The Princess and Her Famous Criminals

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Chapter 1 The Beginning

They said that a love of parents is enough than all love in the universe. They said that if you listen to them, you can have a wonderful life. Parents are the people who always supports you for what you're doing. And her parents? They adore her.

Not as much as she feels it, but they're showing the best that they can so they can bring her good life. She thinks that being a noble have too many advantages. You can live a life without worries and her story is all about cupcakes and rainbows.

But, that's what she thought. That's what her teacher told her. Luan Xiu Jiu , who lives in a princess and comfortable life finally realize the reality she's living in.

Sneaking in the palace, the princess had so much fun in the capital that she doesn't want to go home, but the fun didn't last long as she looks at the dark side of the capital. People living on the streets, eating bread, and eating nothing, but a trash..

It's not pleasing to her eyes. She doesn't pity them. But she wanted to give what she have. She gave children food that they can't have for 24/7.

She gave them toys that they didn't even experience to have back then. She gave them money so that they can enjoy their days of not worrying about the food.

And when the day's over, she found herself on a house where there's nothing, but darkness and the only light that she could see is the light of the full moon.

She's scared, but maybe.. it's the same thing in the palace. She's always in her room as her father doesn't want her to go outside. She's been kept for 17 years. Can you imagine that? You're stuck in one place.. You'll see the same things everyday. Same room, Same people, and same words coming from them.

"You're awake." Seeing a stranger who she never encountered before, gave her a comfortable feeling that she didn't felt on the castle.

"You must be hungry. I bought you some food." A guy said as he placed it on a little chair.

"You? I'm the one who steals it from the bakery how dare you claim that it's yours." A girl with a blonde hair said as she raises her eyebrows, crossing her arms while looking at the guy.

"I'm the one who distracted them and you just took it without any hardship!"

"You're not good at distracting! We almost get caught because you kept on looking at me!"

"Is it my fault?! You're the one who moves too slow!" Seeing the two fighting is a different scene in Luan's eyes. It's like, it feels too alive to see them active.

"I'm sorry if they're too noisy. Here, Let me untangle that for you." A girl with a black hair said as she untangled the rope wrapping around her hands.

"Is it too tight?" Luan shakes her head as she looks at her. "No. Actually, it's quite loose." The girl looks at her as she smiles.

"You know it's quite loose, why didn't you tried to escape?" The girl has a point. Luan woke up in an unfamiliar place. The rope wasn't that fixed, but she chose to be calm and to not get away.

"Maybe I just want to get away from where I came from."

"Your face isn't familiar either." A young man said while he carefully looks at the princess's eyes. "You must be from a noble family."

'I am. In fact, I'm the princess of this kingdom.' Is what she really wants to say. But how can she say that too easily? It's not like she debut in the society before. How will they believe on her?

"I am." She answered shortly.

"From whose family?" She shakes her head.

"I don't quite remember."

"Then how can we fucking sell you?!" The guy who's quarrelling with the other girl a little while ago is now looking at Luan, in confusion.

"Then we should wait for those people who's gonna come and find her. The flyers or her picture might be posted within days. Or maybe later on. And we'll pretend that we took care of her and we can get the reward."

"Only, if we're not caught tho. And Yi, if you think of it, she should've told us where she live so we can bring her back home. Don't you think? And we kidnap a noble."

"It's either we die or we die."

"That's just the same Jia. How about my plan? We can just bring her back home, get the reward and go back in here, safely."

"That's a pretty good suggestion Zu. But she said she doesn't remember where she came from."

"Shut up Sun. Atleast I have a better idea than you being quiet and being mysterious just for you to get her attention."

"Oh yeah? This is all your fault! I told you not to kidnap people we can just steal from them!" Luan, who's watching quietly began to speak as she pointed them individually.

"The girl with the blonde hair. The one who's fighting with you a little while ago is Jia."

"Ah– sorry. Let me introduce myself–"

"Are you crazy?! Why would you introduce yourself. Do you have a death wish?!"

"And your name is Zu." Luan said as he pointed out the boy who's speaking. "You're Yi." She added as she pointed the guy who talks about the flyers.

"And you are?" Luan tilted her head slightly as she looks at the girl who untangled the rope. She dresses nicely and looks like she also came from a noble family.

"Yu. Yu Meifen." Luan sighs as she claps her hands. "So, what are we gonna do?" She ask as she gave them a smile.

"We're bringing you back." Zu said as he looks at his colleagues. "Why aren't you guys speaking?"

"We can't bring her back. As I said, It's death or die." Jia said as she looks at Luan.

"What's your name? I don't believe you don't know where you came from. Are you a bastard noble child of some family that's why you can't say it?" Luan sighs as she looks at them.

"Luan Xiu Jiu. Daughter or Mian Xiu and Feng Jiu." They became quiet as they heard those names.

"You're the daughter of those 2 shits in the palace. I see. Your sister already debuted in the society." Yi said as he looks at her. Luan knows it well. She's wondering why didn't she debuted in the society when she was 10. But her sister debuted easily.

"We can't bring her back." He added. "But she can return herself back to the palace. Pretend like nothing happen." Zu said, but Jia poke his head.

"You're a total shithead, Zu. How can we know that she'll not speak about this when we literally kidnapped her?" But for Luan, who never felt this way before, speaks what's on her mind.

"I don't want to go back." On her perspective, the palace is nothing, but a cage that keeps her from people.

"What did you just said?" Sun asked as he stands up. "The palace is filled with people that I don't want to see anymore. I can do anything. There's no one in the capital who knows my face. And I can disguise. I can be with you. Just tell me what to do." She said as if she's determined to be one of them, not knowing that they're not just people who lives quietly.

"You're saying that you wanna be a criminal?" Jia, in this time wanna laugh as she couldn't expect this words from a noble woman.

"Do you know anything about stealing, distracting, making plans, kidnapping, killing, and stuffs like that?" Jia added. As she wanted to see what exactly is Luan's thinking.

"I can't kill people. But I can learn." They looked at Yi as Jia, Sun, and Zu shakes their head in disagreement.

"If you don't want to take care of her, I will. That's too easy. If she wanted to come along, then she'll come along." Yi said as all of them sighs in defeat.

Well, except for Yu.