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The Invincible Protector

The Invincible Protector

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Seven years ago, Waylon astounded the world as a prodigious genius. Today, he stood as an unrivaled warrior, instilling fear in the hearts of his enemies far and wide. Yet, amidst the legendary feats that defined Waylon's life, a surprising twist emerged. At home, his controlling wife dismissed and belittled him, failing to recognize his true worth. However, when she saw him in the company of alluring women, possessiveness ignited within her. In a burst of panic, she declared, "Step aside! Waylon is mine!" A tale of shifting dynamics and hidden depths unfolds, where brilliance and power collide with unexpected desires.

Chapter 1 Hold On, My Dear Wife

At a high-end cafe in Lucset.

The coffee was notably bitter, yet the woman facing Waylon Cooper was undeniably stunning.

She wore a sharp professional suit that complemented her striking figure beautifully.

Her features were perfectly sculpted: an unmade-up face, luminous eyes, and a brilliant smile. Despite her typically frosty demeanor, she resembled a flawless sculpture that commanded attention.

Her name was Debra Morgan, 26 years old, the formidable chairman and CEO of the Morgan Group, and by many accounts, the dream woman of countless men in Lucset.

And she was engaged to Waylon.

Between them on the glass table lay a check for one million dollars.

"This check is for a million, cashable anytime. Take it and leave," Debra said in a cool, detached tone, sliding the check across the table, her decision seemingly irrevocable.

Debra had always been assertive.

Yet, Waylon barely acknowledged the check, his eyes instead fixated on Debra, from her face down to her figure, as if she were the only thing in the world worth his attention.

"Are you done staring at me?" Debra frowned as she caught his lingering gaze.

"Sorry about that." Waylon quickly shifted his eyes away, offering a cheeky grin. "You're hot, honey. Congrats on making the cut to be my wife!"

"What?" Debra looked taken aback, her expression darkening instantly. "Waylon, are you misunderstanding something here? I'm asking you to take the check and forget about me."

"Oh, the check?" Waylon finally noticed the check. He glanced at it briefly then shook his head. "Tear it up. I'm not accepting this."

"Is it not enough?" Disdain flashed across Debra's eyes. She had no patience for greedy people.

"No, it's not about the amount. It's just not right." Waylon gave Debra a long look, then cracked a smile. "Your grandfather arranged our marriage before he died. A man's promise is his bond. I gave him my word I'd marry you, and I plan to keep it."

"But I don't like you!" Debra's tone was icy, and Waylon's stare only intensified her disgust. She couldn't fathom why her grandfather had chosen such a repulsive man for her to marry.

"Love can be developed over time," Waylon said, chuckling.

"I don't have the time for that."

"I do."


Debra was seething with anger, yet she managed to compose herself. Her eyes were icy as she said, "We've never met before today. Don't you think this marriage is ridiculous?"

"It is somewhat ridiculous." Waylon gave a wry smile. "But like I told you, I made a promise to your grandfather, and I intend to keep it. However, if you decide to go against your grandfather's dying wish, I won't stand in your way."


Debra found herself at a loss for words. Could she really defy her grandfather's last wish?

Before he passed away, her grandfather had explicitly told her to marry Waylon. Only a month had gone by since his death, and now Waylon had approached her. If she outright refused, wouldn't that be dishonoring her grandfather's memory?

She was determined to make this disgusting man withdraw voluntarily.

"I have no intention of defying my grandfather's wishes, but..." Debra sized Waylon up, imitating how he had looked at her earlier, followed by a sneer. "Do you honestly think you deserve me?"

"Absolutely," Waylon replied earnestly.


Debra was taken aback. She had thought her prestige would intimidate Waylon into backing down. Who could have guessed he didn't think she was out of his league?

Where did he get such confidence?

He was absolutely audacious!

By the time she was sixteen, Debra had been admitted to the top university in the world, earned a master's degree in economics by eighteen, a PhD by twenty, took control of the Morgan Group at twenty-one upon her return from overseas, and increased the company's size tenfold within five years.

She was hailed as a genius in the business world in Lucset, a blend of intellect and beauty. Men vying for her attention could form a line from Lucset to Haxrough. Each year, she graced the cover of the magazine featuring the most beautiful women in Lucset.

And Waylon?

He was just an average guy, dressed simply, with nothing but a well-proportioned body to his name. Among a crowd, Debra was confident she wouldn't even be able to pick him out.

However, this man actually told her seriously... that he deserved her?

Such a man deserved to be dismissed on the spot!

"Mr. Cooper," Debra took a deep breath and said, her laugh tinged with irritation, "I think you're seriously mistaken about both of us."

"You don't believe me?" Waylon gave a slight smile.

"How could I believe you?" Debra looked at Waylon as though he was out of his mind.

"Let's make a bet then," Waylon suggested.

"How do we do that?" Debra inquired.

"If you're not in love with me in three months, I'll exit your life and never bother you again. Think of it as me breaking the promise to your grandfather, not as your rejection of my proposal." Waylon's eyes locked on Debra's.

"Are you serious?"

"I am."

"You're giving me your word?" Debra gave a cold snort. "If I haven't fallen in love with you in three months, you'll leave, right?"

"But what if you do fall in love with me?" Waylon squinted, a smirk playing on his lips.

"That's impossible," Debra stated firmly.

"I said 'if.'"


Debra considered briefly before saying, "If I fall in love with you within three months, then I'll agree to whatever you ask, even if it's eating shit."

Debra was certain she wouldn't fall for Waylon, so the promise seemed harmless to her.

"I won't make you eat shit, but I can't promise I won't put something else in your mouth." Waylon's smirk grew more pronounced.

"You are disgusting!"

Seeing Waylon's gaze, Debra couldn't help but think of some disgusting scenes. She spat, stood up, and was about to leave. Her disdain for Waylon deepened.

"Hold on, my dear wife!" Waylon suddenly called out.

"I'm not your wife!" Debra exclaimed, her voice tinged with fury.

"After three months, you will be my wife," Waylon declared with a confident smile.

"Bastard..." Debra muttered, feeling a deep sense of revulsion. She had seen enough of Waylon's shamelessness and didn't want to waste her breath arguing with him. "Is there anything else you want?" she asked.

"Give me your house key. I'll live at your place for the next three months," Waylon said nonchalantly.

"Why do you want to live at my place?" Debra asked, her reluctance clear.

"Honey, are you silly?"

Waylon looked at Debra with a puzzled expression. "I'll stay at your place to build our relationship. Three months will go by fast. Let's work together and not disappoint your grandfather, okay?"

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