The Separated Twins
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The Separated Twins

Chrisney D Writes 22
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Chapter 1 1

Sonia's pov

I was sitting in the living room when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach I screamed.

I felt it again, this time it was unbearable, "Peterson" I screamed

He came running to me, the baaaaaaabbbbbbbyyyyyg isssss coooommminnnggg!

To the hospital he said and he went to take the car keys

he held my hand my leg, my back I kept screaming until we got into the car

Fast forward

"Nurse help, help, help" he shouted they came running to me, I was taken to the labor room

I delivered within 10 minutes, it was reported that it was a twin. I was very happy until something happened..............

15 years later

Michael's pov

Grrrrrrr, Grrrrrrr the alarm blasted

OMG it is morning already I sluggishly get up went into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

I have a habit of using a mirror while brushing but my Mom hates it, she warned me many times but I didn't listen, I hope she doesn't catch up with me, after brushing, I took my bath, I went into my room to dress up then I met my mom standing I quickly hide the mirror

"Good morning mom" I greeted

"what are you hiding behind your back" my Mom queried

"Mom, it's nothing"I stammered

"she moved closer to me and she collected the mirror from me"

"Bravo she said and twisted my ear so badly that I screamed"

"Haven't I warned you about using the mirror" Mom said

you are hurting me

"I will keep doing that until you change" mom said

"Mom I will change"I said almost in tears

she finally let go of my ear

here are your uniform and other necessary things

"okay Mom, please I want to dress up" I said in an irritating manner

"are you requesting for me to go out of your room" she said

yes mom I want to dress up for school

I won't leave she said sitting on the bed

Mom please I pleaded

"what is happening here" my dad asked

Dad, mom doesn't want to go out

hahaha hahaha my dad laughed

"Peterson why are you laughing" my mom said

"he has grown up he deserves his privacy, how many times do I have to explain to you"

"are you now backing him up" she said angrily

Sonia, he is not that small boy again

well played like Father like Son, she hissed and worked out angrily

Dad she is angry at me

don't worry I will go to her

okay Dad

dress up quickly so that I can drop you off at school

I dressed up I went downstairs

I am Jayden Michael, I am 16 years old, I live with my parents in Lagos, My Dad is a banker while my Mom is a full housewife, they gave birth to two of us, Ciara my elder sister, she left Nigeria years ago not knowing when she will be back.

I went into the kitchen

"what are you doing here" mom asked

Mom I want to eat my breakfast

"there is no breakfast for you and your Dad today"

"Mom please you know I can't do without eating your food, it is delicious, fascinating" I said

I saw her face glooming with smile, she tried to hide it, but she isn't good at that

Sonia serve us breakfast I can't afford to lose this meeting my dad Said

okay you are getting your breakfast

thanks, mom I said hugged her from behind

"she served us breakfast, we rushed it within 5 minutes my dad was done with his food"

"Michael stand up to let us go my dad said looking at his wristwatch

Dad give me 2 minutes I will be done"

"Just 2 minutes I will be waiting in the car bye honey he said and kissed my mom before walking out"

I rushed the food within a twinkle of an eye I was done

" bye Mom see you later I said hugging and kissing her at the same time"

don't cause any trouble my mom said

mom don't you trust me

I completely do, have a nice day my son

I grabbed my bag heading to the car, Mike you are 1 minute late

"I am a sorry dad" I apologized opening the car's door then we zoomed off

"my mom was referring to what happened in my former school"


"it was on a Wednesday morning by 10:00 am"

"my best friend told me that Mrs. Jude sent for me" and he told me that she is in 1 diamond I went there, on getting there I entered then Bella my Friend's girlfriend showed up

"Bella what are you doing here, where is Mrs. Jude" I queried

Bella went to lock the door from behind, then she started tearing up her clothes and screaming at the same time

"What's all this, what are you trying to do"

"Don't worry you will get to know in few minutes time she said with a smirk", she continued

"Bella, you are shameless and I will teach you a lesson" I grabbed her, you want to implicate me right, who sent you

Olive her boyfriend barged in after raping her you still want to kill her, "leave her right now" he yelled

I dropped her, she struggled to catch her breath

I tried explaining to him but he didn't give me the chance to speak he punch me, I also punch him then we started fighting

Mrs. Jude came in, "stop fighting" he shouted

What is the meaning of all this fighting in the school compound let's go to the principal's office he said

At the principal's office

"Good afternoon sir", we greeted him

"what happened why is she half-naked" the principal asked

"Sir Michael called me into the classroom the next thing he started tearing my cloth into pieces he molested me, he tried to rape me but Oliver came at the right time and they started fighting" Bella said weeping

"Michael is that true the principal yelled at me"

"it is not true Sir, John said Mrs. Jude sent for me I went there then I saw Bella, she locked the door from the inside and she started tearing her cloth I grabbed her by the neck and I yelled at her to tell me who sent her when Oliver barged in then we engaged in a fight"

"I am confused I didn't send for him" the teacher said

"Sandra go and call John for me" the principal called

Brought to you by chrisney D Writes