The Substitute Bride Can't Escape
img img The Substitute Bride Can't Escape img Chapter 1 Picky about Customers
Chapter 12 Having Fun in the Bathroom img
Chapter 13 Personal Bodyguard img
Chapter 14 Memories about Being Cheated img
Chapter 15 A Deflowerer img
Chapter 16 My Fiancé is Better than You in Everything! img
Chapter 17 What a Liar img
Chapter 18 Change His Sexual Orientation img
Chapter 19 The Ruse of Jessica and Her Mother img
Chapter 20 Taking the Spotlight img
Chapter 21 Weak and helpless, but eat a lot img
Chapter 22 Entrapment img
Chapter 23 Olivia is part of Barton family img
Chapter 24 You take it off or I help you img
Chapter 25 Be gentle, don't damage it img
Chapter 26 One star, bad review! img
Chapter 27 She straightened Vincent img
Chapter 28 Falling asleep in his arms img
Chapter 29 Rake things up against her img
Chapter 30 Kneel! img
Chapter 31 A slap in the face img
Chapter 32 Thanks to Miss White for not killing me img
Chapter 33 the matching young couples img
Chapter 34 Thorough investigation, and smacking Jessica in her face img
Chapter 35 Let Vincent Take You Home img
Chapter 36 Did You Miss Me So Much in These Few Days img
Chapter 37 He Misunderstood Her img
Chapter 38 Overtaking and Blocking People img
Chapter 39 Madam Wanted to See the Second Master for One Night img
Chapter 40 I Adimitted My Mistake for Misunderstanding You img
Chapter 41 Junior Barton Was Here img
Chapter 42 Mini Edition of Vincent img
Chapter 43 Better Luck After Engagement img
Chapter 44 Met An Unfair Affair and Left Quickly img
Chapter 45 Could You Forgive Dad img
Chapter 46 The Scene That Caused Nosebleed img
Chapter 47 The Mind Was Unhealthy img
Chapter 48 Peeling Shrimp Specially for Him img
Chapter 49 It Was Vincent Who Secretly Helped Her img
Chapter 50 Second Master Was Still in Love with His Wife img
Chapter 51 The Half-Sister img
Chapter 52 Part-Time Jobs and Coming Back to Heaven's Temptation img
Chapter 53 Catching a Little Kid img
Chapter 54 Oops, the Bunny Tail Got Gripped. img
Chapter 55 Who Crawled Naked on My Bed in the First Place img
Chapter 56 His Fiancée Had Quite a Few Little Secrets. img
Chapter 57 The Presidential Suite, What a Waste Not to Go There img
Chapter 58 Got Caught Out img
Chapter 59 She is that heroine! img
Chapter 60 Who the Fuck is Your Family img
Chapter 61 Erotic Scene in Public img
Chapter 62 My Fiancé will be Jealous If He Knows img
Chapter 63 You're Not Even Worthy of Carrying Shoes for My Sister. img
Chapter 64 Come to Me, Coax the kid into Eating img
Chapter 65 She Indeed Has a Rich fiancé! img
Chapter 66 Looking Like a Family of Three img
Chapter 67 The Morning Man Can't be Irritated. img
Chapter 68 They didn't Make Out. img
Chapter 69 Looking Forward to Your 'Performance' img
Chapter 70 Detecting the Trick and Reacting Smartly img
Chapter 71 Anonymous Delivery. img
Chapter 72 Madame was on many men’s mind. img
Chapter 73 The Nanny who lived a lifetime as a widow. img
Chapter 74 I Feel Like I'm Caught Cheating img
Chapter 75 Aren't I Presentable img
Chapter 76 Couple tattoos. img
Chapter 77 Getting Mad, It's Easy to Get Me Fooled img
Chapter 78 How Long Do You Want to Bite. img
Chapter 79 Breaking off Engagement No way! img
Chapter 80 You're a Real Asshole. img
Chapter 81 Hum, Fake Mercy. img
Chapter 82 How Shameless This Man Is img
Chapter 83 He's the One Who Should be Tired. img
Chapter 84 Rumors, Marriage and Son img
Chapter 85 What an Audacious Zoe. img
Chapter 86 Coaxing the Jealous and Mad Fiancé at Home img
Chapter 87 Olivia Really Admitted to being a Coward img
Chapter 88 Big Boss of 50 Million Dollars img
Chapter 89 Slander, Can't Stand it Anymore img
Chapter 90 Vincent was a Jerk, but he would Protect Her img
Chapter 91 Your Little Fiancée is in Trouble img
Chapter 92 I'm sorry that I spoiled her img
Chapter 93 No one can Offend Olivia when Vincent is Around img
Chapter 94 The Second Rule of the Barton Family img
Chapter 95 Serve Jessica a foot-washing img
Chapter 96 Confession, Reversal img
Chapter 97 Bury a mine img
Chapter 98 Three years ago, the car accident img
Chapter 99 It is love img
Chapter 100 Special function, surpass all women in a second img
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The Substitute Bride Can't Escape

