Rich Guy's Super Lavish System
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Chapter 8 Ch. 8

David brought Pearl to a Porsche dealership.

When the two of them walked through the door, a beautiful saleslady walked over to them.

She spotted the two of them got out of a Benz G-Class, and judging from what David was wearing, he looked like a rich kid.

Thus, she asked enthusiastically, "Sir, Miss, are you here to buy a car?"

"Yes!" David replied.

"May I know what model you're looking for?"

"Do you have stock for the Porsche 9112"

"We do."

"Take us to have a look."

"Please come with me, sir."

The beautiful saleslady brought them to a Porsche 911.

"We have two of them right now, one in red and one in black. May I know which one you want to look at, sir?"

David scanned the cars nonchalantly and answered, "I want the red one. Get me the invoice now."

"Huh?" The beautiful saleslady was stunned. He did not even look at it and was buying it? He was so rich that it was insane.

"Sir, are you not going to take a look at it first?"

"I did. The red one is pretty nice."

The beautiful saleslady had been working here for so long and this was the first time she was seeing someone buying a car like this. He only glanced at the exterior. He did not even look inside before asking for the invoice.

"Alright, sir, please come with me."

Then, the saleslady led the duo to the front desk and started telling David the performance of the car.

"Sir, this red Porsche 911 is the latest sport's car with the highest specs. It is equipped with a six-cylinder flat twin-turbocharged engine... "

"Before she could finish, David interrupted her, "Alright, enough. No need to say anything more. Just tell me how much it is."

"May I know what setting you want?"

"Just get me the best one."

"Alright, please wait. I'll calculate it for you."

Two minutes later...

"Sir, the total is 3.28 million dollars."

After he paid, David and Pearl sat on the sofa to wait for the staff to go through the procedures.

Pearl figured since David came to buy a car, he should want her to drive the car for him. After all, he could not drive two cars back on his own. Even though she did not know why he chose red, she still suggested, "Darling, I don't think red suits you. Why not the black one? I think the black one suits you more."

"It's not for me. It's for you. I think the red one suits your temperament, Miss Pearl," David answered with a grin.

"For me? Darling, are you joking?" Pearl asked in shock.

"Do I look like I'm joking? This is for you."

"No way, this is too expensive. I can't accept this." Pearl quickly rejected.

"Miss Pearl, since you're calling me your darling, you shouldn't be so modest with me. You also know this money means nothing to me. It's just a meal or two. If you reject this, then can we still have fun together in the future?"

"Um. .. Alright. Thank you, my dear David!"

Pearl was ecstatic. She was currently driving a 100 thousand dollar car, while her annual salary was only 5 or 600 thousand. Her rent every month, her clothes, and her makeup would take up half of her pay. Furthermore, she still had a little brother who had just graduated and was still unemployed, so she would send all of her remaining money back home.

Thus, even if she looked beautiful and polished outside, she did not have a lot of savings. She could never afford a luxury car like this also. Besides, any woman would like a red Porsche 911.

The beautiful saleslady walked behind them and heard their conversation. Right now, she was looking at Pearl with envy. She also wanted someone who was as extravagant as David who could give her a luxury car worth more than three million dollars without batting an eyelid.

"Sir, please give me your identification card or your identification number. We'll help you apply for insurance and register for it."

"We'll just use yours, Miss Pearl." David looked at Pearl and said.

"David, this isn't appropriate, right?"

Even though David was buying this car for her, Pearl thought David would only let her drive it around. She did not think he would register the car under her name.

If that was the case, the car would belong to her. At this moment, Pearl was a little light- headed from this sudden surprise.

"Didn't I say I'll buy it for you? Do you think I'm joking?"

"Well, okay then. Darling, thank you so much!" 'Pearl handed her identification car to the beautiful saleslady.

About ten minutes later...

The beautiful saleslady walked over again.

"Sir, it's done. This is the key and the document. You can drive it away now."

"Miss Pearl, take it. Let's go."

After David said that, he got up to leave.

When Pearl got the document and key, she went over to the car.

The two cars drove on the road next to each other.

Not long after, David, who was in front, received a call from Pearl.

"Darling, where are we going now?"

"Should we go back to the hotel for lunch now? But I'm not that hungry."

"I'm not either," replied Pearl.

"Do you want to go to my house?" David asked.

The two of them drove to South River International Residence. After they parked the cars, they walked to Block l.

Of course, Pearl had heard about South River International Residence. Plus, it was near to her work, so whenever she walked past this place, she would look at this place with envy. She could only dream about owning a house here.

Even though this dream was very far away, it would be good enough to come in to have a look.

When they got into the elevator of Block l, they went straight to the 27th floor.

Even though Pearl was mentally prepared before she walked in, she was still stunned by the extravagance in front of her.

There was a brilliant chandelier above her and one of the walls of the lobby had been into into a huge french window facing River Leeds. Furthermore, the sofa, the television, and the painting were all incredibly luxurious.

Pearl would be willing to lose ten years of her life just to live in such an extravagant house.

"Please sit," David asked Pearl to sit before pouring her a glass of water.

"David, darling, your house is so beautiful. River Leeds at night must be very beautiful from this angle, right?" Pearl asked while pointing at the french window.

"It's fine. You can come anytime you want if you want to look at it."

"Really?" Pearl asked in disbelief.

"Of course! Right, where are you from, Miss Pearl?"

"I'm from Cloud City. I've been working in River City for three to four years."

"Have you bought a house here yet?"

Not yet. The housing prices here are so expensive. I don't even know when I can afford it," Pearl sighed ruefully.

"I think you should be able to get a mortgage on a house in River City with your salary, right, Miss Pearl?" David asked curiously.

"Actually, my salary is not that high, and I still need to take care of my parents and little brother. I need to pay rent, and my clothes and makeup are not cheap, so that's why I can't save much money," Pearl said in a sad voice.