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img img Romance img Accidental Affair with the CEO
Accidental Affair with the CEO

Accidental Affair with the CEO

img Romance
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Cheated by husband, betrayed by friend and rejected by family. It all came down to her inability to conceive within three years of marriage. She was tagged a barren woman and they made it appeared like a plaque, she has no place to hide her face. Her husband got divorced on the account that he wants to be with someone else, who will bear him a seed, someone who will show the fruit of his hardwork and masculinity and the only woman he choose was the closest person to his wife. Elena was broken, shattered and wounded. But she made a decision, she would move on, she will not accept the fate imposed on her as a barren woman. And humanity cannot decide her fate! This is the story of Elena Scott and the happy life after…

Chapter 1 A ray of hope

Elena Sander smiled broadly. Finally there's a 99% assurance from her doctor that she will be pregnant. She'd waited for three years, undergone several therapies, taken different medications so as to get pregnant.

Thank goodness that Rukky introduced her to this new gynaecologist in town. Her sweet friend was so certain that he would help her find a solution to her unfruitfulness.

Several scans had revealed that she was alright and Andrea was alright too. But she cannot understand why they couldn't make a baby.

But it appears the disappointment will be over in a month's time. Different ovulation trackers from different gynaecologists and therapists were on her phone.

There aren't any months when she doesn't wake up to track her ovulation. It's the first thing she does in the morning and obviously the last thing before sleeping at night.

And to know that she's at the peak of ovulation that day, she's more than willing to try it out with Andrea. She's certain and believed the words of this new gynaecologist, that she would be pregnant.

She called Andrea but he wasn't answering his phone. He must be so busy at work. She can't wait to inform him of the assurance from the doctor.

She doesn't know just how to thank Rukky if everything turns out good and she becomes pregnant. She'd always stood by her these past three years and gives her moral support and encouragement that everything will eventually be alright.

As she drove into the vast compound of her home, she was surprised to find Andrea's car in the parking lot and her mother in-laws car next to it.

“They're home” Elena Sander mumbled as she alighted from her car. That would be better to explain everything to Andrea than telling him on the phone.

As she pushed the door open, she saw three adults in her sitting room. She smiled broadly but two of them just glared at her with resentment and the third person sat with her back to her.

“Hello Mother”Elena Sander chimed and went closer to hug her Mother inlaw but the latter raised her hand and stopped her midway.

“It's nice that you arrive sooner than we had expected” Alice Sander snapped at her and eyed her before hissing out loud.

Elena was dazed. What had she done wrong? Looks like she'd offended her mother and turned in the direction of her husband, perhaps he would help her out when she saw Andrea kissing the woman whose back is turned to her.

“What?Andrea!” Elena blurted.

Her husband locking tongues with another woman right before her eyes? They didn't seem to be bothered that she was surprised, they simply continued, kissing each other.

Elena rushed over and yanked the woman off her husband but when she saw her face, she staggered backwards, her complexion went ashen in shock.

“Rukky!!!” She exclaimed.

Her friend, the one she thought had turned into a sister was right in her home, seated in her sitting room and kissing her husband right before her eyes?

No wonder the back view of the woman appeared familiar to her. Elena opened her mouth and glared at her friend. But the latter, rather than feel remorseful, glared at her and hissed between gritted teeth.

“You had better shut that mouth of yours and not let fleas get into it. What is making you stare at us like you saw a ghost?” Andrea scoffed, sitting and crossing his legs.

“What is going on here?” Elena was finally able to find her voice. She didn't seem to hear what Andrea said, her eyes were just fixed on Rukky.

“I only know you are barren, are you also gullible? Are you so daft not to read the handwriting on the wall?” Andrea snapped at her and stood up angrily.

Meanwhile he continued “Ok, I'll assume you are stupid not to have fathomed the whole scenario you just witnessed. I and Rukky are in love and more than that, she's carrying my baby.

The one thing I have been expecting from you for the past three years. Rukky is going to be giving me that. I'm going to be a father, Elena”

What, a father, by her bestie, Rukky? Elena couldn't describe how much of a flood of resentment that flooded her heart towards her friend of twelve years.

She lost her composure as she advanced towards Rukky, who was still seated and yanked her up violently. But Andrea intercepted her and pulled Rukky off her grip.

A deafening slap landed on Elena's chin and she staggered backwards and hit the floor with her ass. Her vision went blank and for a few seconds, she was only able to see nothing.

“How dare you lay your barren fingers on my woman? You think it's so easy to carry a life in the belly, if it was, wouldn't you have carried one yourself?

I tolerated your barrenness. I wasted my manliness on you and what do you give back to me, nothing besides every month of menstrual flow.

And now you want to hurt Rukky? You want her to miscarry and become useless like you? How dare you Elena!” Andrea seethed.

Elena gradually helped herself to her feet. Her eyes had gone reddened. There were fingerprints on her chin and that part of her skin had turned red as well.

“It was not my fault, Andrea. I also want to get pregnant. I also desire a baby. Why couldn't you…” she was saying when he interrupted her in fury.

“Whose fault then, Elena? It wasn't my fault either that you are barren. I can't remain with you without trying myself with someone else. I need to know my ground on the issue of fertility”

“And you have to choose Rukky of all the women in the world? You couldn't tell how fertile you are with someone else except my childhood friend, Andrea?” Elena blurted.

Andrea is mean and heartless. Rukky, her friend, comes in and goes out with them? Everyone around her knew just how much she was so fond of her friend and he gave his body to her?

“I want someone I could trust,” Andrea defended. He turned away. That's the only ground on which Elena could win against him.

“And Rukky is that woman who can be trusted?” Elena asked and turned to glare at her friend. Andrea trusted her. He trusted a woman who betrayed her friend and opened her legs to her friend's husband?

That's the kind of woman he trusted? That's the woman her husband had been cheating on her with. Elena simply turned around and left the house:

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