The Beloved Wife of Mr. Lu
img img The Beloved Wife of Mr. Lu img Chapter 1 Flash Marriage
Chapter 6 This will always be your maternal home. img
Chapter 7 How could you let your newlywed husband stay in a hotel img
Chapter 8 Senior Brother, I got married. img
Chapter 9 Invite colleagues to dinner img
Chapter 10 You'll have to get used to this kind of intimacy sooner img
Chapter 11 Warm husband img
Chapter 12 Meeting with a best friend img
Chapter 13 I will be happy. img
Chapter 14 A gift from a good friend. img
Chapter 15 Lu's grandfather's phone call img
Chapter 16 His remarkable family background. img
Chapter 17 Meeting the parents. img
Chapter 18 The good moment was interrupted. img
Chapter 19 relation img
Chapter 20 Fancy way of marrying a wife. img
Chapter 21 Unstoppable Wealth Luck img
Chapter 22 I'm unwilling to let her down. img
Chapter 23 I will never allow you to betray me. img
Chapter 24 Such a bestie img
Chapter 25 You've fallen for Lu Chen, haven't you img
Chapter 26 Severe stomach illness. img
Chapter 27 I will never do it again. img
Chapter 28 envy, jealousy img
Chapter 29 Jealousy img
Chapter 30 Why should I be afraid of my own wife img
Chapter 31 Car accident sequelae img
Chapter 32 Housewife img
Chapter 33 Unconsciously, it has become a habit. img
Chapter 34 Entanglement img
Chapter 35 be genuinely involved in her future. img
Chapter 36 This girl had very poor vision in the past img
Chapter 37 Mr. Lu is perfect for selling jealousy. img
Chapter 38 A little episode in the supermarket img
Chapter 39 Care from leaders img
Chapter 40 Accidentally heard someone else's private affairs img
Chapter 41 Tenderness before parting img
Chapter 42 Acacia img
Chapter 43 I'll deal with you when I get back. img
Chapter 44 Go with the flow, and everything will fall into place. img
Chapter 45 Ambiguous morning img
Chapter 46 carefree appearance img
Chapter 47 Half of the property img
Chapter 48 Your taste has gotten worse. img
Chapter 49 A sharp-tongued and formidable mother-in-law img
Chapter 50 His narcissism is inherited from his mother. img
Chapter 51 Midnight call img
Chapter 52 Don't spoil her too much. img
Chapter 53 A well-behaved grandchild is only a matter of time. img
Chapter 54 Birth father, Mo Pingshan img
Chapter 55 To set foot in the Mo family once again. img
Chapter 56 a slap img
Chapter 57 Can we not fall in love img
Chapter 58 I'm afraid I'll fall in love with you. img
Chapter 59 Come into my arms. img
Chapter 60 Warm companionship img
Chapter 61 Let's have a romance that never ends. img
Chapter 62 Accompanying a lifetime. img
Chapter 63 Lu Chen's warning img
Chapter 64 cocktail party 1 img
Chapter 65 cocktail party 2 img
Chapter 66 Reprimanding An Shi img
Chapter 67 conflict img
Chapter 68 Lu Chen arrived. img
Chapter 69 Everyone was shocked img
Chapter 70 truth img
Chapter 71 Mrs. Lu felt jealous. img
Chapter 72 The age gap is just right. img
Chapter 73 change of attitude img
Chapter 74 That distant memory img
Chapter 75 His lover is his chief secretary img
Chapter 76 His knack for persuading people img
Chapter 77 He felt fortunate; she felt jealous. img
Chapter 78 The eldest young master of the Lu family img
Chapter 79 The awkward two old men. img
Chapter 80 Mo Nuan's First Time Cooking img
Chapter 81 Celebrate Lu Chen's birthday img
Chapter 82 Mother's will img
Chapter 83 Lu Ming's death is related to her. img
Chapter 84 Falling in love with Lu Chen img
Chapter 85 The cruel truth img
Chapter 86 Planning to go and relax img
Chapter 87 Lu Chen chases after img
Chapter 88 seaside vacation img
Chapter 89 Astonishing words img
Chapter 90 make a confession img
Chapter 91 Letter of Introspection img
Chapter 92 Mother-in-law talks to her img
Chapter 93 Great Mother img
Chapter 94 Xiner img
Chapter 95 Curious about how he sees her. img
Chapter 96 Essential Course for Families img
Chapter 97 How many years have you been holding this in img
Chapter 98 Psychotherapy img
Chapter 99 Nightmare img
Chapter 100 Make things clear. img
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The Beloved Wife of Mr. Lu

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Chapter 1 Flash Marriage

B City.

The man's hand never let go as they walked out of the civil affairs office.

Mo Nuan looked at the marriage certificate with their photos on it, still feeling it was unreal, like a dream.

The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she became. "Mr. Lu, you're not divorced, are you? Or do you have some hidden illness?"

Given his incredible looks, women would surely flock to him.

She really couldn't understand why he was still unmarried in his early thirties and why he chose her, an ordinary woman. It didn't make sense.

Lu Chen paused, pursing his lips. "Isn't it a bit late to be thinking about that? Your name is already in my spouse column. Do you want to be a divorced woman?"

Mo Nuan had done the most unbelievable thing in her life, and now her whole body was tense, her mind in a fog, unable to think clearly.

Hearing his answer, she nearly choked.

Impulsiveness is the devil. She must have lost her mind today to inexplicably get a marriage certificate with a man she had known for less than a day!

However, on the path she chose, she had to walk, even if on her knees.

As if seeing through her worries, Lu Chen said, "Mrs. Lu, put away those wild thoughts and worries. I won't engage in domestic violence, I won't have affairs, and I'm not divorced. As for the hidden illness, I don't mind proving it with actions in the future."

Mo Nuan's face turned red. This man really knew how to be righteously shameless!

Wait a minute.

"What did you just call me?" She seemed to have heard "Mrs. Lu" just now.

"Mrs. Lu. Did I call you wrong?" The corners of the man's mouth lifted slightly.

Mo Nuan coughed lightly and turned her face away. He wasn't wrong; she had indeed taken his surname.

But the formal title felt awkward, no matter how she heard it. Calling her by her name felt more real.

"Give me your phone."

Mo Nuan knew what he was going to do and handed her phone to him. She watched as his long fingers quickly entered his number into her phone and then called himself.

"I have a business meeting tonight, and I'll be busy for the next two or three days. Once I'm done, I'll come to pick you up and visit your family to discuss our situation."

Mentioning this made Mo Nuan's head hurt. She really didn't know how to explain it to her aunt and uncle. Who gets married so randomly?

They'd definitely cause a storm when they found out.

"I live with my aunt and uncle. They are my only family."

Lu Chen didn't ask further and just responded, "Okay."

Mo Nuan inexplicably breathed a sigh of relief. She really didn't know how to explain her messy past.

She wanted to go back on her own, afraid her aunt and uncle would find out.

But Lu Chen insisted on taking her back, his reason being perfectly legitimate: "You're a married woman now. If I let you go back alone late at night, what would people think of me as your husband?"

Mo Nuan was at a loss for words and couldn't find a reason to refuse.

This man always hit the nail on the head with just a few words, leaving her unable to argue. Mo Nuan wondered if she would be completely under his control in the future.

The car drove to an old neighborhood on the third-ring road. Lu Chen frowned at the deep alley. "Do you walk through here alone at night?"

Mo Nuan's hand tightened around her bag. "Not always. If I work late, my uncle or cousin will come to pick me up."