Chasing His Ex-Wife
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Chasing His Ex-Wife

Nia Tessy
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Chapter 1 In Distress

Nelly stood in front of the imposing buildings of Vintage Companies and a soft sigh escaped her lips. She made her way to the reception.

"How may I help you, miss?" the receptionist asked.

"I'm here to see Ivan."

The receptionist was taken aback. She didn't add the usual 'president' to his name.

"She must be his girlfriend," she thought.

She decided to be extra nice and polite to be in her good books. She offered her a seat which she declined. She called the president's office and soon, Nelly was ushered in.

Standing side by side with Ivan, she thought of how best to state her mission.

"I promise to give an interest of one million dollars as soon as we are able to get out of this crisis."

"A million dollars? Do you think I'm lacking money?"

"Fine then. What do you want please?"

Ivan smiled and said,

"Marry me."

"Marry you? Are you crazy?"

Ivan looked on. He didn't utter a word and he didn't seem offended at her outburst. He knew she would eventually come back if everything worked out according to plan. Nelly realized she was the one who needed help and quickly became calm.

"Ivan, I know I haven't been the best person to you. But please, this isn't time for revenge. My father is dying and I can't let that happen."

"Revenge? Did I mention anything like revenge?"

"That's obviously the only reason you want to marry me. Ivan, please."

Ivan smiled in his heart. He was happy to finally have Nelly beg him. It had always been the other way round. He had a fair share of trouble when he worked at her father's company. She didn't spare any chance she got to humiliate him.

Once, she had slapped him in the public and called him a good for nothing fool. A lot of people were there and he swore he could see the mockery in their eyes.

Why wouldn't they mock him? His clothes were old and tattered, contrasting sharply with the designer clothes which the rich in the premises wore. Her friends even joined in to make mockery of him. That day, he wished for nothing but the ground to open and swallow him.

Not once, not twice did she threaten to fire him, nothing he ever did was pleasing to her. Her father, Nathan Stratford, doted over his daughter and believed in her judgement. She made him see no good in him and together, they made work difficult for him.

Another time, she had spilled drinks on him at a party simply because he showed up a minute later than was expected. She turned him into her driver and he had to comply because he needed the money.

He looked at Nelly who was standing before him. She has been ripped of her pride, she was now begging him. He was no longer the ordinary Ivan whom she humiliated. He was now the most powerful CEO in the country.

"Marry me and I will foot the hospital bills and help to save your company from bankruptcy."

"I will never marry you!" she yelled and stormed away in anger.

Nelly watched the drip enter her father's veins slowly. The doctor's words kept ringing in her head.

"Miss, you need to be fast and pay the bills. He needs an urgent surgery. Also, you have to complete the initial payments or we will have to send him out of our hospital."

"Doctor please, save my father. Do something to keep him alive. Please, I promise to raise the money soon," she pleaded.

"You have a week to do that. If you can't pay the bills, you transfer him to a local hospital where you can afford it. Excuse me, I have other patients to attend to," the doctor answered and walked away.

She looked at her father again and tears ran down her beautiful face. She held his stiff hands and wept. Her father was in a coma and needed surgery as well but she had no money to pay the bills.

Their company suffered a huge blow that left them bankrupt a few weeks after her father fell ill. The crisis was very sudden and she knew it wasn't unaccompanied by a higher power. She was yet to find out who was behind it. The situation exacerbated the old man's ailing health.

Her phone rang, shattering the silence of the ward. She was in no mood to take calls but it was her childhood friend and best friend, Ash Kent. She never declined his calls.


"Common Nelly, cheer up. It's going to be fine."

Ash was quick to detect the pain in her voice.

"How can I, Ash? My dad is dying. He's the only one I have left in this world, Mum is gone, I can't lose both parents, Ash," she said and broke down in tears.

"Don't cry sweetie. It hurts me to hear you cry. Your dad is going to be fine. Have you thought of any other means to…"

"I have thought of every possible way but none worked or seemed practical. Aidan could have helped but we just broke up and you know the story too well. I am tired. I have done everything, Ash, my father can't die.. What should I do?" Nelly broke down in violent sobs.

"Alright, get a grip on yourself, I'm coming over."

"No, no need. I will be fine."

"No you won't, baby. I need to be there."

"Ash, I'm alright. Don't bother yourself."

"Nelly? Are you sure you are fine?"

"I am. Don't worry about me. I'm fine."

She put down the phone and held her father's hands and squeezed them gently. The tears flowed freely down her face.

"I promise dad, I will raise the money for your bills and get you treated. Just hang on."

Two hours went by and no doctor or nurse had come to check on her father. He was being neglected because of unpaid bills.

No! Her father can't die. She must save her father even if it costs her happiness and pride. She grabbed her car keys, looked at her father one last time and left.

She will go back and tell Ivan that she has accepted his proposal. But what would become of her after that?