Rebirth of the Genius Doctor and Businesswoman
img img Rebirth of the Genius Doctor and Businesswoman img Chapter 1 Regenerate back to Fifteen-year-old
Chapter 9 Be a Special Enrollment Student img
Chapter 10 An Accident img
Chapter 11 Saved the Child by Magical Power img
Chapter 12 Gave Thanks to Su Jian img
Chapter 13 Fatty Aunt Gave Something to Su Jian img
Chapter 14 Li Guixiang Take the Basket Away img
Chapter 15 Su Jian Encountered Fang Yuyang img
Chapter 16 Fear of Him for a Reason img
Chapter 17 A Love Letter img
Chapter 18 She Only Has Efforts img
Chapter 19 Was really settled by Su Jian img
Chapter 20 In Fact, the Class Teacher was Very Good! img
Chapter 21 The Basket was Gone img
Chapter 22 So What Did You Do If I Had Taken it Away img
Chapter 23 Son and daughter-in-law were unfilial img
Chapter 24 Su Jian Opened Her Mouth to Solve It img
Chapter 25 Su Minchen was Angry with Su Jian img
Chapter 26 Memorable Examination Atmosphere img
Chapter 27 No One Believed in Su Jian img
Chapter 28 Su Jian Had A Sick Uncle img
Chapter 29 Medical Books img
Chapter 30 Su Jian' s Double Chin img
Chapter 31 Ms Liu was Almost Crazy img
Chapter 32 A Little Daughter-In-Law img
Chapter 33 The Enthusiastic Mother img
Chapter 34 When Can You Marry A Wife Like This img
Chapter 35 Am I Very Useless img
Chapter 36 The Knowledge of Buying and Selling Vegetables img
Chapter 37 Bold Su Jian Scared Father Su img
Chapter 38 Made a Lot of Money by Selling Vegetables img
Chapter 39 Unfilial Son, Go Away img
Chapter 40 You Just Do That with Her img
Chapter 41 Top Student Su Jian in the High School Entrance Examination img
Chapter 42 Schools Vied for Su Jian img
Chapter 43 Su Jian Got Her First Bucket of Gold img
Chapter 44 Money was Targeted by Su Jian' s Grandparents img
Chapter 45 The Scholarship was Used to Honor the Elders at Home img
Chapter 46 Because Your Father Su Minchen is My Son img
Chapter 47 Su Jian Also Solved A Problem img
Chapter 48 Little Aunt Bought Clothes for Her Again img
Chapter 49 Niuniu Might Be the Reincarnation of Highly Skilled Doctor img
Chapter 50 Su Daquan Made Trouble to Village Chief img
Chapter 51 Su Minchen was Unlucky Enough to Have Eccentric Parents img
Chapter 52 Blame it on Your Father img
Chapter 53 The Money Grew to One Thousand Yuan img
Chapter 54 Do Not Be Afraid, I Will Raise You And Mom img
Chapter 55 The Face And Dignity of Protecting Daughter img
Chapter 56 Scare Away Anyone Who Came img
Chapter 57 Went Abroad With Fang Yuyang img
Chapter 58 Is He Really A Devil img
Chapter 59 You Might be Bullied By My Cousin img
Chapter 60 Pretended to Be Ill img
Chapter 61 Does You Little Girl Know What the Gambling Stone Is img
Chapter 62 I Think This Stone is Beautiful img
Chapter 63 Liu Quan made troubles img
Chapter 64 The Best Glass-like Jadeite img
Chapter 65 Uncle Li, I Make You Comeback img
Chapter 66 Fang Yuyang Who was Almost Crazy img
Chapter 67 Anyone Cannot Dislike Su Jian img
Chapter 68 It was Simply Gifted Weath img
Chapter 69 Ambitious Li Jianlang img
Chapter 70 Li Yafen Showed Off to Su Jian img
Chapter 71 Do Not She Deserve it img
Chapter 72 It Dpended on luck img
Chapter 73 It was Lucky to See Golden Jade img
Chapter 74 Ice-like Jade img
Chapter 75 Mad Dog Liu Quan img
Chapter 76 Cutting Stones Scared Everyone on the Spot img
Chapter 77 Lan Yuxuan Accepts Reservations img
Chapter 78 Deep Purple Jade img
Chapter 79 Crazy img
Chapter 80 Is Su Jian Wrong img
Chapter 81 I Can Afford It img
Chapter 82 Good Cooperation! img
Chapter 83 I Do Not Want to Sit with Them img
Chapter 84 Li Taoxi was Shocked Again img
Chapter 85 You Really are A Good Baby img
Chapter 86 All-round Fang Yuyang img
Chapter 87 She Visited Carbon Shed with A Watermelon img
Chapter 88 Don't Help, Let Me Kneel img
Chapter 89 Uncle Wang Had Been Protecting Me And Qianqian img
Chapter 90 Su Jian, You Have A Good Dad img
Chapter 91 Your Su Jian is Really A Lucky Star img
Chapter 92 I Really Suspect You Are A Jinx img
Chapter 93 New Boss img
Chapter 94 New Boss Was Fat img
Chapter 95 The Real Boss of the Company was Su Jian img
Chapter 96 Su Jian Subdued Them img
Chapter 97 Taught Zhang Xiaobai to Write img
Chapter 98 She was Going to Attend Opening Ceremony img
Chapter 99 Why Did You Come Back So Fast img
Chapter 100 His Son Was Not Welcomed By Li Taoxi img
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Rebirth of the Genius Doctor and Businesswoman

