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img img Modern img The Incredible Dr. Frederic Bosman
The Incredible Dr. Frederic Bosman

The Incredible Dr. Frederic Bosman

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Frederick Bosman is a reserved, hard working doctor who finds out about his unknown ability to cure any disease.this magical abilities which he inherited from grandfather.He then finds out he is betrothed to the granddaughter of one of the strongest empires in the city and this changes he lives forever. Freddy learns that he can cure anyone but himself as that is the catch that comes with his abilities. His grandfather who raised him becomes seriously ill, Freddy has to try to find a cure to his grandfather's illness while tackling his betrothed family in order to retain the agreements made by his grandfather Louis to Mr George Hardcastle, his best friend. Natalie, his betrothed, despises Freddy as she sees him as nothing but a gold digger and due to a misunderstanding despises him even more. Freddy realizes that all those who surround Natalie are after one thing or the other, so he tries his best to help her and eventually he becomes her pillar.natalie’s father Harry (not biologically related to her) realizes that his plans to take over the hardcastle’s empire would be destroyed by Freddy. He plots to get rid of Freddy by forcing Natalie to get married to Tony(Natalie's current fiance and her childhood sweetheart). Freddy sees through Harry’s and Tony’s plans and decides to stay with Natalie and help her out. He then realizes that the only way he would be able to help her, was to eventually marry her.

Chapter 1 A Secret To Tell

The alarm on Freddy’s phone kept ringing as Freddy tossed and turned on his uncomfortable bed.

He struggles to wake as he had a very tough day yesterday. He then sits up from the bed to reach for his phone. “4:30?” He muttered.

“Damn! I overslept.” Freddy added as he jumped off the bed to head for the bathroom.

Freddy hurriedly got dressed. He opened his fridge only to realize that he was out of food supplies.

“oh!''He sighed and headed for the door, just to realize his shoes were worn out, but he didn't have another pair.

Freddy took the subway and finally got to the hospital by 6:00 am. As he walked in one of his colleagues walked towards him.

“Freddy you are late.” He said with a stern look on his face. “Dr Han has a special announcement for us, hurry.” He said, as they both rushed to Dr Han's office.

Freddy was a bit nervous. “could it be the promotion?” Freddy thought to himself.

They both got to the office and knocked on the door. As they both walked in, Dr Han looked a bit sad.

“Good you two are here.” He said in a low tone. “I have an announcement to make.” He said as he cleared his throat.

“Freddy, Barry, you two will now be surprised by Kelvin.” He said with a stern look.

Freddy and Barry looked at each other puzzled by the information they had just received.

“But I don't understand Dr Han, Freddy was the one who was to be promoted to become the next supervisor.” Barry said confused and pissed.

“I know, but there's really nothing I can do. I got the information from the chief of the residents himself. I can't go against him.” Dr Han added.

Freddy stood there silent. “But Dr Han, Kelvin is still a rookie with no experience.

He just started working here 3 months ago whereas Dr Freddy has 2 years experience and he is really good at surgeries too.” Barry added protesting.

“I know, I am really sorry Freddy. Maybe there will be better luck next year.” Dr Han said, trying to be optimistic.

“I understand Dr Han. Thank you for all your help.” Freddy said disappointed.

As Freddy and Barry walked out of Dr Han's office, all he could think about was how hard he worked towards getting the promotion but all his efforts proved to be nothing.

“Sorry Freddy.” Barry said, but he was too deep in thought to hear him. “Freddy, can you hear me?” Barry realized he was deep in thought.

“Yeah, thanks Barry. Sorry I was just…” Freddy was still talking when his phone started to ring. He looked to check who was calling.

“Please excuse me Barry, I need to take this.” Freddy said as he moved towards a more quiet environment.

“Hello grandpa, is everything ok?” Freddy asked, as he felt it was quite early for him to call.

“Freddy!” His brother exclaimed on the other end of the call.

“Yes Ted? Is everything ok?” Freddy asked, now feeling a bit worried.

“No Freddy actually…. Fred, can you just come here today?” He asked in a bit of a tense voice.

“Today!? But I can't just leave work like that.” Freddy said, surprised by his brother’s request.

“I know, but you really have to leave work Freddy. It's an emergency. I…I…I…can't do this on my own…” Ted replied trying to restrain himself from saying much.

“Ok Ted don't panic, I will be there soon.” Freddy gies back to Dr Han's office to ask for a 3 days leave as his grandpa's was in the countryside and a bit far from their city. Dr Han granted him leave.

Freddy hurried back home to get a few of his belongings and took a metro. After 4 hours on the train he finally got to Balam, the name of his town. He took a cab to his grandfather house

His grandfather's house wasn't so big or beautiful but was better than where Freddy lived in the city.

Freddy sighs as memories of his grandpa raising him and his brother, since they were both orphans. Freddy had promised both of them a better life.

He sighed hard as he walked close to the door. He remembers that he still had the keys to the house and reached for his bag.

Only to realize the door was already opened.He opened the door and saw everything a bit scattered.

Freddy thought there was a break in. Looked for the nearest thing he could grab which was a cooking spoon. He creeped slowly towards his grandpa’s room where he heard a sound.

As he walked into the room slowly, he sighed in relief that it was only his grandpa there. He then heard a sound on the door. It was Ted who was holding a bag full of medication.

“Freddy! Thank goodness you are here. Grandpa is getting worse and I couldn't deal with it much longer.” Ted said looking worried and tired as he dropped the drugs and sat on a chair.

“Don't mind Ted, he is overreacting. I told him to call you because I wanted to talk to you, that's all.” Mr Louis, Freddy's grandpa said.

“Yeah right, but instead you started to cough and couldn't even talk, so I had to do it for you.” Ted said feeling a bit pissed that his grandfather was trying to hide his health status from Freddy.

“Ted take this money and go buy some breakfast for yourself and your brother.” Mr Louis said, trying to get Ted out of the house. Ted took the money and left.

Freddy knew his grandpa wanted to discuss something with him but he was unsure of what he was going to say.

“Freddy, there's a secret I have to tell you. I don't think I have much time left, so the sooner you know the better.” He said, as he coughed a little.

“Grandpa, calm down you can tell me later but for now I need to check you.” Freddy replied. Trying to examine him.

“No Freddy it can't wait, I must tell you today. I really don't have much time.”

“Grandpa,” Freddy said looking at his stubbornness.

“You and I have a special ability.” He said further not listening to Freddy.

“You have powers, Freddy and I mean it literally. You possess a very powerful skill to heal any type of disease.” He added, more serious this time.

Freddy's stethoscope fell from his hand as he was shocked by his grandfather’s statement.

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