Married to the President
img img Married to the President img Chapter 1 Raped
Chapter 6 Pregnant img
Chapter 7 Left a message img
Chapter 8 Theresa's Return img
Chapter 9 Unhappy Marriage img
Chapter 10 Saw Theresa again img
Chapter 11 Thinking about Theresa img
Chapter 12 First day in School. img
Chapter 13 Met Theresa img
Chapter 14 Rosa and Lanre. img
Chapter 15 at the amusement park. img
Chapter 16 Auctioning img
Chapter 17 Coincidental meeting. img
Chapter 18 Gone for a DNA. img
Chapter 19 Don't cheat. img
Chapter 20 Took them home. img
Chapter 21 Surprice Call img
Chapter 22 Daddy's Story img
Chapter 23 Comfirmation One (Are They My!!! ) img
Chapter 24 Confirmation Two (They Are My) img
Chapter 25 Please hear me out first img
Chapter 26 She Feels Like Ripping his Flesh Off His Bones img
Chapter 27 Has anyone bullied you img
Chapter 28 Where are your manners img
Chapter 29 The Promise img
Chapter 30 The Escape img
Chapter 31 I Loss Everything To Him img
Chapter 32 Things We're Going To Be Different img
Chapter 33 Get Together img
Chapter 34 Did my brother bully img
Chapter 35 Only he is going to have her and none else!!!!!!!! img
Chapter 36 Lu Jingli has been sleeping with Theresa Mo img
Chapter 37 Is she his slave img
Chapter 38 I hate you. img
Chapter 39 Resignation Letter img
Chapter 40 I want to break up my engagement img
Chapter 41 She's stubborn. img
Chapter 42 Let Me Help img
Chapter 43 She felt empty img
Chapter 44 Tim Li is having a fever img
Chapter 45 You have too many do's and don'ts img
Chapter 46 Parents have Of Confess Their Love To Each Other Publicly. img
Chapter 47 start a relationship with me img
Chapter 48 Let's be lovers img
Chapter 49 Where Are Those Bastards img
Chapter 50 My Woman img
Chapter 51 How Did You Know img
Chapter 52 Plan Towards Your Wedding. img
Chapter 53 She Has Lost Her Pride Before The Li's img
Chapter 54 Someone Call The Police img
Chapter 55 Is He In Love With Her img
Chapter 56 I Am Going For Surrogacy img
Chapter 57 You Are Looking Better My Love img
Chapter 58 What Goes Around Comes Around img
Chapter 59 We Have To Agree To The Breakup img
Chapter 60 Another Child img
Chapter 61 I Can’t Pull It img
Chapter 62 Love Me Too img
Chapter 63 Unfertile Woman img
Chapter 64 The Rejected Soul img
Chapter 65 Forgiveness img
Chapter 66 I Am Not So Weak In My Willpower img
Chapter 67 Where Did I Go Wrong img
Chapter 68 Feeling Sleepy In Broad Daylight img
Chapter 69 I Promise To Make It Up To You img
Chapter 70 You Are Gorgeous My Love img
Chapter 71 what can I do for you img
Chapter 72 The man only looked and not that he touched img
Chapter 73 Am pregnant img
Chapter 74 solution to my predicament img
Chapter 75 Are you feeling a little alright now img
Chapter 76 Do you want to get drunk img
Chapter 77 I love him now img
Chapter 78 the fun began img
Chapter 79 I love you Theresa, img
Chapter 80 She mustn't abort that pregnancy. img
Chapter 81 I will terminate the pregnancy img
Chapter 82 take revenge img
Chapter 83 I don't want a cheque img
Chapter 84 I have 50% of the Mo's business now!!! img
Chapter 85 I have lost to you both img
Chapter 86 Tell me everything Junxie img
Chapter 87 Your Son has betrayed img
Chapter 88 We will use him to fulfill our desires img
Chapter 89 I totally disagree img
Chapter 90 you think you won img
Chapter 91 who was that woman img
Chapter 92 enjoy your new woman. img
Chapter 93 Where's my girlfriend img
Chapter 94 Divorce paper img
Chapter 95 Does my presence irritate img
Chapter 96 Does her presence irritate img
Chapter 97 You are been intoxicated by love. img
Chapter 98 An happy period img
Chapter 99 Is it love img
Chapter 100 Everything is going to be divided img
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Married to the President

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Chapter 1 Raped

The Sunlight shone upon her tired face. She opened her eyes wearily and felt weak and tired. The sun rays poured into her eyes, and she shut them quickly.

Gradually she opened her eyes gently and allowed it to adjust to the light in her surroundings. Where is she?

She raised herself to a sitting position and tried remembering what happened. She lifted the quilt and was surprised when she found herself naked. What happened to her? Why is she here? When did she pull off her dress?

She remembered vaguely that Tiana had helped her into a room last night. She didn't remember anything else besides…

Ah! Someone had taken advantage of her, she'd been raped! She lifted the quilt again and checked herself.

She had thought she was dreaming, she remembered a man was thrusting into her totally immersed in the pleasure of love making. He was strong and masculine.

The kisses and then the moaning. She remembered it like in a dream,mumbling and pleading with him not to leave her.

Oh gosh, how can she turned herself into a cheap casual woman? How can she get entangled with a total stranger to the extent of pleading for more of his thrust, enjoying the pleasure his dick was serving her slippery pussy.

The hickey, the blood stain and the pain of being torn only proved that she had been taken.

She is married and there is no way she can excuse herself or explain to Lu Jingli that she had lost her first time to someone else.

She stood up quickly, picked up her dress on the floor and dashed into the bathroom. Just then Lu Jingli walked in with his mother and Tiana.

"That's right, she had really been taken. Take the photos of the blood stain bedspread and let's leave" That's Lu Cherry.

She's Lu Jingli's mother. " I have enough reason to divorce her and be married to the love of my life"Lu Jingli chimed and held Tiana close to his heated body and kissed her.

"Easy my love. We will be married soon and I will become yours fully. My sister has been pushed out of the way"Tiana Mo said, sounding really excited.

Theresa Mo heard their words and couldn't believe her ears. Her husband and sister connived together against her?

She waited until the sound of the footsteps had gone far before she walked out of the bathroom with her dress on. She hurried her steps and walked away.

Hardly had Theresa Mo left when Pascal Lee got into the room. He checked through and didn't see anyone.

"Hello boss, the woman is gone. But I will show you the proof of her innocence" Pascal Lee said and took photos of the blood stain on the bed.

Theresa Mo has always been a strong woman. She had married Lu Jingli out of an arranged marriage.

They were only four months old in marriage. Though they didn't love each other, they agreed to nurture their feelings for each other first before going intimate.

But despite the fact that she hadn't gone intimate with him, it doesn't make her less his wife. But she can't imagine that Tiana would set her up so as to be with her husband.

Theresa Mo arrived home in a taxi and went into the house: