made seemed pointless.

Waylon gave her a sly grin and teased, "Well, I might ask you to do something interesting in bed."

"Ew!" Debra expressed her disgust.

Seeing the look in Waylon's eyes, she couldn't shake off some unsettling images that came to mind. She spat out in disgust and got up, determined to leave. Her disdain for Waylon deepened.

Waylon then called out, "Honey, please hold on!"

"I'm not your honey!" Debra retorted, feeling her skin crawl with anger.

Waylon, with a confident smile, argued, "In three months, you'll be my wife, won't you? Why can't I call you 'honey' then?"

"You're unbelievable..."

Debra realized this was the epitome of shamelessness as she faced Waylon. Yet, she didn't want to waste her breath arguing with such a lowlife. "Is there anything else you want?" she asked.

Waylon replied with a grin, "Hand over your house keys. I'll be staying with you for the next three months."

Debra was clearly not thrilled, questioning, "Why would you stay at my place?"

"Are you silly, honey?"

Waylon looked at her as if she were the odd one, explaining, "Me staying at your place is the best way for us to get to know each other. Three months will fly by. Don't you think we should give it a try, for the sake of not letting down your grandfather's memory?"

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