I Will not be your Submissive!
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I Will not be your Submissive!

Naulis Machado
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Chapter 1 1

Pov Fernando.

Who am I? Fernando Laureti, as my mother says: the joy of the family, the one who usually has a smile to give or a joke to tell, but the reality is very different, and the reason is: the sexual monster she turned me into. I met Astrid on a business trip, fell in love with her and became her object of pleasure, until that damn day she told me she didn't love me, that I was a toy to satisfy herself, and that she would marry my brother. Since that day, I have a clear motto in my mind; Don't fall in love, don't trust those precious pearls with long hair and fiery legs, enjoy them and get as far away as you can.

"Are you going up?" Reana, one of my eleven submissives and the one with whom I like to enjoy and discharge my most desires, asks.

I look at her with a sideways smile, watching her big brown buttocks move to the rhythm of her walk.

I lick my lips and stand up, coming out of my silly thoughts.

There's constantly an emptiness in me

that suffocates me, something that I can't fill and that completely overwhelms me, but, even so, I try to find out what it is.

I stand up and, like the obedient child I'm not, I follow her to my playroom. When I'm there I feel like the most powerful man in the world, I feel invincible, like nothing can ever happen to me, and I definitely love that.

"Take off all the earrings that cover your body," he ordered hoarsely.

The excitement in my body boils like fire in the fireplace. I still can't understand how I can never get my fill with anything, it's as if I were a pervert that no woman manages to turn off the heat that emanates from my body.

I watch Reana take off her clothes, nervous. She's scared, she knows I'm not the sweet Fernando here, she knows that I'm the fucking master here who will tame her body to the point of being satisfied, and that she'll have to obey me because that's how she decided to.

I gently take it from his hand and place it in one of my machines, one of my favorites, my Berkeley Horse, a machine where his neck as well as his face is exposed to me, his hands at the sides of his shoulders, no mobility, no possibility of escape.

I walk to look at her. His ass is exposed to me, but my lust screams at me to see marks on him, not fuck him, yet.

I move at a fast pace to one of the drawers, and look for a multi-tailed whip, so as not to leave such a strong mark on it, although it is what I wish, I will not hurt her more than her body can bear.

I look at her shiny buttocks and stroke them with my whip. I see her stirring, uncomfortable feeling my movements. His ragged breath because he knows what's coming turns me on more, I'm ready and that's when he hit his buttocks, once, twice, three times.

I feel something that fills me completely. I take a deep breath to see her marked buttocks. I smile pleased and stand in front of her. I see her lick her lips because she's close to my penis. I know she likes the size, I know she likes me to fuck her mouth until she cries, and her cheeks burn with pain.

I caress his lips and put the tip of my head in his mouth. She begins to open her lips, and I begin to tuck my entire member into her juicy mouth.

"Ahhh! I moan with pleasure burying my entire long penis in her mouth and starting to fuck her hard.

Her tears run down her cheeks. I know it hurts, I know she feels like she's drowning, and she likes that, but I definitely like it a lot more.

I pull away from her and watch her choke up. His eyes look at me with fear and that pleases me.

I know he'd like me to return the favor with my tongue, but I've never kissed a woman's folds, not yet, I don't know what it feels like and I don't know if I'll ever know.

I pull her out of the machine, and touch her tiny vagina. It's so wet that my penis would fit into it so easily

"Fuck me now," he pleas, his legs shaking.

"Silence," I command softly, as soft as a silent bolt of lightning that doesn't like to repeat things more than once.

I drag it to another one of my machines. Yes, my playroom is huge, it has about nine imported machines, big and many small ones that I've lost count of. I know, I'm completely crazy, but this is the only thing that keeps me alive every day of my sad life.

I tuck her between the shackles and pull them with the remote control. Reana's vagina is so exposed that there's nothing she can't see of her. My mouth gets wet just looking at her and my whole body lights up.

He smiled to me and I ran to get a vibrator. She opens her eyes wide, she wants my penis, I know, but I won't give it to her so easily.

I put the device on her clitoris and watch her remove.

My body fills with spasm as I see her stirring with intensity, her gaze begs me not to stop, and like a good master I increase my speed.

"Master! She screams, feeling the orgasm run through her body and I tense abruptly at the sight of her.

