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img img Billionaires img Contract Marriage with the Billionaire After Divorce
Contract Marriage with the Billionaire After Divorce

Contract Marriage with the Billionaire After Divorce

img Billionaires
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"You thought you would hide forever Meg? I have found you and you must come with me" Natalie growled. He pulled Meg closer to his body. "Don't lay your stinky hands on me" Meg screamed as she tried hard to get out of his grip. "Does my hands stink? Then I will show you how stinky it can be" Natalie said and slapped Meg hard on the face. The sound from the slap made everyone turn toward them including Marco who was coming out of his office with his best friend Ben. "How dare you slap my wife," Marco's thick voice sounded in the entire hall. Everyone froze and stared at Meg. None of them knew that she was his wife. Even Meg was shocked that he made their marriage public. Marco came closer to her and wiped her tears away. He kissed her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He stared at Natalie and roared. "What are you waiting for? Take him away" Instantly two hefty men grabbed Natalie and dragged him out of the hall. Meg was stunned. "Does Marco have some feelings for her?" She wondered.

Chapter 1 Let go of me!

"Let go of me!" Meg yelled, pulling her arms away from Natalie's grip.


"How dare you disobey me? I paid your family well for this marriage and you must do as I say" Natalie retorted.

Meg's tender cheek burned and turned red. She gently caressed it with her smooth palm. Tears welled up in her eyes as she opened her mouth to defend herself, but Natalie did not give her such liberty.

"What? Say one more word and I will send you to the grave" he shrieked.

He held her tiny arms tightly and squeezed them so that she had no room to escape.

Meg sobbed, the pain was unbearable, but there was no way she could fight back considering the manner he clutched her arms.

"You are hurting me, Natalie" she whispered

"I can as well have you killed, and your parents will do nothing about it. Cross my line next time and you will have yourself to blame"Natalie sneered and shoved her hard.

Meg didn't see that coming, she had a great fall and almost broke her core.

"Ouch," she cried out, holding her hurting waist.

Not satisfied with his cruelty, he went after her again, this time determined to be more brutal with her.

Unfortunately, Natalie felt a strong arm clasp him up and smack his back hard on the wall that stood behind them before he could get near her.

He waggled in an attempt to free himself from the intruder, but the stranger held him firmly.

It was at this point that lightning glimmered and Natalie was able to get a peek at his cold and unfriendly face.

"Lay another finger on her and you will be a dead man," the stranger muttered coldly.

His tone was void of any emotions, thick and dry was his voice. Cold chilly ran down Natalie's spine. Never in his life had he seen a man so intimidating with the allure of power and arrogance.

Glancing at his shivering body, the stranger shoved him hard, this made Natalie bang his ass on the ground. That was when he regretted bullying his wife outside the empty street.

The man then turned to Meg who was still whimpering on the floor and leaned to her level.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

Meg nodded her head. The man gently pulled her up to her feet.

"I will take you to the doctor," he whispered.

"No, thanks. I will be alright" Meg mumbled.

"Do you mind riding home with me?" He asked

"Don't worry, I will find my way home," Meg

replied. Looking toward Natalie.

"Are you sure you want to be with him"? The man asked following her gaze

He stared coldly at Natalie who was still sitting on the floor skulking and dared not make a move.

Meg nodded her head again. She was too weak to talk and also too surprised to see Natalie so calm and humble before the intruder.

Natalie doesn't know who the stranger was and so can't afford to offend the wrong person. He kept muted and watched the stranger conversing with his wife as if she belonged to him. He can only swear to deal with her later when they get home.

However, as if the man read his mind he turned to Meg and said.

"You can always find me in Marco's group if he troubles you again," he cast another murderous stare at Natalie and strode towards his car.

Natalie was relieved when he finally entered his car and drove out. He glanced at Meg with contempt. Meg thought he was coming back for her, but to her uttermost surprise, Natalie stood up and strode toward his car.

Meg followed behind, but before she could come closer, Natalie entered the car and zoomed off.

Leaving her alone in the dark and lonely street. Meg tried running after the car, but Natalie sped into the major road without looking back.

Meg was dejected and confused as she gazed at her husband's car driving deeper into the main road.

Another set of tears filled her eyes. She peered around and saw herself alone in the middle of a murky boulevard, fear gripped her. The tears in her eyes started dripping down.

"What will I do now?" She thought in her mind.

Without seeing anyone around, and the sky not smiling at all, The whole star suddenly vanished from the sky leaving its tails of thick cloud behind. Meg waited for a cab but found none in sight.

Thunder rumbled indicating that it was about to rain. She then made up her mind to trek home before the downpour began.

Another set of lightning flashed, and that was when she noticed her company, a drunken fellow staggering and sauntering towards her. He looked unkempt and ragged, his appearance frightening Meg the more.

The fellow saw her and smirked revealing his rotten brown teeth which Meg couldn't see in the dark.

Meg's heart skipped in rapid succession and she began to tremble. She promptly shifted in the opposite path and headed towards home.

The drunken fellow joined her path, discerning his presence behind her, Meg quickened her step.

Astonished at the man's increased speed, goosebumps filled her membrane,

"Was he coming after me?" she muttered in fear and battered emotions filled with wild creepy thoughts.

To answer herself the question, she pulled out her slippers and started racing forward.

The fellow groaned and raced after her. Like a predator running after his prey. Seeing his reaction, Meg got arrested by fear, the effort to push forward brought her to the floor.

Her companion grinned mischievously and slowed down a little with the confidence that he had conquered her. Grabbing the opportunity, Meg, sprang up from the ground and sped at high velocity.

Her lungs tightened and her throat dry, her breath threatened to cease due to lack of oxygen, but she refused to give up despite her discomfort.

Seeing her predator coming closer gave her the motivation to continue running until she got to the end of the street and smartly swerved left at the same time, the rain began to fall, obscuring her vision and making her bump into hard and stiff objects, she was instantly brought to a stop.

"Can't you see?"

A familiar cold voice sounded in her ears. She perked up and saw the stranger standing before her.

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