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Chapter 1 Picky about Customers

When Olivia White came to her senses, she found herself wrapped in a blanket naked.

Feeling parched and weak, she knew she had been drugged.

When she looked around, she spotted a surprisingly large mirror right in front of her and a camera at the bedside.

Her heart convulsing, Olivia vaguely understood what was going on here.

As the effect of the drug kicked in, Olivia gritted her teeth to remain conscious. No, if that kind of video was shot, her life would be ruined.

There was no time for her to figure out the plotter. She struggled to get off the bed. Fortunately, the other party didn't anticipate her remaining strength and left the door unlocked.

During her work, Olivia was knocked unconscious and sent to this floor. With no clothes on, she had to wrap herself in the thin blanket and escape on bare feet. In case people would recognize her, she deliberately ruffled her hair, messed up her heavy makeup, and walked in the dark.

This clubhouse boasted abundant female and male prostitutes. The signs hanging outside the rooms stood for availability tonight. Blue signs represented men and pink women.

Olivia didn't really have the time to go to the hospital. Gritting her teeth, she made up her mind and searched the rooms with blue signs one by one.

Unfortunately, not a single soul could be found.

In desperation, she pushed open the last room at the end of the corridor. To her surprise, she found a man sitting by the window.

He turned back at the sound.

Despite the dim light, Olivia could still feel the man's sculpted features and lean figure. A perfect target.

"100 yuan for one night. What do you say?" She got straight to the point in a hoarse voice.

Ignorant of the price, she could only offer that much.

The man frowned unhappily and darted a cold look at her. Regardless of that, Olivia had to make do at such a critical moment!

She strode to the man.

"Get out." Vincent Barton opened his lips, his voice icy cold.

"You're picky about customers? I tell you what, I look fine, so this is not a bad deal." Olivia already forgot that she had messed up her makeup.

While she walked hastily, the blanket over her body was so long that it somehow got caught on a chair.

The blanket slid off, and Olivia stumbled. Losing her balance, she fell upon the man!

His palm feeling her smooth skin, Vincent was surprised to notice her nudity.

Getting naked for excitement?

Her face full of shame, Olivia struggled to get up but failed many spectacularly due to her feebleness.

In his mind, the woman was playing a game. Before he could impatiently push her away, he felt a stream of heat within himself and then trembled as if he discovered something incredible.

Because of a car accident, he got sexual dysfunction, and even the hospital could not figure out the reason.

It wasn't functional, and he knew he was physically fine. For that, he even suspected if he liked men.

Before he could mull it over, the woman on his body already lost her head under the effects of the drug. Sitting above him, she rudely tore at his clothes...

The next day, Olivia looked blankly at the messy sheet and her naked body full of marks. Her memories of last night were vague, and she could only remember a general picture.

She raped a pimp.

As the idea crossed her mind, Olivia turned ghastly pale. No, she must hurry away while the man was gone.

She didn't get his permission after all... If this escalated, she would be in trouble.

Olivia left a note with the number and password of her bank account. Since there was only 100 yuan left, and a small amount of money transfer required no authentication, her identity would not be exposed.

Not reconciled that she lost her virginity like that, she indignantly wrote down another sentence.

Then, she rummaged through the room for a men's T-shirt large enough to be her dress and disposable underwear. Cleverly avoiding the surveillance, she left.

The moment when she stepped into her house, an ashtray flew over!