Five-nuts Mooncake
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Chapter 1 Regenerate back to Fifteen-year-old

Su Jian opened her eyes slowly, and what she saw was a raised lime wall. Not far away, she could saw the wall with the wall skin broken to expose the sand inside. An old, clumsy and about 1.6 meters high electric fan creaking and creaking next to the bed, although it was scrubbed clean, the traces of rust were exposed because of the top of the paint off. Opposite the bed is a wide version of a desk made of unpainted benches about half a meter high, with a stack of books on it.

The entire room looked shabby and old, however , what made Su Jian whole person shiver scalp pins and needles was that here is the home room where she had lived for more than 20 years. In her memory, the house had already been renovated when she gave money to her family at the age of 28.

When Su Jian got up and saw the immature and delicate face in the mirror, she couldn't believe it so that she pinched it hard, and felt hurt, she even could see the red mark on her face when she let go of her hand.

She stretched out her hands, her fingers were thin and fair, and her skin looked smooth and tender.

This was clearly what she looked like when she was fourteen or fifteen years old.

" What happened? Is she back to youth? "

She still remembered that after graduating from university and joining the work at the age of 22, in order to allow rural parents to live a good life and try to make a good showing, she dedicated her best years to her career so that she spent a full twelve years to get a firm foothold in the most prosperous S city.

When she came to her senses, she was already thirty-five or thirty-six years old. Although she is good-looking, however she maintain her skin, she still could not back to her twenties. Her parents were so anxious about her marriage and paid no attention to their bodies in their youth, so that they often got sick, and sometimes even got into intensive care units. As an only daughter, she had to often take time off and return home, and naturally began a process of difficult blind date with the ardent expectation of parents.

she thought the company agreed that. Unfortunately, the position of general manager what she finally got and all cooperation projects what she took over, including all the cooperation she talked about, were taken away by the relations department. She became a figurehead after twelve years of dedicated youth.

What' s more, no more than a month later, her position was completely replaced.

Depressingly, she knew that she would not be able to get back to her position. And she had already seen it clearly since many years in the workplace.

She wanted to spend more time with parents at this time, while, she was not very willing. She wanted to ask the chairman to say something before she left. However, she encountered a racketeer on the road. She thought it was just a ordinary racketeer. Unexpectedly, the other side had prepared before, seeing her not to take the money and directly blackmail her. .

During the argument, the other side saw her call the police,seemly hit her on the back of the head.

Thinking of this, Su Jian felt a sharp dull pain in the back of her head, and subconsciously touches her head.

If so, shouldn't she be in the hospital?

Door Creaked.

At the sound of the old door opening, Su Jian turned her head. When she saw the person coming in, Su Jian almost burst into tears.

" mom! "

The comer wore a simple dark-colored wind-leaf shirt, a pair of black rough pants with good facial features. But his skin was tanned and rough all year round. It was exactly Qin Xiaolan twenty years ago, who is Su Jian' s mother.

She was shocked to see her daughter, who never liked to cry, burst into tears at this moment, " Niuniu, what' s wrong? Are you still uncomfortable? "

Su Jian was stunned, but still gawking at the young mother, and not the mother who are seriously sick, old hair gray, wrinkled twenty years later.