I see a white liquid coming out of her body and she trembling helplessly. Yes, I love to please my submissives, it fills me to torture them and give them the greatest pleasure, and the greatest pain that their bodies endure, because I know that after that, it will be my turn to satisfy.

I push the vibrator away and look for an egg that I insert without warning into her, and then penetrate her. I don't care if she's exhausted, the monster inside me isn't, and I'm sure she won't be for a couple of hours, because, this is what he is, the great Fernando Laureti, an insatiable monster.


I look at the time on the wall clock and reach for the glass of red wine in my hand. This feeling of loneliness after such a heavy dose of sex doesn't go away with anything.

I inhale the scent of my apartment office, then wipe away a tear on my cheek, which wants to come out.

"Are you going to sleep with me today?" Reana asks outside the office.

Whenever I fuck her those are her questions, but my answer is the same.

"I don't like sleeping with women, Reana," I say affectionately. I try to stay away from them," I joke and she sighs resignedly.

I'm not as bad as you think, I'm sweet outside of my playroom, or so I try to be.

I watch her go away and drink again until I'm tired.

When I open my eyes, the sun streaming through my window tells me the time.

"! Andrea, you're waiting for me today at Amber's fashion house! I exclaim, getting up suddenly.

I rush out into the living room, and the figure of Demetrio Laureti is sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee.

Fear invades me completely, a prisoner of the fear that comes from knowing that he has discovered my darkest secret.

"Father, when did you arrive?" I ask nervously.

"Sit down," he commands, and I do. My parents are the only created people in the world who can kill me and to whom I will not say a single word, the reason: I respect them too much.

"I, I'm sorry...

"I'm disappointed in you, Fernando, you're going to be twenty-five and you're still living your life as if nothing in the world matters more than women," I try to protest, but his cold eyes tell me I shouldn't. I want you in France, I will give you the company that is there for you to manage, and work hand in hand with the manager in charge.

I lower my head, annoyed and happy at the same time, because it would be the first time my father has given me a company. I'm tired of being a puppet. I'm the only one of the triplets who isn't given a company to manage one hundred percent.

"No, it's better for me to work as a boss, and that woman is in my charge," I say angrily. "When are you going to consider me for the family business?" I say this with a lump in my throat, which chokes me, but finally manages to get it out.

"When you prove to me that you're not a fucking promiscuous person, that you're only willing to take any woman to bed," my father says annoyed.

I sigh resignedly, because strangely I know he's right, I'm tired of this shit, although, I don't know how to get out of this.


Fernando got off the private plane and directed his steps to the company that had been assigned to him. Her light hair moved in the breeze, and her blue eyes looked at everything curiously.

Anyone who looked at him could deduce that he was an Adonis of evil, his hard and perfected features, or simply from the surname that adorned his names, he was predominant.

He entered the building, and began to read the directions left to him by Filibert, his father's right-hand man.

"Staff meeting," he read the time on the form. It's late, I'm late," he exclaimed, going up the elevator, under the gazes of people who wanted to know who the man who looked like a fucking Greek god was.

He hurried into the boardroom and sat down at the head of the table, still looking at the files, until a female voice caught his attention.

"Are you new to the company?" Fernando looked up.

A beautiful woman, who immediately set fire to his body, spoke haughtily to him.

"Yes, any problems?" He asked with a smile that could move half the world.

"I'm not going to tolerate you being late for your first day of work, do you hear me?" She walked over to him.

Fernando could see the woman's gray eyes staring at him intensely, her pink lips pursed and her piercing countenance.

"I don't have to explain it to you," he smiled with laughter.

"Do you think I'm a clown to make you laugh in my face?" She asked, placing her body close to Fernando.

Fernando looked at the woman's breasts sticking out of her shirt. They were round and prompted him to touch them.

"No, it's just that I think it's so funny that such a beautiful woman should be so bitter.

"Look, sir, I don't allow you to disrespect me, you're suspended from your work, I'm the manager of this company and I'm not going to allow it.

"You're who?" Fernando asked in a mocking tone.

"I'm the manager of this...

Fernando looked at the staff who were stiff as statues and smiled wryly.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Fernando Laureti and I am the owner of this company.