Billionaire's Desire
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Billionaire's Desire

Jeclyn Karl
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Chapter 1 Kayla's pov

Kayla's POV

I rushed through the hall back to my office and Liam looked up at me like I was crazy. I started searching for the files I had misplaced and I couldn't find any of them. "Ohh goodness, why does it have to be today of all days?"

"You lose your files almost everyday and you end up finding them where you least expect." His little voice said as he turned back to watch his cartoons.

He was right. I might have misplaced it while I was taking a break or something. My gaze went straight to the snack bar and my eyes fell on the stack of files I was looking for. "Oohh my goodness, why do I have to be this forgetful. Thank you baby." I kissed Liam's cheeks and rushed out of my office to attend to the customer demanding the files.

Everyone knew I could be absent minded because I spent most of the hours in my day working or taking care of Liam, nothing more. No fun, no time to rest, I barely even slept. I wasn't complaining, in order to keep my interior design company running to the top, I had to do all my best.

We are sitting comfortably at number two and I hated that. I have spent too much time trying to elevate my business than to sit in the top two.

"You have to start taking a break Kayla. It is for your own goods." The young lady before me said as she handed me back the file and I gave her a small smile.

"I will try." I replied and she shook her head.

"You say that everytime and you end up burning yourself out every week and still refuse to take a break." She said with a frown and as I was about to speak, Liam climbed up the chair next to me.

"She is burning out less these days. I'm old enough to take care of myself so I make things easier for her and now she gets complete eight hours of sleep." He said and I looked shocked and worried.

"I slept for eight hours?" I asked and he hummed. The little boy, despite just being five, had the mind of an adult. He was my little personal assistant and makes sure I don't run out of my mind everyday.

"You should get more rest daily momma. Or you'll end up getting six months of rest in bed." He said and Anna hummed as she walked past me, handing me a couple of files.

"He's right. We will soon start locking you out of the office, maybe you will get some rest." She said, "And by the way, there are new customers in the lounge waiting to sign a deal with you. Should I tell them you'll be down in a few minutes?"

"Yes thank you." I gave her a warm smile and Liam wrapped his arms around mine.

"I want to go with you." He said with a teary eye.

"Let's not get started on this Liam. I can't take you with me to see my clients." I replied as I stood up but he wouldn't quit. He threw himself on the floor and started whaling loudly. "Fine, fine. Let's go." I let out a sigh and he giggled with pure fulfilment.

I walked down the stairs with Liam and I could see those waiting for me. I knew if we signed more big deals with more celebrities, Nova Interiors will surely beat White Rock Interior out of top one.

"Miss Kayla." The french accented man said with a smile as he extended his hand. "You even look beautiful in person."

As he said that, Liam grabbed my leg with a pout. "I only tell her that, not you, mister." He said and I immediately closed his mouth.

"I am so sorry about him, sir. Thank you very much for choosing Nova. How may we help you?" I said, leading him to the sofa to discuss.

As we discussed, Liam sat next to me gently, listening to every single thing we were discussing.

"So we will sign this contract. The whole estate, fifty billion dollars?" He asked and I nodded gently before he signed on the dotted lines. "Nice doing business with you, miss."

"I don't like him." Liam said as the man walked out of the lounge. "He is too forward."

"In this business, it is not about who you like and who you don't like Liam. Everyone helps grow your business as much as you do by yourself. Without them, you don't rise." I said to him and he hummed gently.

"That does make sense." He replied and Anna walked into the small room in the lounge where we were sitting, handing me another file.

"We have a new VIP guest. Should I send him in?" She asked and I nodded without looking at the name stated in the file.

Liam was kneeling on the chair, looking out throughout the glass window. "Ohh my goodness, he looks so handsome. Momma."

"Yes baby?" I replied with my gaze still focused on my phone.

"Will I look just like him when I grow up?" He said and I immediately turned my head to see the individual he was talking about and blood drained from my face.

I never expected to see him here again after all these years. He stood there with his men before walking towards our direction. It would be a very bad idea to run now because he already saw me and his eyes didn't leave me till he entered the room.

"He is even more handsome up close." Liam whispered as he sat back gently.

I stood up with my hands trembling as he stepped to stand opposite me. His hands were in his pocket and he looked at me with a small smirk.

"We meet again, Kayla. I'm sure I don't need to introduce myself again."

Of course you don't need to. Who on earth would forget the one and only Tristian Ravenford.