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Mine (mated to an enemy)

Mine (mated to an enemy)

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Mine Mated to an enemy Synopsis Jason Owen's POV Running through the woods in the late night, I can feel something pulling my wolf down to the stream even though I tried to restrict it. But the wolf himself wouldn't listen, this kind of pull I feel is different from the other kind of pull I have felt before. Wondering what could be wrong or maybe it's my Alpha's instinct that's at work and one of my pack member is there in danger, I thought surrendering to the pull as I let my wolf take control of my mind. The more I run towards where the pull is coming from, the more happiness wash through me which makes me wonder the more about what's happening where I am heading to. Running towards the place, o was hit with the smell of strawberry mixed with orange coming from the same spot am running to. Just as I was getting nearer to the place, I can here the cry and whimpering of someone (a gril) Hearing that alone only makes me run there with full speed. Reaching the stream, I saw a gril trying to shit then I realized who she is. Mate? I thought aloud making her turn her head around. "Wtf! An enemy daughter!" I yelled shocked and angry... TBC What do you think he would do with his little pretty mate?

Chapter 1 Mine 1

Ivy Finlay's POV

Waking up,I couldn't stop this same feelings which kept coming raising in the pit of my stomach as I turn around on my bed.

It shouldn't have been a day like this,this should have happened a week ago,I thought squeezing my face as I sit up on my bed.

Gently not to make the pain more than before,I get off my bed and make my way to the bathroom which was just 8 feet away from where I am sitted.

Even with the 8 feet journey,I can feel my stomach crumbling and roaring for me to stay where I am.

In just less than fifteen minutes,I was able to reach the entrance of my destination but not yet to my destination which is extra eight feet to where I am standing.

Just kill me,I thought as I groaned in pain silently making my way to my destination or should I say pratically crawling there.

Once I sighted the toilet,I quickly yank my nightie off then jump onto the toilet sitting on it in the process.

"Fucking mother nature,why today of all days huh?"I caused rubbing my stomach as I release every damn thing in the stomach of mine.

Using like extra ten minutes to sit on the water closet, I finally get up and clean up myself then flush down everything in there before moving forward to my bathtub to mix my bath.

Once I was done with that, I entered it then allow the hot soapy water do the work of making me feel less tired and unease.

Sitting in there while thinking of my love life story, a tears slip down my eyes as I remember my most awful memory and experience about love.

Just can't believe that's how my life turn out to be, one minute am happily loved by my boyfriend and the next minutes, he is betraying our love.

The relationship we have been since when I was six now, he is 18 while I would be turning mine in the next two months which means we have been together for twelve years now.

Twelve years of being inlove, getting mad at each other, make in up especially the part of our make up sex .

Whenever we are mad at each other, we make up with sex when we see no one is ready to say sorry between the two of us and once we reach climax, we both confess our love for each other and that would be all about our disagreement or fight.

No one would even know whenever we are mad at each other because that's when we would be clingy the most knowing we might later end up with a make up sex, none of us would stay away from each other then.

Although, that's the most beautiful and heartwarming sex you will ever enjoy because during that time, the both of us would want to push pass our limit inorder to show who the boss is.

And once we both push pass our limit, we would both be away to say those hateful words and release every emotion running through our mind during that time.

But after reaching out climax, we will both collapse into each other warmth whereby we talked about how much we truly cherish each other.

Saying those sweet things that would make one heart melt away and forget one's sorrow,anger and how broken heart we were before then this love feeling would actually kick in.

During that process, we would both fall asleep in each other's arms and wake up in each other's embrace the next day or that same day.

How cute we were, I thought wiping my tears away with the same soap filled hand.

But now, it's all gone just because of a stupid culture and abnormal things that happen in my own world.

I wonder why I can't have him, we are just a little bit closer to being together and getting married in the next one year but now, it's just me been single once again.

Blowing my nose, I bath myself then rinse off the soap in my hair before stepping out of the bathtube.

Entering the bedroom back, I make my to my closest where I picked out one of the five clothes I have left which I bought myself.

He bought everything in my Waldrop for me aside these five clothes which I have been wearing since we broke up a week ago.

Now, both my closet for clothes, shoes and bag are empty while looking like a broken soul which I am right now.

Putting the baggie round neck top and short on, I pack my hair then carried my bag packed with the hope of stealing one of my brothers sneakers in my mind.

Once I was done arranging my bedroom, I picked my keys then lock the door before tiptoeing into my brother's room.

Once I got there, I pick out the black sneakers which looks like a unisex shoe to me. I was about tiptoeing out of his room like the way I entered, when I heard his voice call me back.

Turning around with a sheepishly smile, I hid the shoe behind me.

"Good morning to you too brother, how was your night?" I asked throwing him my charming smile.

" You can as well bring out the shoe you came to steal." He said sitting up on his bed.

Useless wolf hearing, I thought rolling my eyes before bringing out the shoe I kept behind me.

"I can hear your thoughts." He said again.

"Fine, you caught me." I said with a pleading eye then he wave it off before making his way into his bathroom which means I can have it.

"Thanks honey." I said then he snorted while I laughed.

Making my way downstairs after dressing my shoe, I was greeted by the last person I wanted to see right now.

"Morning ivy." I heard right before me... TBC

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