You Are Mine, Omega
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You Are Mine, Omega

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Chapter 1 1

Allison P.O.V

"Stop staring at him." My best friend Teresa told me as she shook her head.

I averted my gaze from Ethan Iversen, who was chatting with his friends at the specific table in the right corner.

My eyes were always on him which he could never see.

He was the soon-to-be Alpha of our Moonlight Crown Pack and I was just an ordinary Omega.

I was sitting in the canteen of our school with Teresa. It was our break time so we came here to chit-chat.

I sighed and turned my head to Teresa.

"I was just-"

"Yeah yeah, you were looking around and your eyes suddenly fell on him." She said and chuckled. I smiled and looked away.

Teresa was my best friend. She knew everything about me.

"You are this pack's beta's daughter. He can't let you down." She let out.

I shook my head. "No, I want him to look at me as an ordinary girl, not as his father's beta's daughter."

"You are beautiful. He will love you back for sure. Otherwise, I will break his nec-"

"Ssshhh. He will listen to you." I pressed my hand over her mouth to stop her.

It was time for our next lesson to begin. We walked to the classroom.

It was a Brand Promotion class. The best part was that it was one of the few classes where seniors and juniors could sit together.

I was waiting outside with Teresa when I saw Ethan headed this way.

I gasped and waited for us to enter together, not knowing whether we would be able to sit together.

I was ready to enter the classroom when I felt a push from my right side and collided with Ethan.

He gripped my waist and pulled me up straight. His veiny hands and muscular arms were wrapped around me. I nearly passed out. His warmth completely enveloped me.

My attention was drawn to his fair forehead with a little fringe scattered, a sharp nose, and dark eyes.

"Are you okay?"

I could hear him. I realized I was staring at his attractive features. He was in his fourth year of our 'Moonlight University'.

In contrast, I was a first-year student. Everyone glanced at us as they came to a halt.

I took a step back after clearing my throat.

"Y-Yeah, thank you." I responded timidly.

He nodded and walked inside the classroom.

I could see other girls glaring at me. They were all madly in love with Ethan. He was the most handsome boy they had ever seen and cherry on the top, he was their future Alpha.

But I did not like Ethan due to his attractive looks or posture. I liked him since he once saved my life when I was in danger. Who knows what might have happened if he had not saved me?

"How was that?"

A whisper was heard. I twisted my head and softly punched Teresa's arm.

"Ouch! I was expecting a kiss on the cheek from you. But you are slamming into me!"

My best friend was attempting to matchmake me with Ethan, just as she had pushed me towards him moments ago.

"He will get angry. Teresa, don't do that again."

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "I am not sure how you are going to win his heart with such candor."

I laughed and locked her arm with mine. We walked inside the classroom. The class was completely crowded. I looked for a seat and saw a few vacant chairs. Unfortunately, they were not near Ethan.

We walked to our seats, which were rather far away from Ethan's.

The professor arrived and began our class.

"Dear students, today we will learn how to select the best sponsor for your product. You must choose the best backer for it."

I concentrated on the lesson. I paid close attention in every lesson. I wanted to do well in school and make my parents proud.

"Like Alpha Ethan, he is the face of our school. We are fortunate to have him here." The professor said.

Everyone, including me, was staring at Ethan.

He scowled and said, "Ethan"

The professor was perplexed by what he had just said.


"Call me Ethan."

"Yes, yes. It's a great honor." The professor grinned.

Everyone tried hard not to chuckle.

"Begin buttering! Everyone around here loves to butter him. Huh!" Teresa murmured.

After hearing her remarks, I burst out laughing. I saw Ethan concentrating on his book. But I might argue that his focus was not on the book and that he was thinking about something else.

He was a reserved person. We were familiar with each other. Not only was my father his father's beta, but he was also his father's closest buddy.

But Ethan had a past.

Ethan was not the son of our current Alpha, Neil Iversen. He was the son of Alpha Neil's brother, Evan Iversen.

However, he lost his parents when he was just five years old. Alpha Neil accepted him totally after that.

Everyone described Ethan as Alpha Neil's shadow. Alpha Neil wanted him to be the pack's next Alpha.

But there was something more.

Alpha Neil has a son as well. He and Ethan were the same age.

Everyone knew Alpha Neil and his son Ryan Iversen had a strained relationship.

Ryan was also someone I knew. I had not seen him since I was eleven years old. It had been almost eight years since his father had sent him abroad.

"Will you go tonight?"

I emerged from my thoughts. "Huh?" Teresa was the one who asked the question.

"Ryan Iversen is returning today. Seniors are giving him a welcoming party."

I scowled. "He is not even a student at our school."

"He will join our school," A girl in my front seat said to us.

"We observed that four pack fighters came to see the Dean today, and a professor told our boys that Ryan is our new transfer student."

"I see." I muttered.

Ryan was not the same as Ethan. He was the complete opposite of him. In our childhoods, I only witnessed him become furious at everyone.

"Will you accompany me?" Teresa asked.


"Consider it. Ethan is definitely going."

When I glanced at Ethan, I sighed. He was now focused on his phone.

After all the classes, Teresa dropped me off at home since my house was on her way.

I saw there was no one in my house. I dialed my mother's number.


I said as soon as she received the call. "Where have you gone?"

"Are you back at home, honey? You must be starving. Enter the kitchen. I made you lunch before I came to the pack house."

"Pack house? What brought you there?"

"Ryan is returning today. So Luna Ella contacted me to ask if I could help her in cooking her son's favorite foods. You know how much Ryan used to like my food when he was a kid."

"Okay, mom."

I hung up the phone.

My mother adored both Ethan and Ryan. My mother was also friends with Luna Ella, therefore we were really close family friends. We went to every gathering and celebration together.

I went to my room and took a shower. Following that, I had a late lunch.

Teresa came to my house in the evening. I was dressed casually in blue jeans and a loose black shirt. My hair was pulled back into a high ponytail. I did not want to draw attention to myself.

"Let's go." I said to Teresa.

We hopped in her car and drove to the club where our seniors were throwing the party.

We walked inside the club. My attention was drawn to the smoke and the loud music. I had never been to a club before, so it was a whole new experience for me.

"Let's go out and have some drinks." Teresa remarked, pulling me along with her.

I saw that practically every popular student in our school had attended this party.

Suddenly, I saw Ethan conversing with someone.

"I am coming right away." I said to Teresa before walking up to Ethan.

We were not strangers; we were family friends.

I approached him and came to a halt behind him.


He turned to face me. I smiled at him, but then I saw his ex-girlfriend Julie standing in front of him.

"Yes?" He asked.

I had no idea what to say to him or how to greet him.


He just nodded his head and turned around without replying. I took a step back, but I could hear the girl.

"You know her?"


"Like she is someone who can be yo-"

"She is not my type."

I overheard his response. Did he know I was still standing behind him? How could he possibly say such a thing to others? I was not his type? Why?

I clenched my fists. My tears had made my eyes glossy.

Nothing was clearly visible to me. I saw a haze. I took a few steps back.

My back was suddenly crushed against a hard chest.

I turned back right away but could not see anything since I was in tears.

I blinked a few times, and my vision started to clear.

I saw a pair of black eyes staring at me.

My gaze was pulled to the facial features.

Black hair, a strong jawline, thick brows, and a fair and clean face.

I saw his eyes going down to my clothes before returning to my face.

Then I heard his deep, icy voice.

"Who are you?"